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If you could change one event in history, which one would it be?

by Finy (follow)
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If you could go back and change ONE event in history, which one would you change?

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Top Answers
It would probably be WW2 and the millions of killings which occurred for no reason.
There are many events I would change however I think this was the worst disaster and affected so many that I would chose this one first to change.
by Finy
It had to happen, because Hitler would have taken over other Countries...But I am in the same thoughts as you, so many died for freedom.
by jonaja
I would change the results of the latest US election. More precisely, I would change it so Bernie Sanders became the Democrat nominee instead of Hillary Clinton. I believe he would have won the election.

The world is in very big trouble in terms of climate change and I believe Bernie Sanders would have helped the US in huge way in respect to the countries impact on the environment.
I havent come across anyone who voted for the idiot! It is a joke that someone like that can get to that position!
by Finy
not everyone shares that opinion.....
by jonaja
Finy, what do mean by 'someone like that'?
by donjo
'Someone Like that' ?
by jonaja
The discovery of Nuclear fission.
Most definitely.
by Rice
The crucifixion of Jesus and the Gallipoli disaster. The order to retreat came too late in Gallipoli and hundreds of thousands of men were slaughtered needlessly as they landed on the beach. The ANZACS were hopelessly outnumbered so were sent to their deaths due to the incompetence of the top brass.
hey Lluxi - that is TWO!!
by Finy
If Jesus had not gone to the cross man would have been forever lost, so we must try to understand His amazing gift of true Love :)
by jonaja
Lluxi.......BRITISH top brass, at that! Churchill, as well.
by donjo
The Holocaust.
4th of June 1940
Father killed by a German sniper at St Valerie France
I would change the holocaust, that was ugly, degrading, inhumane,brutal and the rest.
There're STILL various problems' in Countries', as a result of WWI.

The M.E. being just one of them.

If the powers' that be at the time, at the Treaty of Versailles, in 1919, listened to T.E. Lawrence, re: the Arab Nations', much of today's problems' there wouldn't even exist.

It's the result of politicians' who knew nothing, not listening to a Military man who knew much.

The consequences' of their actions/inactions reverberate to this day!
I really cannot choose just ONE, and that is all there is to it. I'd have to say the 2 World Wars and ALL the horrors which not only happened DURING them,but the truly unbelievable manifestations which have damaged and hurt so very many people ever since! So much damage in so many ways...... So much sadness and irretrievable loss.... Such absolute cruelty and inhumane treatment of our fellow human beings. These wars changed Life as we knew it,and many still are suffering because of them.
Nafta. This ruined our country's economy by tearing down our manufacturing industry.
WWII - my father was an officer in the RAF and was killed during the war. From a purely personal point of view it meant I would have grown up with a father. In a wider sense, still WWII because of the Holocaust which must be one of the most inhumane acts ever perpetrated on a race of people.
I can't name just one thing in history I would change.
by AJ
The wheel.
by Rice
(Invention of . . . sorry.)
by Rice
Haha. Now things would be so different.
by annfi
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