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If you had to be named after a City, Country, or State, which one would you choose?

by Finy (follow)
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If you had to be named after a city, state, or country, which one would you choose?

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Top Answers
I think I would like to be named either Chicago, or Leura -at least they would be very different.

There are heaps of names I could pick...
by Finy
Leura is such a nice town Finy. Lawson (nearby) sprang to mind when I saw your choices.
by helga
by Lucy
that's a nice one, Bryony!
by Finy
Love it! My too!
by Vee
I met a girl called India once, when I was a child, and thought it was such a beautiful name. It has stuck with me ever since.
Yuk I hate the name India....
by Fran
Why are you being so rude about everyone else's choices? If you don't like the name that's fine, but you don't have to be insulting about them.
Pot calling the kettle black....you were rude about mine..'Paris'
by Fran
I didn't say I didn't like the name Paris, I just said that Paris reminds me of Paris of Troy, who was not a very heroic character. I didn't think that was rude, since it was mean to be humorous. Sorry if you took it as an offence. Yet at the same time, we were giving reasons, you simply called it 'yuk' without explanation.
Hello Bryony, I have been out and got some perspective.
(wrote this and then pressed something and it disappeared, so annoying)
I think as I was annoyed about (as I saw it) the criticism after my answer, I used 'shock tactics' and it was a bit over the top (not usually my mode). also I don't think I realized that you have to expect comments even after you have answered a question...don't really understand this as we are all on here to give our individual opinions, however I see now that people like to chat about everyones answers and that's how it goes....Happy days to you
by Fran
Hi Yello

That's okay; thank you for getting back to me, and I hope you continue to share your opinions on here. Good day to you to.
by Fran
oh No yello -that reminds me too much of Paris Hilton who is such a "dipstick" twit!
by Finy
There's always Paris of Troy, although he isn't much better!
Harrison, Leura and Chicago suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Fran
Harrison, Leura and Chicago suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Fran
Sorry yello, my mind went straight to Hilton as well.
by Vee
These sadly are the first really negative and childish responses I have ever seen on Answer angels!!! I know we are all entitled to our own opinions but this bickering is just so undignified,let alone disrespectful!!! Come on girls,sit back,relax,and for heavens sake,SMILE!!!! Life is surely way to short to fill it with such silliness. In fact it is more mean and thoughtless than silly!! Paris may remind many of you of less than perfect responses(which have little if anything to do with PLACE NAMES,by the way!),but what about the romance which this City is well known for?
by Jules
ha ha ha ha ha then you haven't seen me
and my mate Jennifer on here.....(rolling on the floor in laughter) bahahahahahah.
by jonaja
Ha ha...
by Fran
Love India. If I have a girl, I would love to name her India. Of course, I can't because my family would be outraged.
by Vee
by Finy
Naming my child after a country. It's almost like naming your child after a car, LOL.
by Vee
Vee, when I named my first boy Todd my parents objected strongly and said it is not a name! The said there was Richard Todd (who you are too young to know!) but no such name as Todd! their bad luck, it was MY baby and up to me what I called him!
but you did well on your first choice!
by Finy
My gosh, that's hilarious. Good on you for sticking to your guns. Thank you, but I imagine I'd have trouble convincing my husband to agree to India.
by Vee
There are lots of "India's" around these days. Often India Rose. I've known a Phoenix and a China-Lee, two Brooklyns.

by lynne
Very interesting.
by Vee
Hi Finy....I remember Richard Todd! He was in a BBC Drama several years' ago, & still looked handsome, & his VOICE......oooooh!
First saw him in a Disney production, with Glynnis Johns, called 'When Knighthood was in Flower'! Cheers!
by donjo
What a shame, Vee, as India is such a lovely name. If you look back to some of the Victorian English names . . . well, they are just beyond the pale. Imagine being called toilet. . . ! Eeek.
by Rice
Sorry. I think my lips might still be sealed even though retired. However, I can say that over the years I certainly saw a correlation between really stupid outré names and trouble with the police. Whoever coined the phrase, "Give a dog a bad name", certainly had it right. One day I will whisper to you the stupidest name I ever heard.
by Rice
I am very much intrigued.
by Vee
India might be good as a second name. May like Clive of India, a child that would given someone a bit of curry if they upset him.
by fran.
by AJ
Thanks Finy,for the agreement!!! I was tempted to put Seychelle buy it actually is Seychelles with an 's' on the end so technically I couldn't do it!!!! Hee Hee!!
by Jules
After the hoo-ha which came through after the name Paris,I am half tempted not to even make my choice public!!! I really like the name Shala in Lake Shala National Park in Ethiopia!! The premise was originally to protect and increase wildlife species in the area,but as well as this,I just think that it is a very pretty name.
I agree Jules -Shala is indeed pretty -have not heard of it before.....
by Finy
I like Shala too - first time I've heard it but it's really pretty!
by fran.
With a name like Sandy, i have creeks, roads, bends and beaches named after me! Can do without any more namesakes.
Sydney or Darwin
When you start looking, there are dozens of common names that are places - Jackson, Dallas, Madison, Indiana, Logan, Austin, Savannah, Dakota, I've taught at least one of each of these.
Some towns were named after people so it's so strange an idea. e.g Mary Kathleen and Katherine.
I can't think of any Australian names that I'd want to be called.
How about Alice? Isa could be a girl's name. Forsyth, a boy's.
by donjo
No None of those appeal, but luckily I like my name so it doesn't matter.
by lynne
Our son's second name is 'Warwick', for various 'associative' very happy reasons' in our lives!

It's also a 'good, strong' traditional English name, & suits him admirably, being of sturdy build, & 6'4" tall!
I like it.
by Vee
I love the name Warwick . . . so very rugged and strong.
by Rice
I like that name :)
by jonaja
Definitely Adelaide!
Cheyenne, Dallas or maybe even Virginia. Any of them would be better than some I saw in my job! LOL.
by Rice
Rice, you have left me very curious!
by Vee
I had always thought I would love to have been called PARIS, after the 1st time I visited Paris (France) & lived there for 10 weeks, with my parents, a long time ago, but after Vee has bought up the 'Hilton' name, it has kind of turned me off it!
by Miro
Yeah, you could also associate it with Plaster of P----
by fran.
Yeah, you could also associate it with Plaster of P----
And Paris Brest
I don't know
by fran.
I, m not sure to tell you the truth.
My nephew is named Sydney, born to an Aussie father and Swedish mother. Funny thing is I found out a lot of overseas sportspersons are also named Sydney. As for me, can't say I have a preference for any names.
My nephew is named Sydney, born to an Aussie father and Swedish mother. Funny thing is I found out a lot of overseas sportspersons are also named Sydney. As for me, can't say I have a preference for any names.
New York city
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