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If you are walking across a road with traffic lights do you ever walk when the signal is red?

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Pedestrian Lights

If you are walking and need to cross a road which has traffic lights do you ever walk when the signal is red? If there are no cars around and it is safe to cross the road, do you still wait until the signal turns green?

#Traffic lights
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Top Answers
I just about always wait for the little green man.

I have crossed on a red man, but there was not a car in sight, anywhere.

I think we don't need to take extra risks, as I often see people do.
That is just plain Stupid.

Unless you're a Duck!

Love the pic of the ducks. It really made me smile.
They totally rule! :)
by jonaja
Love this picture jonaj - where I live we have signs "ducks crossing" so most drivers are aware ducks rule!
by norma
by jonaja
I was traveling up a wide 4 lane road. coming in the opposite direction were a number of cars flashing their headlights. Looking across at them trying to work out why they were flashing, I failed to notice the swans crossing in front of me. Tragically I ran over these birds. In my defense, if I was not distracted by the oncoming traffic flashing their lights, I would have seen the crossing animals and been able to stop for them.
by Pieter
Only if I know the road well or there are no cars in sight.
I am not a risk taker so I wait for the green man. Having said that, there is a road I cross occasionally which has traffic lights but the road system has changed so the pedestrian lights aren't needed now. I will walk against the red there because no cars ever go across the pedestrian crossing now.
When I'm with my kids I always wait for the lights to change to set a good example. Actually I mostly do anyway because I'm often carrying something heavy and don't want to have to run if a car comes.
In our city often it is safer to cross when the lights are red but about to go green as that way there are no cars turning right that you have to watch out for. We have lots of crazy tourist drivers in our city that don't realise they have to give way to the pedestrians.
by Jane
Only After serious analysis. Life is too precious not to wait.
by Gia
Yes. Nearly got run over just the other day. And I agree with jonaj, it is 'just plain stupid'. In my defense, it's not something I do often. In fact, I do it rarely.
by Vee
OMG!!! I'm glad your ok....Miss Vee :)
by jonaja
Do I have a 'death wish'? Nope.

Wait for green, then LOOK to see no cars going through their red light, then cross, smartly, as we were taught in Road Safety classes, at School, back in the '50's & '60's! By a POLICEMAN, no less!
No, I don’t. I’m trying to live to be 100 so I get that special birthday message from the Queen, who would have died anyway, by the time I turn 100, so it will be from the King, by then I guess.
And yes, I do still wait if it’s red, & there’s no cars. “Better wait than dead” I say to my self.
I have but only when there's no traffic coming so I don't give a driver a fright. Sometimes I'm doing the 'deciding dance' and am there for so long that the green man comes anyway!
Yes I do, but only after checking no cars are in sight. I wouldn't do it if there were children around as obviously it is not a good example.

By the way love the picture. I live in a very leafy Brisbane suburb and we have signs on our road saying "careful - ducks crossing" - gives it a lovely rural feeling.
"ducks crossing" comment should have been added to jonaj's post.
by norma
Only when the coast is very clear, but here in Melbourne, there are many pedestrian crossings that dont allow enough to get to the other side of the street especially if a wide street or dual carriageway! Too bad if you are slow or elderly!
Never cross on a red. You just never know what might be coming along (at speed)
in Swanston Walk.
by theme
Yes sometimes the lights change so fast I get caught mid way across the crossing.
I am limited in the speed I move and often get caught half crossing the road.
No. If there are no cars around, why wait? Go ahead and cross. Just be sure to look both ways first.
I don't like to but where I live now I consider it to be necessary sometimes. I have lived in and visited many cities and towns but this is the first time I have found that some intersections will not provide a WALK signal unless you get there soon enough to push a button to request it, and, of course, that you are aware of the requirement. I have watched the reactions of many people who are unaware. It is not pretty.
Can you believe that this city has a goal to be a 'walkable' city, yet I have never seen this issue mentioned?
No unless I am caught halfway on a broad crossing and the lights change too quickly.
No, that is just a stupid thing to do.
That's the reason we have lights, to keep us safe crossing the road.
I have at times crossed when the light has been red, if I'm in a hurry, or if the road is quiet, but I know that is no excuse to do that, especially when I taught my son to cross on green lights only,
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