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If you saw someone drop a $10 note, would you hand it back to them?

by Finy (follow)
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If you saw someone accidentally drop a $10 note, would you give it back to them under all circumstances?

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Top Answers
Yes, and I have done so in the past. It's not my money and doesn't belong to me so of course I'd give it back to the rightful owner.
I probably would, most times....I would not chase someone to do this as can no longer run, however would call out to them.

I have dropped money a few times and half the time I don't get it back -I am rather careless with money.
by Finy
I always would and I don't think the amount makes a difference either. I think there's a sort of Karma which goes with this kind of thing and hope that anything nice I do will influence others to do the same kind of thing.
Definitely. And I hope someone would do the same for me. Do unto others etc. etc.
Definitely!! In fact I ghave often do0ne so,and o0nce when I used to do the payroll for work,the bank issued me with DOUBLE all of the wages which came to several thousands of dollars!!! I rang the bank immediately when I realised ,and the teller was so very grateful for my honesty,as she would most likely have lost her job if not for the fact that I had called her as she was repeatedly checking her figures for the day!! Honesty is so deeply ingrained into my being,that I cannot sleep at night if I have not done the right thing where money in particular is concerned!!! I know how awful it feels to have dropped some money along the way during any day,and when it is returned by someone who is of the same mind as myself,the relief is actually a tangible thing for me! I have always been this way,and hope that my attitude has rubbed off on others.
I would pick it up v e r y slowly and hope they had walked far enough away!! Seriously of course I would pick it up and give it to them if they were just ahead of me
by Fran
Give it back… cash is hard to come by! Would like to think that someone would return the honest favour too. Saw a women step on a note that an elderly person dropped and was going to keep! She made no attempt to call out, so I did. Asked the women to take her foot off the note then ran after the elderly person and returned the money. I felt good about giving it back but ashamed that a women exhibited such dishonest behaviour!
Oh Yes, definitely !
by BK
If the person is further away, I would just give it to a homeless guy or some donation box.
by BK
Ofcourse I would. It's THEIRS. I'd be stealing from them otherwise. If it was my $10, I'd hope that it would be returned to me. The $10 could be their lunch, their bus fare home or all they have for the next 2 days.
I would give it back,no question.
Yes, and even if it were a $100 note, I would return it. I would hope that if I dropped a note, someone would give it back to me. On a tangent though, I don't carry cash. I am assuming people don't carry that much cash nowadays (I could be wrong) because of all the easy money transactions (i.e. plastic money).
Yes definitely
Yes - if I saw a person drop it then I would call out to them.
by AJ
Yes. Just trying to think of a case where I wouldn't. Um... maybe if I knew they'd stolen it in the first place. That's about it.
But Jennifer that would mean your part of that 'crime'?
by jonaja
I didn't say I'd keep it. I was thinking if I saw someone steal money from the till in a shop and they dropped a note obviously I wouldn't pick it up and give it back to the thief.
Give it back… cash is hard to come by! Would like to think that someone would return the honest favour too. Saw a women step on a note that an elderly person dropped and was going to keep! She made no attempt to call out, so I did. Asked the women to take her foot off the note then ran after the elderly person and returned the money. I felt good about giving it back but ashamed that a women exhibited such dishonest behaviour!
I lost the cash deposit from a house sale once in the water’s edge when getting in a boat for the sky show. A kid found the thousands of dollars and the parents rang me at home that night and returned it.
There are some good stories out there.

Yes, definitely. I would feel awkward keeping it.
Yes I have done so many times. i have also had someone hand me back money I have dropped and been very grateful to them for their honesty
absolutely. Apart from a guilty conscience if I didn't, bad karma gets repaid three times!
yes, for sure. Because in the end you'd want someone to do the same to you and if we don't have trust holding this society together we don't have much at all.
I'd defiantly give it back.
Yes I would. If I dropped money I hope I would get it back
by Gia
Yes I would. I stole threepence from my mother's purse when I was about 8year of age (58 years ago) and she found out. Mum went and bought mince with the small amount she had left in her purse. She determined how much dinner was the value of the threepence and I ended up not getting any dinner that night. The threepence meant so much to her and to the food we were having that night. She didn't say anything, nor did I get punished but I didn't get any dinner and that hurt more. Never since have I been tempted and I would run or walk very fast after a person who had dropped $10. You don't know what that $10 meant to them.
kaina -what a beautiful name firstly.
And what a good memory you have -a lesson well learnt!
by Finy
I would, definitely. Money that comes easily goes easily.
Yes definitely
I would give it back. It simply belongs to them so I would have no right to keep it. This question reminds me of a social experiment a news program did years ago. They had a man walk down a busy street with a briefcase full of $5 notes. They fell out of it and a secret camera caught the action as people swarmed to take some. I remember thinking how they all looked like seagulls.

Whatever someone drops I hand back to them, and if it is something I would prefer not to pick up I will alert them to the fact they have dropped it.
Yep. The other day a man unknowingly dropped a $20 while he was looking for his ticket. I called out to him and returned the money.
He looked surprised but grateful.

It feels good.

Yes in all circumstances I would no matter what amount of money.
Absolutely. One never knows when Karma will take place
Yes I will. As I do not know the persons circumstances and it could be very distressing if they were in a difficult financial situation.
by Zen
Yes I would. What if that was all they had? What is it was to pay for something for their child? I would hope someone would do the same for me.
Of course! Why not? Can't abide theft. Or a few thousand other things as well, but not enough space here!
Yes I would
Yes I would in a heartbeat.
of course
I will definitely give it back to them under all circumstances. If I dropped something, I would like to think that they will also return it to me.
Once in my local neighbourhood near the shops, I found a $5 note on the footpath but there was no one nearby at the time to call out to. If I see who's dropped it then I'll try and return it, but that's hard in a busy street/shopping centre sometimes.
If I can't find them then nope
Absolutely always. My conscience has the biggest bones you've ever seen :-))
by Rice
Happened last night . . . We were at a concert and a lady dropped a ten dollar bill in front of me. I picked it straight up and gave it to her . . . she had not noticed!
by Rice
Yes of course.
Definitely give back. There was one occasion I didn't. My daughter and I came out into the carpark late one night and she noticed $20.00 on the ground near our car. She picked it up and as she bent down, saw another note just under the car. It was windy and nobody in sight so she kept it.
Yes,if someone dropped a $10 note,I would hand it over to him.
Yes I would and if for some reason I cannot find the owner nearby I give it to the next homeless person I see.
Funny story, I was at the grocery store and an obviously broke and struggling man that was living out of his car didn't have enough change to buy some Ramen Noodles. So, I followed him out to his old beat up old car, handed him a $20 bill and said, "Sir, you dropped this in the store." I then turned around quickly and walked away.

I would definitely hand it back and feel so happy to be able to help them.

However, if I saw a $10 note on the ground with no one nearby who could have dropped it - I'd be even happier!
I certainly would return it, if the person who dropped it was still around. Yesterday, while doing the weekly shopping, I dropped $30, in 2 notes, because it was in a coin purse, & had 'sprung out'
Luckily the guy who had just served us bought it over to me, asking if I'd lost some notes. I had to look in my purse to check!
by Miro
Yes. That happened to me and I gave them the money.
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