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If you had to leave the country you are living in and live elsewhere, where would you chose?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

If you had to leave Australia or the country you are living in, where would you chose to live permanently?

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Top Answers
That is a difficult question, as although I have travelled to most countries, I would still rather live in Australia than any other country I have visited.

However, if I HAD to pick I would pick somewhere in America -perhaps San Francisco.

by Finy
If I had to leave Australia and live somewhere else, and that would not be a choice I came upon voluntarily, I would go to New Zealand.
A hard question....I know we live in the land of 'milk and honey' in Australia however we do have plenty of social problems and western society does in general. Would be hard pressed though to find somewhere better than Australia....America doesn't appeal, Canada maybe...
by Fran
I think I might chose the UK, in the Cotswalds - but not in a city.
I am so happy living where I do ,that trying to choose another country is very difficult. I think New Zealand might suit me,but not for a long period.I have friends in various regions in the United States and so I would most likely be content being in some of those very friendly areas.
New Zealand ... I would consider Canada if it didn't border America.
by Vee
Having lived in NZ in 'another life' and sometimes wishing we were still there,I'd choose NZ.,but as with here, (aus.)real estate is very expensive. I'd choose to live in Devonport, a ferry ride away from the city - and I always loved their harbour, as good as sydney, or Nelson in the South Island, but I would need a very big bucket of $ to do so.
by sandw
Have you ever been to US Vee? It has some delightful places -equal to any in the world...people are friendly-my friend an hour out of NY on 5 acres has NEVER locked her car or her front door until I asked for the car with luggage to be locked! beautiful area...beautiful people
by Finy
I haven't been to the US, Finy. I would like to visit, but - and perhaps I am betraying my prejudices here - I don't think I could ever live there.
by Vee
I'm thinking you could be very very right.
by jonaja
If money was no object and I could live anywhere I would like in a villa in the south of Spain
by AJ
Chile. I was at one time giving serious thought to moving there, but it never happened.
LOL. I love the pic!
by Vee
Mexico and Thailand hold the most appeal for me, with Australia coming in third. I guess if I were to move, I would like a large culture change, and Mexico and Thailand offer the biggest changes. Australia would be the easiest to adjust too but the large amounts of national park land and natural diversity puts it in the top three for me.
Cool choices.
by Vee
Queenstown, NZ.

Would be happy to live there, IF I HAD to leave Oz.
I'm sure that's one of my husband's choices too, donjo. Interesting. I've never been, but would like to one day.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, it's totally beautiful, on the shores of Lake Wakitipu, overlooking the Remarkables snow covered peaks!
We had just 'swum' the Milford Track (very long story!), suffice to say it involved rain. The Lake had RISEN by 25', & considering it's 52ml long & bout 29mls wide, you can imagine the water volume that had poured into it! We had to cancel Routeburn Walk & Hollyford Track as both unpassable, due rain, snow & ice!

Came home, unpacked, washed those loads, re packed & flew to along Kong two days' later! No rain! Right time of year, there!
by donjo
by Vee
Mexico and Thailand hold the most appeal for me, with Australia coming in third. I guess if I were to move, I would like a large culture change, and Mexico and Thailand offer the biggest changes. Australia would be the easiest to adjust too but the large amounts of national park land and natural diversity puts it in the top three for me.
Probably across the border in Illinois.............

I am very happy living in Australia. The only other country I have visited is Thailand, great place for a holiday but I wouldn't want to live there. My father came from England and I have contact with a couple of relatives there so I think I would choose England. I don't know how I would cope with the cold weather and the short days of winter though..
I think I would LOVE go live in France, if I ever had to leave Australia. I’ve been to Paris 5 times, & down the south of France once.
That is a very difficult question as Australia is a fantastic country to call "home".
Perhaps New Zealand or England where I have lived previously; or somewhere else with a warm climate.
The Bahamas, Seychelles,Florida or Hawaii.
Being able to afford the lifestyle of course would determine where of course?

I love Australia, but I could get used to living in Italy,maybe Germany

FRANCE of course !
Maybe live in Swissland peacefully if I was very young and be able to speak their language because I was not gifted in learning second language.
I would choose Bavaria or Scotland. Love the food and scenery in Bavaria but the history and heather in Scotland also appeal. In America it would be Anaheim.
So many countries I love!! . . . . but, we are talking a forced eviction, so, it would be NZ to be near a family member and so that my other family members could still visit from time to time. The climate would not be ideal for me but I am being practical.
by Rice
Well, I'll have a bet each way & say half the time in France & half the time in Canada, lol.
I did leave Edinburgh, Scotland to live in Norfolk, England for seven years with my husband and son. We then decided to emigrate to Australia. Lived in Melbourne for 22 years, then moved to Brisbane, Queensland. Have found our ideal place and love living here. Have to say though my heart is still in the Highlands and that will never change.
Somewhere cold, cold all the time. Maybe a little Spring weather, not hot but JUST warm. Hate the hot weather, although I was brought up in Sydney with the humidity (but also the Southerly busters).
Maybe the UK or Scotland or Ireland or Wales or somewhere that it is cool most of the time.
I can get warm with blanket, or hot water bottle, or lots of clothes or nightwear, or duvets or open fire or gas ducted heating or radiator or WHATEVER. But I cannot get cool without air conditioning. In cool climates (or cooler climates) I can sleep, cook, clean and work. But when the weather reaches more than say, 28 degrees, I am like a zombie.
I'm with you on the zombie thing. I used to be able to handle the heat, but not anymore.
by Vee
Like most, I wouldn't leave Australia for quids, but hypothetically it's be Amsterdam in Europe; Seattle or San Fran in America or somewhere in the South of England - as the cold (as you go North) would kill me!
France or Canada, namely BC for me. Or being greedy, live between the both; France 6 months of the year & Canada the rest. Idyllic, sigh
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