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If you were PM for a day, what would you do?

by Matteo Lor (follow)
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Prime Minister Tony Abbott
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If you were Prime Minister for a day, what would you do?

Do you have a special cause that you think should have more funding? Or are changes being made to something that will be adversely affected?

If you were Prime Minister of Australia for a day, what changes would you make?

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Top Answers
I think there could be a few changes to the politicians' salaries and perks. And perhaps clear out a few of the dud ones if possible. And I think a greater focus on renewable energy would be a good idea.
by m.boo
Put a ban on politicians getting pay rises unless the rest of us get one as well :D
Totally agree!
It would be impossible to achieve anything in a day, because after making a decision, it then takes months of paper work, discussion, and whatever else before it can be approved and carried forward.
I don't think I could get much done in one day. Make some impassioned speeches I suppose.
Ensure a positive and committed approach to climate change and stop putting the preverbial head in the sand about it.....the number one issue for the globe which Australia has the opportunity to lead on rather than looking foolish by dodging the truth
Sorry but the world is constantly changing temperature as its position in the universe changes.
The poles are changing at a regular pace and the face of our world will change with them.
The dinosaurs died out because of the changes and our future will be impacted as well. The best we can do is to prepare ourselves for it. The current tax collecting con will only help make world bankers richer and give them more power to control nations. If you want to stop polluting then stop creating pollution. Taxing the already suffering people will not stop pollution only increase the burden on the people as the corporations pass on the cost without making changes? The reason that clean energy is not evolving is because the world banks have invested heavily in fossil fuels and will not allow investment in clean energy as it would destroy the equity in their current investments.
The idea of carbon trading is a con to confuse you all about the real issues and make profits for the world bankers with their management fees. If you want change then the only way to have an impact is at a personal level by deciding where you get you energy and how you use it.

by kstew
I guess by suggesting a 'positive and committed approach' to climate change at the highest level in this country is just that...... the reversal of the tax is at the behest of private industry (the rich ones) that very much and blatantly influence the current govt. Its to their advantage not to have it........Either way this topic is complex, politically compromised and multifaceted and is best understood through discussion
by annlu
As I live in Canada, and know next to nothing about Aus politics, so I'll answer if I were the Canadian PM for a day. I would start off by doing anything in my power to force a new election, it's been done twice now by the current government so I know it can be done. I would condemn the two major political parties, and try to give a boost to two of our more grassroots parties, the NPD and the Green Party. Lastly, I would put into law that no government official may hold the same office over two electoral periods as to ensure that the current PM could not be the PM again after my one day in office. Not sure if I could all that done in a single day, but I would certainly give it my best 250%. Our current government is a disaster, so some drastic measures are really need to be taken.
I would do pretty much what the current prime minister is doing only I would not cut pensioners rates in any manner, shape or form.
by Finy
I would force the current PM and all his ministers and decision makers and advisors to publish their CV or their work history and display number of weeks or months in any position they have had in their working lives. I would want this information so that I could judge whether or not I would sack them (during my 1 day tenure) or keep them on. If they have not satisfied me that they have sufficient "life experience" in employment, and or that they have been carried along all their school and work life, then they go. Probably couldn't do that in one day on my own, but I would sure give it a try.
Good points but I would like to add that they should be qualified in the office they hold. Who else gives that much power to an unqualified person? No wonder we have a problem.
by kstew
your correct kstew
by fran.
I would pass a law that could never be repealed that stated any politician who gained office on promise that was not kept would be forced out of office within a day and change the never ending benefits they get including the grossly unfair super benefits. They will never do it to themselves. Who else gets to decide their own pay and conditions on a permanent basis? A fair Australia for all. If we fail in a job or a business we pay why do they get a free ride on our tax paying backs.
I would stop the never ending wage rises that politician get and index to what a white
collar worker gets.Also when they retire no gold card free travel or secretaries
they retire on their superannuation like the rest of us,they should have better
super than most of us,and no senior cards either we would save millions
Bolt the door before TA could enter!
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