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If you had the room and the money, would you have any pets?

by Finy (follow)
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If you had the room and the money, would you own a pet?

Which one?

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Top Answers
Hvingg lived on acreage up until a few years ago, if I had the room and the health I would go back to having any and all the animals I wanted!
I loved my time with my animals large, and small, in the country.

Nowadays on a tiny block I am content with my two whippets and my fish pond however if I would not have stopped breeding llamas if I had had a choice as I dearly loved the life with geese, and ducks, llamas, and dogs!
by Finy
I'd have everything, it would be like Noah's ark!
by Rice
yes, me too Rice except that it would be a lot of work - the llamas were little work as were the geese, ducks, dogs etc
by Finy
Ah yes, one always forgets there is a pay off and work has to be done :(((
by Rice
I would!
Room and Money, who would think those 2 things say if one can have a pet of their choice.

Rather sad, but I would have one of these :)

LOVE Great Danes and esp this colour.
P.S. and I want a big fat white duck!!! or two :)
by jonaja
Love Great Danes also but they die too young. I had ducks and some Indian Runners which were so cute, and the geese were characters also - I had Oose the goose till my German shorthair Pointer got him!
by Finy
Yes it is sad Great Danes don't live long....I have had a duck once, and just loved it :)
by jonaja
A dog for sure. I had chickens as a child. I am not sure what breed of dog but they are a nice family pet.
Yes,I would like to keep a pet.
I have always managed to have pets, and cannot imagine my life without them!! Even when I was sharing a place in my 20's,I still managed to have a darling little rescued Burmese kitten.I have to admit that even when I was very young,I always wished I could have a large property so I could look after homeless critters!! I am very happy though, on my large suburban block,to have my beloved dogs.
I am fortunate to have a cat and a small dog. If I could have only one pet I would choose a small dog who loves to sit on my lap! One does have to consider the cost of having a pet as vet's bills can be expensive. Injections, food, worming, flea treatment and all those things add up too.
I've always wanted my own horse!

My choice would be one of the following, in preference order.....


But I'll have to win a big 'Lotto' to obtain my dream, & that's not going to happen!

Sad, but true!
My ex had Haflingers -my kids used to laugh as they called them Barbie
by Finy
I've owned a pet, either cat, or dog, & at times, both, since I was an 8 yo!

Since then, the list is too long to discuss, but suffice to say, have had mostly cats' I've 'rescued', literally off the street, who've been marvellous, or ones' I've bought from the RSPCA, who've all been fabulous!

Currently, I've a rescued 4yo Pedigreed SP Siamese, desexed male house cat, who not only 'talks' to me, but understands every word to say to him!
AND his beautiful blue eyes just melt me!

For 25 years', I owned, & bred Welsh Pembroke Corgi dogs.
I'm terribly biased, but they had such beautiful natures', were very protective, especially of my children, were desexed females, & could 'talk the leg off an iron pot', especially when I got home from work, I'd get a 'full conversation' of how their day went, accompanied by much bum waggling, as only Corgis' can do!

It doesn't surprise me in the least that this is the chosen dog breed by the Royal Family!
I am fortunate to have a dog and a flock of chooks at the moment. If I had a larger property and the money to do it I would have an animal shelter/ refuge. I would need to employ help for that.
I love all animals, but fell in love with the look of alpacas when on holiday once. I was amazed that they have a toilet spot, so their manure is easy to collect for the garden,
We have wild birds and lizards here that I recognise, they are a bit like pets too.
my photo is of llamas and not alpacas....llamas have much nicer natures and were bred for human orientated things...alpaca just for wool, and meat
by Finy
I have met some lovely alpacas but haven't had much to do with lamas. Do you know if lamas have the same toilet habits, as a matter of interest? I have a lovely warm Alpaca cape. The wool is nice and soft and doesn't irritate my skin like merino wool unfortunately does.
by annfi
Yes the all have those same habits and their poop also does not smell! If you ever get one - though you need two unless they are guarding livestock, llamas are by far the nicer pets - I started with llamas and then bred an alpaca and nowhere near as friendly, and kick and spit more than a llama. Check this out:

by Finy
Thanks Finy. It is not likely that I will have the chance. We haven't the land for them and we probably are getting to the age where we should consider downsizing .
by annfi
So cute, Finy! Yes, I would love to have a pig or two.
by Vee
Apart from room or money, the other big challenge is to be able to commit and spend time with them and be able to give them the space in your life that they deserve.
We have an adorable pet given to us by good friends.
He gives love 110% and always excited to greet us when we have been out.
Sadly it is hurtful when they pass away.
Now we are pensioners I would not replace him.
Haha! Is that your GSP photobombing in the background???
by Rice
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