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If it is well known that a country has the death penalty for drugs, is it not asking for the death penalty by bringing them in?

by Finy (follow)
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Although I am against capital punishment, if a country has this law in place, then I would respect this and not do what is likely to get me killed, the same as I would not walk in front of a bus.

What are your thoughts?

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Top Answers
I know it is HORRIBLE and feel so for the parents, being a parent who has had two of her three children die, however, and it is a big however, everyone knows the penalty of bringing in drugs to Bali, so even though I do not agree with killing someone, it is THEIR laws and we enter THEIR country under THEIR laws so we either have to take notice of them or bear the consequences.

As I said, I do not agree with their law, and I choose not to live in a country that has such a law, however I would not risk my life by going against their law, any more than I would walk in front of a bus. I consider the two equally stupid and as I have no wish to die, would do neither deliberately.
by Finy
I imagine a lot of drug mules are desparate for money and so are willing to take the risk. Others probably just don't expect to get caught. The odds might seem better than they actually are. Or maybe the odds really are very good and those who get caught are a tiny percetage of the people doing it. It's not a risk I'd ever want to take personally but I suppose their lives are very different from mine.
I do not wish to repeat what as already been so eloquently said by others,but I shall simply say that I have to agree that if we enter another country, we MUST abide by the laws of that country,Just as people visiting OUR country are expected to abide by ours. The Indonesian penalties may seem harsh by our standards,but they ARE the laws,and extremely well advertised too, of this popular island country which were so hideously and stupidly broken,so we must respect this whether or not we agree with the sad-beyond-belief result. Hopefully it will be a lesson very well learned for once and for all.and thus will not have to be gone through EVER again.
Very well put Jules.
by Finy
People make wrong choices.
Really really bad, but that is part of being human.

The Death Penalty for these boys...is a shocking

I saw one mother on t.v. crying, and having 3 sons myself at the same age (2 of them)...I put myself in her shoes in my mind.

That was dreadful pain I had, it took me a day to get on track again!

I look at her face, and just shake my head....
This poor mother. O M G !
Yes, also, the barbaric method of dispatch. I would never sleep again knowing that my child had been brutally riddled with bullets. Yes, it is their law but surely there is a better way. Drugs are just so evil and demeaning :(
by Rice
Indeed Rice.....Indeed I'm hearing ya. :(
by jonaja
I would like to bring this to everybody's attention ..just sharing what I read today on a news website www.smh.com.au - 'Indonesian President Joko Widodo has instructed that "optimum protection" be offered to 229 Indonesian citizens sentenced to death overseas - including those charged with drug offences - while in the same breath vowing to execute drug smugglers in Indonesia.'

I cannot understand his motive for death penalty. It is definitely not clear to himself either.
by BK
I am completely opposed to the death penalty but it is not our place to meddle in the laws of other countries. I wish these Bali 9 boys could live but they sealed their own fate when they chose to traffic significant quantities of drugs. The penalties in these countries are very well publicised. The drugs destroy the lives of countless others.
I'm wildly opposed to the death penalty.

However I think that people are too black and white about this particular case, because of our Australian cultural beliefs. I have NO idea what to make of it all because it's just entirely too complicated, there are too many issues at play for anyone to really state categorically what should happen and what other people should or shouldn't have done.

Drug mules are chosen because they are young, poor, and relatively carefree (no kids or jobs). They're offered really huge sums of money - to them - to take huge risks, and clearly it works more often than not, or drug syndicates would stop finding mules.

I wish there was a simple answer to this, a solution that made everyone more at ease with it, but I'm afraid there just isn't. It's very sad and I feel very sorry for their families.
Even though I don't agree with the death penalty - If a person is aware of the penalties for committing a crime they are choosing to play with fire
by AJ
I am undecided on this and believe it is not 'cut and dried', when someone has committed a callous, premeditated murder...I think it could be warranted....these boys were only 15 when they took the drugs into Bali and perhaps because of their youth did not fully comprehend the consequences of being caught...In civilized societies such as ours (debatable!) I think due to their rehabilitation whilst in goal as they were maturing.. their sentences would have been a lot longer in the clink and not 'death'.
by fran
So well said Fran !
by BK
Indonesia has laws. Every country has laws. You, by your OWN FREEWILL, decide to break them, the 'piper has to be paid'.
I don't care if they were 15 yo at the time of breaking Indo law. That's old enough to know between right & wrong.

