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If you could say you will never eat two vegetables again, which two would they be?

by Finy (follow)
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If you could say you would never eat two vegetables again, which two would they be?

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Top Answers
Brussels Spouts and asparagus.
I would never eat kol rabi as it was fed to me as a child and I still feel sick if I look at it.

The other one I dont particularly like, though I will use it in soups is parsnip -I like most foods including vegetables.
by Finy
Cucumber (actually, is that a fruit?) and cabbage. Cabbage I just can't stand the taste of, whereas cucumber, the watery texture makes me gag.
Bryony, you can do this with skin on or off cucumber, it draws out the water......scrape a fork down the cucumber, totally round, twice, then wrap in paper towel. You'll be amazed how much moisture there is, & you're left with a 'crisp' cucumber! Cheers!
by donjo
Thanks, but it does not really seem worth the effort when there are so many other much locker fruits/vegetables out there.
Brussels sprouts and turnip! Yuk!
I really love most vegetables,and as a child way back before the raw food craze,I would eat all my vegies except Potato, RAW!! Mum felt that as long as I was eating them in some way,then that was fine.And it saved her a lot of work!
For whatever reason,I have never been fond of Lima Beans,no matter what was done to them,and I still feel the same way! And I do not particularly like vegies from the Squash family,as they just seem like mush to me.Even when disguised with other foods and flavours,they are not my favourite!!
Yep, yep, yep. Except I did eat my potato raw as a kid.
by Rice
This is all just TOO funny!!! I did try raw potato,but I hated it!!!
by Jules
I have tried, and tried but I can't pick any. I just love vegetables. Mind you there is probably one out there that I have yet to try, and when I do I will go YUK! If that is the case I will update you.
Okra and Okra
LOL . . !
by Rice
by jonaja
Like most vegetables actually.....can't think of any I don't like at this time.
by Fran
Peas and radish - never was a huge fan of them.
Radicchio and brussel sprouts - I don't like either of those.
by AJ
Asparagus and kale, I can't stand the texture of asparagus and kale just tastes ans smells like seaweed to be, it's just unappealing to me.
I could happily leave kale an Brussels of my plate for ever!
Brussels sprouts and celery
swede turnips and OKRA
Kale and brocoli.
I HATE Peas & Sprouts! Never have, never will eat them!
Brussel sprouts and onions. Yuk!
Brussel Sprouts and Spinach
Lots of people have already said brussel sprouts and I have to agree. They are just okay if smothered in white or cheese sauce and not half raw or over cooked. However, I don't serve them in my house.My second is asparagus. I am not just copying Tracie Louise! As a young child I vomitted after eating asparagus and the memory has stayed with me. I am very fond of most other vegies.
I like all vegetables. I don't usually eat cucumber because it repeats on me and it does not taste good the second or third time around! I can and do eat it in raita, tzatziki and sushi, though. I choose not to eat summer squash because I have read that they are GMO, although a local farmer disagrees. So if he sells it, I will buy it. Some people call corn a vegetable although it is a grain. I don't eat corn unless pickled or fermented or as cornmeal.
Squash and that spagetti vegetable (I don't know what it is called).

celery and peas
Okra and kale. Too slimy and the other too bitter. Everything else is fine.
Kale chips . . . . mmmmm. Best way to eat kale, ever.
by Rice
Brussel sprouts and cabbage,
This is a hard question because I love all vegetables. I would have to say parsnips as they taste bland to me, and green beans (the long round ones).
I love veges. I love most of the ones that you have all named :( I just ate a huge plate of stir fried veges for my dinner. However, I have to agree about Raddichio as I find it as tough and woody as boot leather. Aubergine might be a fruit (?) but I don't like it, so I will say Raddichio and Aubergine.
by Rice
Rice, I saw kale being cooked as chips in a cooking segment, on a morning tv show 2 days ago. They looked yummy, but since we don't have an workable oven...
by Miro
Yummy! Your very lucky dogs! Our whole house needs renovating, but we can't start on that until we've thrown out the mess! We need a new kitchen, fridge, loos,
taps, & those BIG shower heads, which are about a foot round!!! And I'd love the water tempeture to be just right, when the shower is turned on, so 1 doesn't waste so much water, waiting for it to heat up. But hey, how did I get Sooo off the Kale here???
by Miro
Thanks Rice, I feel a lot better now! How far away from where you are, do you have to move too?
by Miro
KALE & KALE! I know it's supposed to be big time superfood & all, but my teeth find it very hard to eat!
by Miro
What a shame you have no oven, miro_, as they are best eaten straight away. I can't believe the magic that making kale into chips promotes, they turn into feathery little wisps. If I make them, I suddenly have two dogs squashed up beside me looking as if they haven't eaten for months . . . . and they certainly won't eat it raw! LOL
by Rice
Isn't that what ladies of a certain age are allowed to do . . . wander off topic? Heehee. Your home makeover has you as excited as my (nearly completed) house move . . . we just get a bit carried away. :-)))
by Rice
it's about 150 miles . . .up to the freezing cold Darling Downs. I have all my heaters, woollies, gloves, scarves and and an electric blanket at the ready. :-)
by Rice
Brussel sprouts and radish.
I love vegetables, but wouldn't miss those two.
I tried okra once, yuk never again. I don't really like turnip no taste very boring
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