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If you had to spend a few days in hospital, would you want to be in a private or a shared room?

by Finy (follow)
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If you had to spend a few days in hospital, and forgetting about cost, would you prefer to have a private room, or a shared one?

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Top Answers
I am only covered for a shared room as half of the time they do not have private rooms available anyway.

Sometimes I have had a shared room with no one in the other bed for a day.

I guess if money was not an object I would prefer a private room however this would depend entirely on why I am in hospital.

I have had a few good times with my shared neighbour when we were both not very sick, but I would rather have the bathroom to myself as do not like sharing bathrooms!
by Finy
It's something I feel quite strongly about - but for me it's a private room only.

Fortunately my health insurance covers me for a private room in a private hospital and all my surgeries to date (including any day surgery I've had) has always resulted in me being provided with a private room. It's something I wouldn't budge on.

You're lucky Annalisa, I gave up top cover as I rarely got the private room in a private hospital. which State are you?
by Finy
I grew up in Adelaide. As a kids we were covered under my parents top private cover. When I relocated to Sydney I automatically took out the same cover (I guess it was something that was drummed into me by my parents) ... go without a holiday or shoes but don't skimp on health care, was the mantra my parents gave us. We also had an awful experience when my dad was in the last month of his life. The cancer ward he was in was full (the hospital needed his bed) there was no further treatment they could give my dad and they couldn't release him as he needed further tests to be done. So they moved him into a share room of 8 people in general admission. I was with my dad when they relocated him and when I saw where they put him, I jumped up and down and fought with the ward manager to place him into a private room or to discharge him so we could move him into another hospital. The moral is - even with dad's private health insurance and the dire situation he was in, it all meant for nothing. It took standing up to the medical folk at the hospital to have him moved.
My health cover pays compensation if i can not get a private room about $140pn from memory.
A private room would be ideal but it doesnt even matter to me that much just get me out of there.
by Gia
Private by choice but am not really worried as long as the room mate didn't keep me awake
by Fran
Easy answer - private room. I've experienced both. I was put in a share ward of 4 people after a major operation & they didn't have any private rooms available. Apart from other people's visitors that seemed to come in droves and just not leave, there was a bloke in a "private" room next to ours that had his TV on really loud late every night and there was no door I could shut & the staff didn't do anything about it. In the end my surgeon saw that I was getting no rest at all so sent me home early to rest up. Apart from feeling terrible from the op, I was so tired from no rest that I was in tears one night. Then I spent a few nights in a private room for a different issue. What a difference. Own bathroom, you could shut the door at night to shut out noise, just having your own privacy - no comparison. I think that sometimes you just don't get the peace & quiet you need to rest and recover when you're in a shared ward.
I think it is such a bad thing when you pay so much to have a private room and they dont have any! The new hospital in Perth has mainly private rooms in the private part, I believe and also one of our other local hospitals has gone to private only
by Finy
I agree Finy - especially when we pay a fortune for top cover. It is really difficult to recover from a major op when you are tired and have no rest. I expected a private room as requested and was shocked to have to share with 3 others. Unfortunately you don't have much choice as it is dependant on where your surgeon operates out of and then you only find out on the day you're admitted.
I have seen the add on t.v. of late.
Showing how visitors of other patients, intrude on the tiny space of another patient.....who is sharing the room.

Going public is just like that, as I have been to visit, and others seem to be in the space of the person in the next bed!

When you are in hospital you SHOULD have some privacy.
It is not the case, and my friend who had to go public 3 yrs ago....was very ill.

She had people in her room visiting the other lady in the other bed.
They were not Australian, so they came with a huge Army of people!

They did not head the rules!
They were not quite!
They had no respect for anyone else!
They stayed for hours on end!
They had kids running around too, and crying.!

The nursing staff did Nothing to stop it.

When asked 'why'....they said they couldn't?

I would Always go Private if I could.
But sadly I have no health cover, can't afford it!

I always carry in my handbag, a set of ear plugs...and sleeping mask.

You never know?
I may have to go to hospital one day, and heaven help me!!! when that day comes.
Private. No question for me. I have chosen hospitals and doctors in the past based on whether they had private rooms available or not. Once there was no choice and I had to share a room and it was a nightmare. Not what you want when preparing for and recovering from serious medical and surgical treatment.
I have spent many visits in hospitals and used both private and shared rooms. I was just as happy in either style,as I was so ill,that I liked knowing that I would not be forgotten about if in a room all by myself! Last time I was in what they call the EMU ward(Emergency Medical Unit)after a horrific fall in which I shattered my nose and eye socket amongst other injuries.This ward has no private rooms as it is just a step down from ICU and all patients were in need of constant care. The staff and the care I received were exemplary in every way imaginable.It did not matter at all that the room was not a private one.
it is totally different in an emergency ward as there is far more staff and it needs to be a ward so they can hear and see what is going on.
I meant in the general part of the hospital.
by Finy
Even when I have been in hospital for other reasons,Here in Townsville I have been very fortunate to get the same great care in a shared room as when I have been in a private one. And for some reason the staff have always been very aware if visiting children are creating havoc!!!They always have been able to sort any problems very quickly and pleasantly. So I still do not mind which ward I end up in.
by Jules
I've luckily never needed to stay in hospital although I assume I would not be comfortable staying in a room with another just for anxiety reasons, I think that I would worry about what they think of me, whether they are judging me and of their wellbeing all night.
I don't think I'm too fussed so long as the people I'm sharing with weren't inconsiderate or rude.
by Vee
I would prefer shared during the day but private by night so I could sleep
by AJ
Have always had Top Hospital cover.
That'd be the last financial item I'd ever give up!
The few times I've had to avail myself of it, I WAS in a Private Room, thank goodness!

