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If you were eligible, would you have voted for Donald Trump as President of ANY country?

by Finy (follow)
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If you were eligible to vote, would you have voted for Donald Trump in ANY country?

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Top Answers
I definitely would not have and particularly in the light of his attitude to women which is disgusting. I find it embarrassing having a person like this as the head of such a huge empire!
And he has given jobs to his kids - what experience do ANY of them have in running a country - it is one thing to be able to make a lot of money, but quite another to run a country of many millions of POOR and wealthy people.

I feel Australia will also suffer as a result and flinch every time I see that stupid face.
by Finy
Yesterday he nixed the Pacific trade agreement with a big grin on his face. You're right, Finy.
by Rice
Yes, I did see that - one of the first things he did!
by Finy
The Australian (newspaper)said yesterday the The Pacific Trade was Dead already before Trump came, simple.
by jonaja
I just wonder 'if' he does pull this off and makes America a better place with jobs and not bleeding to death, which is what she is doing right now!

It will be quite interesting 'how' people will view him then.

you didn't answer the question though, jonaj
by Finy
I think people need to ask a question.
''Why'' not how, did Trump get in?.

Hillary was in bed with China, big time.

Trump got in so America could miss a bullet, simple it's not about (who) people like, it's about who would do the most Damage for America...Not good?
There are powers that people are not aware of, this is not a popularity contest.
Trump may be a clown at times, but compared to what Hillary could have done....is nothing short of frightening.Sure he can be a pig when it come to women, but that's Not the Big Picture, far far from it.Would I have voted that day, I don't know....but if I had too well I will leave that to your imagination.

by jonaja
YES we need a Donald Trunp l n Australia!!

God forbid. Pauline Hanson is bad enough.
by lynne
You would vote for a person that promotes bullying, promotes racism and anti abortion for starters ?
by brigi
I agree Lynn - she is dreadful - so biggoted - I dont think she even understands what a refugee means or the atrocities some of them suffer in their own countries.
by Finy
we don't...we are just a far different Country to America, I have lived there and we are Amazzzing as we are!
by jonaja
I would never vote for him. I don't care how much money he brings in or how many jobs he creates. His character is questionable and his views archaic. Most notable are his disgusting comments on women, either objectifying them or putting them down. A person in his position should be able to command respect, instead all I feel when I see/hear him is disgust.

I am counting days before we start hearing of news that would confirm what a big mistake his election is.
but it appears they are stuck with him for years! I really do not understand how he actually got IN!
by Finy
Yes. It is unfortunate.
That's just it Finy...he got in, because America was heading for a dangerous place.Simple...There are some powerful people behind each door, nothing is as it seems.
by jonaja
He would not be my choice and even though most of the news surrounding him is negative someone did vote for him. I will wait and see what he does.
No way!! He is nothing more than a racist, bigotted, celebrity who has a massive ego and has no respect for women.
Nope. Not even on Mars, Venus or Pluto!
by Rice
I was always going for Hilary Clinton. I couldn't believe it when HE actually got in, & now he's President. Who would have ever thought?
Well now he is in, he'll just have to prove he can do what he has set out to do. I really hope he's not in for 8 years though!!! We'll just have to all...wait & see. And I just hope Australia doesn't suffer. because he's the US....President!
by Miro
No no and no. I would never have voted for him. I feel like he ran for a bet and he is even shocked he was voted in.
by AJ
Me too. Just like Hubbard bet he could make up a religion.
by Rice
No, definitely not!!!!!
No, never
A huge resounding NO, for more reasons that I have room here to go into. I think I shall simply leave it at that!
Definitely not!
The people voted him in because they were sick and tired of the way the country has been run. They believe he is going to make miracles and he denounced people and said he would repeal previous laws and they (the people) loved this. Would I have voted for him? Never in a million years. He's an egomaniac and has no manners and speaks badly, not only of women, but races and organisations as well. Only time will see if he does do good for his people and whether he can get on with his political advisers who at least have long and experienced political histories. Personally I'd like to see his own party oust him way before his term of office is up.
Do they "oust" in America? I have never heard of it?
by Finy
Hi Finy. Only if there is a constitutional crisis can the president be impeached if he's been found to be involved (as in Richard Nixon and Watergate). One can only hope he stuffs up.
by helga
I think he will stuff up big time. Also, get rid of his family. He wants to be a dictator.
by Rice
Very interesting - out of 15 answers, we only have one person who tentatively said yes they would have voted for him!!
by Finy
No. I fear he is another Hitler.

He did not get the majority of votes, but could still be elected. Strange system.
A corrupt system I think, it was designed in the years to avoid this kind of person taking office! Something went wrong with the college vote, another stupid unfair voting system!
by brigi
It is a very, very strange system and needs to be made far more straightforward. It simply cannot be held up as a honest win with the weird College Vote system. One vote per person; count 'em, most votes wins. Simple.
by Rice
Seems simple to me too Rice.
by annfi
I dont really know but he is a smart business man. Ive believe him that we will see action and not just empty words that a lot of politicians give us today.
I have never seen a smart businessman there, only a sneaky snake who knows what toadies to keep and how to use the system.
by Rice
Much as I dislike the man, he HAS to be smart - no one gets to be a billionaire without being smart = or crooked, or cagey but all the bad things, nevertheless there has to be smart in there!
by Finy
He inherited his money and has dwindled it away. He has been bankrupt SIX times! He owes 650 millions dollars to china and billions of dollars to russia! A fine business I don't think!
by brigi
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