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If you were given the power to cure one disease, which one would it be?

by Finy (follow)
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If you were given the power to cure one disease, which one would it be, and why?

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Top Answers
greed... the most nasty of all human diseases... get rid of greed and many people will stop dying, drugs for other diseases will no longer be so expensive, hunger, wars and poverty will all vanish
It would have to be cancer, particularly in children as this covers a very wide range of illnesses.
by Finy

No need to say why really, it is insidious.

It is a tough choice between cancer and Alzheimer's, but I think I would go for Alzheimer's, especially since steps towards curing cancer have already been made, whereas Alzheimer's is still beyond our reach.
by Fran
MS, because my Mum died at the young age of 50 after long battle with it.
Cancer. It affects too many people and I agree with Finy, the cancer in children is particularly an area I'd want to cure. My friends nephew has an incurable type of brain cancer and he's too young to go through such an evil disease.
The only thing about it with children is that they probably dont understanbd what is going on provided they are young......an adult knows
by Finy
Cancer - have lost too many loved ones to this insidious disease!
Cancer - have lost too many loved ones to this insidious disease!
It's hard to pick only one disease - but I think cancer because it can effect every and any part of the body
by AJ
Cancer, then once I have cured that it would be dementia :)
Addiction. It has been called a disease, although I'm not sure I buy it, not enough proof yet. But if I could, I would cure us of addictive passways. Imagine, no more smokers, no more drug addicts, no more alcoholics or gambling addicts. Lung, mouth, and rectal cancer rates would drop drastically, along with every other sickness smoking causes. Liver disease rates would drop if there were no more alcoholics. And so on and so on.
The world sure would be better without addiction.
Great answer thinking outside the box!!!! Mandy E.
by steve
Cancer because it has such a huge range and impacts on so many people.
I'd say Hunger.. Though it's not a disease by itself, it's the one thing that can never be satiated and that no one has found a permanent cure for.. Seeing hunger in children is one thing but seeing it in adults who are unable to fend for themselves is totally another.. Hunger is probably worse than greed because it's always there and humans (like every other organism) must always spend time, effort and resources to find a way to continuously satisfy..

You can satisfy someone's need for money, fame, properties but you can never fully cure them of hunger!
The need for war
If I could cure only one disease it would be type 1 Diabetes. It is an insidious autoimmune disease that cannot be prevented, and gets a lot less attention than cancer. It usually occurs in childhood, but not always; children with t1D grown into adults with t1D. It affects everything; physical, psychological, social, employment opportunities etc for the rest of the persons life. And I mean a cure available for EVERYONE with t1D, not just the wealthy few.
Why don't I mention t2D? That is preventable/curable.
Cancer. It affects so many lives.
The disease to want to amass power and destroy all the love in the world - the qualities of human kindness, giving and caring for others are in danger of extinction as we become more insular and cold. If there was more love in this world there would be less common human diseases

CANCER. It took my Mother, her father, her two sisters', my brother-in-law & my very best friend.
Such an insidious disease.

by Gia
And cancer for sure
by Gia
Without a doubt - cancer. It causes so much devastation to families.
There are several that I find hard to choose between, particularly when you know people who have been affected by them. I'd probably would put all types of cancer top of the list followed by ones affecting the brain and then the rest of the body.
All forms of dementia including Alzheimers. Although all loss through illness is sad, it's particularly sad to see someone who doesn't recognise their loved ones. 😥
I would pick mental illness, although it is not just 1 disease. To narrow it down, depression. So many mental illnesses are invisible, including depression. Many don't accept it or believe in it. Very hurtful for those suffering.
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