The comments already here about 'shared' rooms are just the pits for ill persons'.
Especially re: other patients' visitors etc etc etc.

I've always maintained if one is ill enough to be in Hospital, Private room's only way to go!

Top Hospital costs are especially worth it for Day Surgery.
I want my own Specialist & Anaethetist!
It does not matter to me,share is good as u have someone there to talk to, also the last 3 visit to 3 different big hospital in Syney a cousin and a friend who were in a shared room with 2 beds had the room to themselves
Sometimes there are no private rooms available (or so say the hospital staff) but after a complicated operation and not being sedated after it and moved into the room with at least 4 beds, my husband jumped and down, first making sure I had the pain killers I should have had earlier, miraculously a private room was available for me. Although I wasn't able to speak because the pain killer was starting to take effect, I could hear the noise coming from the other people's visitors and all I wanted was for it to stop and peace and quiet which I eventually. If it hadn't been for my husband seeing the state I was in, I don't know what would have happened. Although it isn't easy paying for top cover+ we can't afford not to have it even though it's basically for eyes and teeth as you never know when a hospital stay will happen.
shared room that way i wouldn't be a lone
Private , private , private
A shared room, thanks. At least you have someone to chat to instead of a tv
Want a shared one because I think it is safer - like if something happens to you and you only ring the help buzzer once and then collapse, then someone in the room with you might just use their buzzer and between the 2 of you (or 4 of you) you might fluke some attention by the nursing staff. Also, if you are not entirely with it, like from pain or postoperatively, you are at risk of a fall when getting out of bed and so often it is the "other patient" sharing your room that will alert the nursing staff congregated at the desk.
Yes, I agree with you Fran...
by Finy
This is the 2nd. time this question has come up on AA. Still think it is safer for you to be in a shared room, depending on the surgery you may have had. If you have trouble at all communicating problems to the staff (who can't necessarily see you in a private room, unless they happen to meander in for a check on you) then the other patients in a shared room might just end up being your saviours.
Lots and lots of patients prefer a private rooms AND some nursing staff prefer you to be in a private room (with a door on it) too. Sometimes it can be a case of out of sight out of mind.
From my own experience and from the experience of some family members, and friends, I prefer to be in a shared room (as a sort of insurance against me or my buzzer being ignored). Also, when I state that I prefer a shared room, I certainly don't mean that I prefer it to be a mixed or male & female patient room. This often happens (or used to) and the reason is always given as a bed shortage problem. When in fact it is usually to keep patients all together or all in one spot to save staff having to "walk too far", particularly at night time.
by fran.
private room always
Private room please!

A private room
Private room as some visitors do not consider others in the room of the person they are visiting.

I would prefer shared if i could pick the patient's i was sharing with but since i can't i will go private every time.
I agree with Annalisa. Even though I'm covered for top private, the hospital will try to stick you in with others unless you make a stand, particularly afterc a long surgical procedure. As I was too groggy to do anything about it, my husband raved about me being moved immediately and didn't let up until I was. I prefer to recover in peace and am not a demanding patient, something I'm sure the nurses prefer.
They put me in a private room before because I snored and nobody could sleep. I was so bored and lonely.Ive made good friends in hospital and usually end up having a fun time. So definately a shared ward.
I prefer to buy in a single room, the last time Iwas in a private hospital, the service was obviously better, I had an operation, but I was back in hospital a week later with an infection,and they had yo re-open we to clean the wound thoroughly, for that I ended up in a public hospital, but the care there was fantastic I couldn't complain really, I was just so sick.
I've had shared room and I've also had a room where I was the only one it, I don't mind either.
Private, private or private. Did I say private? I only go private. I've had top cover since I was 17. Not good at sharesies after an op :(
by Rice
I've had both and to be honest it really depends on how sick you are. With shared rooms it is also dependent on how considerate the visitors and room mate are. Some people forget that hospitals are for sick people to recover and are a little inconsiderate. Bottom line is if I am sick enough to need a hospital I just want a bed to be available.
Private please, every time.
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