I disagree with the stance of countries' when people who've been handed the 'death sentence' being made to wait multiple years' before it's carried out.
That's plain, straight out mental torture.

They should be hanged, shot, electrocuted, whichever means handed down with sentence, within a reasonable time, allowing for 'appeal' time, which I don't agree with when the crime has irrefutable evidence.

Fancy sitting on 'Death Row' for 30 years! Just ridiculous!
I would respect the law in countries thaat have the death penalty but what I am angry about is the drug pushers harrassing you to buy drugs. While I was in Bali this happened to me. DOESNT IT START WITH THE PUSHERS
I think somewhere it starts with a slimy entrepreneur who doesn't give a toss about anybody else's life. They think they are "clean" and their minions are the "pushers". The sad thing about the whole affair is that so many vulnerable people get used by these *insert worst word you can think of*.
by Rice
I agree. If you are stupid enough to try it, you know the penalties. In Indonesia, the law is the death penalty, so if you get caught, you will get that penalty. Al this pleading for mercy is ridiculous. You broke the law, you get the ultimate penalty, no exceptions.
I agree. If you are stupid enough to try it, you know the penalties. In Indonesia, the law is the death penalty, so if you get caught, you will get that penalty. Al this pleading for mercy is ridiculous. You broke the law, you get the ultimate penalty, no exceptions.
Don't carry drugs for ANYONE!! How often can it be said?! So sad for some of those people as they were duped and were not smart enough to know it. I certainly agree with donjo - if you are going to have extreme sentences for drug crimes etc., DON'T leave a person to wait up to 30 years in mental torture! We all know the difference between right and wrong and the result will be BAD but I wish there was a better way. . . . and that looks and sounds stupid to me even as I write it :((
by Rice
.......and don't carry ANYTHING for anybody else, especially if asked to do so at an Airport!

Had two nurses' on our SE Asian honeymoon trip ask us to bring back their 'radio's' into Oz! We politely, but firmly, DECLINED!
And this was in the early '70's!
by donjo
Wow, donjo!!! S C A R Y.
by Rice
Totally agree that anyone entering a country knowing what their laws are against drugs and drug trafficking ask for trouble. What I don't agree with us that Indonesia has double standards. They pay for the release of their own sentenced in other countries for like crimes and are also known for corruption and trying to catch Westerners with drugs in the act of geing purchased when it's been a set up. This is one country you'll never get me visiting.
Oh! helga, I agree!
Actually I'd add MOST of SE Asian countries, plus India!

Why people continue to go to these 10th world countries', I can't understand, AND there're NOT cheap destinations'!

NONE of them are Countries' in which you'd want to be 'detained'.
Look at that couple now possibly facing many high-end charges' in Bali!
Stupidity, to the nth degree!
Some folk will just NEVER learn, to their sad demise.
by donjo
Helge, I took my 2 daughters backpacking through Bali with a friend & her teenage son, for 3 weeks, in Jan '75. We had a wonderful time. We even climbed that volcano that's about to blowup, any day now! Then my eldest daughter went over there, some years later, with her partner & their 3 year old daughter, then my husband went to there in March '99 with our youngest daughter, & last month my husband & I went there for a wedding & stayed for 12 days. Just beautiful, & so laid-back. We're hoping to return next year. 1 of my sisters has been there 3 times, her daughter has been about 6 times, & my nephew & his now wife have their business there, so have lived there for about 2 years. The couple opposite our driveway, have been to Bali about 10 times, & they're in they're 60's or 70's!!!
by Miro
Sorry Helga, I spelt your name wrongly, in my 1st reply here.
by Miro
And now 'we' have 'Cocaine Cassie', even though that wasn't in Bali, I think maybe she'll be worse off where she is. 1 lie after another lie! How would anyone believe anything that comes out of her month anymore. (Did anyone watch the '60 Minute' interview with CC last Sunday evening?)
by Miro
Miro, I agree with you. She can't lie (sic) straight in bed. I think she believes we are gullible.
by helga
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