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If you could invite 3 famous people to dinner, who would they be?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

If you could invite ANYONE from anywhere, over for dinner, who would you choose, and why?

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Top Answers
3 famous people -I would invite, as per the photo of the MOnty Python gang, probably Mr Bean and John Cleese, and for the third person I would ask Leonard Cohen

or....there are many, but the question was 3!
by Finy
Well living or dead is the question? I was thinking 'living people' and only three which is hard as there are quite a few, but for interesting conversation I would say....Clive Palmer, Germain Greer and Bob Geldof!!!!!
by Fran
Saw CP the other day, whilst I was at lunch.
I won't say anything more...........
by donjo
I'm not sure I would invite celebrities for dinner. I'd probably prefer just to have a dinner with my immediate family. Or a good bunch of friends :)
3 Famous people to dinner!

1. Jesus

2. Stalin

3. Hitler

OMG -Jonaj -hitler??????????why would anyone want HIM back
by Finy
It's ONLY for Dinner! lol.
All 3 of them and me at the table.
I would not say a word.Just listen.
by jonaja
Hitler - I've often wondered what's in a name. If he'd been called Bernard
Schwartz for example, saying Heil Bernie wouldn't have sounded compelling at all. imo
by sandw
Sandw . . . poor Tony Curtis. LMAO.
by Rice
Three comedians - it would be entertaining
by AJ
Michael J Fox Adam Hills Bill Cosby
I love intelligent men with great senses of humour!!
Still want to invite Bill Cosby . . . . . . .? ? ?
by Rice
Hmmmm....no,I would change this one to David Tennant!!!
and then I would invite Finy as well,knowing how much she is besotted with this actor!! Hee Hee!!!
by Jules
Ooooooh. Nice substitution!! ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞
by Rice
Isn't it amazing how many bugs are coming out of the woodwork where entertainers who were so admired and respected are concerned?! Very disappointing for me,and I guess many others feel the same way! It's a jolly good thing that so many other interesting folk are coming up through the ranks to take their places in our hearts!
by Jules
Jesus, Julian Assange, and I'm undecided about the third person.
by Vee
Julian Assange -yes, he would be a good one! Very interesting.
by Finy
very nice :)
by jonaja
My famous 3 would have to be Matt Preston (food critic). Mick Fanning (pro surfer) Hugh Jackman (wolverine)
Think that would be an interesting night
I would love to invite so many people over to dinner especially famous people but when I think about it I think it would be very intimidating...
If I had to chose though, I would pick:
1. Channing Tatum, just as a bit of eye candy.
2. Miley Cyrus, just for some entertainment.
3. Lucy Hale, because she is great!
The Queen, she's so knowledgeable and has met some fascinating people; Richard Branson to hear about his adventures; and John Cleese to add some humour to the occasion.
Today I'd choose: Jane Goodall who seems incredibly wise and interesting, Kerry Greenwood cos I adore her miss Fisher books and Julia Gillard cos she sounds like a fun person.
Tomorrow? Who knows.
Famous people are only famous by other's definition so that wouldn't interest me. If it WERE possible, I'd invite my mum and dad (both of whom have passed away) and my maternal grandfather (who I never had the chance to meet). One meal with these people would be lovely (even better if I could have 1 day)
Dalai Lama
Ross Noble
Paul McCartney
My choice of '3 at Dinner' would be........
Charlton Heston
T.E. Lawrence
Sir John Monash
What a fabulous talk-fest that'd be! (to me, anyhow!).

Debra Furness, Kerry Armstrong and Willian Mc Innes. OR
Julia Gillard, Peter Garrett and Bob Hawke.
Aung San Su Kyi, Billy Bragg and my husband
(and adult children)
Michael Parkinson, Paul Keating and Tony Abbott for someone to laugh at.
Oh! Fran, why the need to 'laugh at' Tony Abbott? Just curious.
by donjo
Well Donjo, I always found Tony Abbott pretty hilarious. I also found him an incompetent and untrustworthy.
My previous comment was made whilst he was still PM. I also thought I may have been a bit harsh in my judgement of his abilities or lack of.
But on Monday of this week, turned out I was thinking in the same vein as his closest colleagues. To me he was just a bovva boy, not as bad as Hockey but a bovva boy never the less. Thank God the Party had their eyes open.
by fran.
Jim Carrey,Alan Watts, Buddha
Queen Elizabeth II
Neil Armstrong
Mohandas Gandhi
Wow, what an interesting and polite dinner party it would be.
by Rice
I would like Aung San Su Kyi, John Cleese and Judi Dench a superb actress.


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