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If you could rid the world of just one evil, which one would it be?

by Finy (follow)
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If you could rid the world of just one evil, which one would it be?

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#World peace
#Religious wars
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Top Answers
It would have to be mans unkindness to man which would in turn mean religion.
I am not against religion however it has caused and is currently causing the majority of all fighting and wars, and after all, it is only a religion -what does it matter whether you are Hindu, Jewish, catholic, Muslim, Christian or whatever, we are all humans and should be let me live our own beliefs without wars.
by Finy
Pedophillia would be the one evil I wish did not exist. Don't think right spelling...
by Fran
I agree and cannot understand what motivates these creeps and how anyone could try to cover it up. Training our children to identify the creeps is a solution but why should we need to spoil a child’s view of life so early just to protect them.
by kstew
A 'corrupt heart', in every sense of the word.
Deeds and thoughts.
and there are many of these around Jonaj!
by Finy
yes indeed there are :(
by jonaja
Hate - there is way too much of this in the world
by AJ
Wars! Way too many of them happening all over the world. Why can't we just live and let live?!
Greed. I think greed for power, money, material desires, greed for MORE MORE MORE is basis for many conflicts.
Paedophilia, incest and self investigation/regulation
The love of money is the single cause of human kind treating each other the way we do. You could not be more wrong if you tried about religion Finy.
Arms manufacturing companies use ignorant people to promote war in order to generate profits. Australia is spending 75 BILLION DOLLARS ON FAULTY JET FIGHTERS at a time when we are told 70 year old people must find a job as they are a liability on a failing economy. What a joke.
The jet planes engine caught fire on its first test run and we went ahead with the deal anyway. Even the Americans won’t buy it from the American company that makes it. The evil I would stop is the military spending that the love of money has generated.
All war is about greed not religion. That is just used as a cover. These organisations fund both sides of the conflicts to generate sales.

I would rid the world of "Private Capitalism". Each and every government on this planet is run with Private Capitalism; i.e: most of the $ is in the hands of a very privileged few and most of the population is forced to make do without. Until there is an end to Private Capitalism, there will never be a TRUE democratic, or a TRUE socialistic, or a TRUE communistic (etc, etc, etc) government. People have a lot of enmity towards different governments for their "bad flaws", yet can they distinguish what flaws they have? What makes them "bad"? No government will have harmony while Private Capitalism is in the driver's seat. In our so-called democratic parcel of land we have people existing on the level of poverty, who cannot afford to educate their kids to the best of their individual capabilities - which leads to lower-income-based employment, lower health expectancy, lower self esteem, higher stress levels, higher rate of unemployment, higher rate of illegal drug use, higher rate of violence, higher rate of divorce, higher rate of criminal charges, higher rate of homelessness - I could go on all day. It is the same in every country on Earth, regardless of it's political banner. Get rid of Private Capitalism by turning it into PUBLIC CAPITALISM. Give control of the $ to everyone equally regardless of their creed (etc,) and you will have a more harmonious people. Get rid of middle (State) government - they don't facilitate anything. You need a national government to liaise with other countries, and you need local government to liaise with the local people. I wish it were that simple, but I know it's not. Why?
True Public Capitalism would create harmony, peace, tolerance, resilience, etc; all the things we all aspire to. It would help mankind to excel beyond our dreams.
Violence replace it with Love, we came pretty close to it in the 60's with Flower Power.
They were for the most Good Days.

Religious zealotry - you just have to look back through past history and what is happening in the world currently.
People who are corrupt, in any way, have much to answer for.

Greed is another problem.

One has only got to look at the '7 Deadly Sins', to see where evil comes from.
Islam. Pure evil. 'Believe what we believe or we kill you' - yeh, right.
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