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How would you do your bit to save the world?

by Smita (follow)
Smita - Smitasfoodcharm - Thermomix Australia consultant
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Backwaters, Kerala, India

Depleting natural resources, Global warming, Pollution, Population explosion, the list goes on. Are you eco-friendly? How would you do your bit to thank Mother Nature?

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Top Answers
I'd do my part by saving as much water as possible. Keep showers of shorter duration, close the tap while brushing teeth, open taps slowly so that wastage doesn't occur by splashing. Also regular check and repair any leaks in plumbing so that unattended water wastage does not occur.
I do a lot of recycling and always turn lights or power sockets off when I am not using them. Unfortunately, I live with my parents (that's not the unfortunate bit), who get annoyed at me when I switch things off, or try to be extra eco friendly in other ways, so it does not always work out.
I always think that recycling is a good start, as it's not difficult to do once you get into the habit. If you can manage it, reusing dishwashing and bath water on the garden can be good, too, as is switching to earth-friendly soaps, laundry detergents and dish-washing liquids, and not using chemical herbicides and pesticides on the garden.
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I think we can all do little bits to save our little corner of the world, composting, turning off the tap when brushing our teeth, putting appropriate containers into recycling, shopping second hand, bucket in the shower to water plants, buy less packaged food. Small things make a difference.
I would like to raise environmentally conscious children by being a role model to them and by inculcating in them the values that will help them look after the world they live in and to continue the cycle of helping others and helping ourselves.
Wealth distribution is the only way to go, to stop the plight of poverty. But everything is going backwards. If I had the wealth I would use that money to help the less fortunate and the world because those who are wealthy don't seem to be doing now.
Plant some more trees, grow your own vegies, educate the next generation, be kind to each other.
by Lucy
Do what I can to help out in a variety of ways. Be mindful of water and electricity expenditure, as well as help out in annual events such as Clean Up Australia Day.
Charity begins at home and so does cleanliness. Having waste sorted out is one way.. the others include obeying traffic laws,
paying my taxes to contribute to the economy.. these are the simple steps to save the world.
by star
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We have energy efficient light globes in our house, run our cars on LPG, turn off lights or electronic devices that we aren't using, and of course recycle.
Go vegan.
If only we were all kind to one another. Go tell that to warring nations. Mother Nature is getting a hammering through civil and international conflict.
Recycling, remember to turn off lights
We have Compost bins, worm farms, chickens for meat and eggs, several Veg gardens, fruit trees, photo voltaic sells on the roof, solar hot water, water tanks, I refuse to by over packaged foods, Reusing, recycling. I do not go clothes shopping when I have a wardrobe full of cloths already. I take what I do not want to the charity shop for others to reuse. I do not change my kitchen appliances because it's cool to have a red kettle this year. I redirect my shower water to the garden. We are currently changing all our light bulbs to LCD bulbs. All paper is saved for lighting fires in the winter, Our out going rubbish is no more than a small plastic carrier bag a week. I could go on but you get the idea

For a start I would acknowledge that the world does not need saving.
It has been here for millions of years before us and will be here long after we are gone.
How would I ensure that mankind extends his stay on this planet in comfort is the question.
Ensuring that our water and food supply remains clean by regulating and closing down repeat offenders who generate pollution. Taxing them only gives them a way out by allowing them to pass on the cost to consumers without making any real changes. Educating the population about alternatives to the products that cause pollution and making these products unacceptable to consume much the same way we have targeted people who smoke. The air can be repaired by massive tree and pasture planting that could be demanded as a punishment for people who generate the air pollution.
Regards from Kym

If I could change a few politician views on climate change I certainly would. Otherwise a valuable approach is working local and thinking global. so lots of recycling, home grown food that does not need transportation, conscious use of water, careful consideration of use of renewable products and fuels, there are many people in Australia and if all did the same it would change a great deal. As well as lobbying those politicians
I'm with you
by fran.
Remove Tony Abbott from office. He is not forward thinking.
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