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How often do you water your garden/lawn/plants?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

How often do you water your lawn/garden/plants?

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Top Answers
We are only allowed to water with a reticulation system twice a week so I do a near full water twice a week.

However a few of my plants, including the vegetables, herbs and a few of my previous succulents
I will water every few days and when the temperature gets above the 30's I would do my vegetables every day.

Lawn etc is therefore done twice a week which is sufficient.
by Finy
by Rice
I notice a PLASTIC Christmas tree in the background of your wonderful picture!!! Is this the only type of plant you have any success with? Apart from weeds?! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!
by Jules
Don't be daft, Jules, I kill plastic ones too!! *cackle*
by Rice
Oh! Rice, in your 'moving picture' above, is the 'laughing man' UK actor, Tom Hiddleston?
by donjo
Yes! I thought it was delightful. Lol :-)
by Rice
A Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!! A Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!
by Jules
In summer every 2nd-3rd day I water my garden.
In winter once a week.
No use having plants if they don't get water.

I am getting rid of most of my Lawn, I only have say one fifth of most folk....but I am over the mowing side.

My plants are important to me, they give me a lot of little 'private' areas in the garden.
They are a must, so they get a lot of care.

It depends also on the plants you have, where in Australia you live, and yes even 'their own' little disposition.

Some plants are little 'guts' for the water !
I have only one plant, and I'm waiting for it to sprout. It's lavender :) According to the instructions, I'm to water it three times a day. I have the blackest thumb ever, so I'm pretty hopeful for this little guy.
I'm sorry, but I have the blackest thumb ever. Good luck with the lavender . . . . I killed mine :(( Obviously we would both starve in the event of a cataclysm. 00
by Rice
Oh wow, biggest typo ever, I'm actually to water the lavender once every three days! And Rice, thanks, I hope this guy lives. I really want to try scrubbing some of this black off my thumb, maybe there is a little green underneath. I want to eventually grow some of my own food.
We are on the same page . . . I'll try harder . . .for both of us :-)))))
by Rice
PS . . my local grocery store has lavender in pots . . . price reduced due to looking unwell . . not half price yet but I don't fancy my chances as a plant doctor :(
by Rice
I bought something called an eco-cube. It's a small wooden planter box with lavender seeds and fertilizer inside. After the lavender has sprouted I can plant the whole box in a pot. The wooden planter decomposes in time. Pretty neat idea.
I have lots of seedlings in at the moment so they need to be watered every day in the hot weather we're having. Established plants get watered once a week or so.
When they need it. We have had so much rain in Victoria that watering the garden is the least of my worries. Everything is growing like crazy. I put out lawn seed and fertilizer and the garden is saying " thank you very much !" So when the rain finally stops, I'll think about watering the garden on a regular basis.
never, cause I don't have any
I've one beautiful bright Orange Gerbera, which is watered daily.

There're two plants in my garden which get all the veggie scraps, & they, too, get a daily watering!
I use 'rinsing' clean water, put into watering-can, rather than let it go down the plug hole!

The rest of the rather huge garden is rain-reliant, as water rates are excessively high.

Watering is a chore that must be done if one has a garden.Our old swimming pool is now used to collect rain water so water is not a problem, but I do find watering very tedious & time consuming.
Living in the Tropics,I have never had any problems in the past with keeping my beloved plants happily watered.But recently we have been put on a shockingly restrictive watering regime.One hour,morning and night,between 6 and 7,on only two days each week!!! This is hand-held hosing.I am also allowed to use my watering can at any time so I waste not a drop of my grey water!!! It is good to know that the council and big businesses around the city are also keeping to these limitations during this drought. Sad to see everywhere so brown,but at least there is no waste going on. I grew up in Victoria during which time we had a very severe drought in the late 60's. The allowance was a bathtub filled with water per household each day.This had to suffice for all our water requirements. I have NEVER forgotten that time,and even years later when there was never a water issue here in the tropics,I still never left the tap running while cleaning my teeth!!I get so antsy when I see others be so wasteful with our precious water!!! Even more so now that we have so little of the stuff here, which is very strange for us indeed!!! I adore my plants and just about all of them are in tubs,so I am able to move them out of the very hot drying effects of the sun,if I need to.I also find them easier to keep moist in the tubs,as the water I give them,goes exactly where I want it to go.There are good wetting agents available too which can be mixed into the soil and this also helps immensely. I do my two daily allowances of watering each week,PLUS watering cans when things look dry enough to make my plants beg me for a drink!! I do not bother about the council nature strip outside the fence at all.In fact I just keep a small area of the grass green for my beloved dogs to enjoy lying on to keep cool. The rest of the grass is not my priority when I have so little water and time allotted in which to use it any more! Fortunately most of my plants are well adapted to the climate and they are surviving nicely at the moment. Let's hope that we finally get a decent Wet Season after 3 failed ones!
YOU should not be carting watering cans about the place! *smack*
by Rice
I do know this, so I try to only do 3 in a row at any time!!! My beloved plants deserve to continue living,so I cannot neglect them!!
by Jules
I don't really garden. I only water plants if it gets really dry and I see that the planys are suffering.
Not often enough. I don't enjoy watering and I have a fairly big yard. I tend to go through phases where I get very dilligent , then life gets in the way and I turn around and my plants look so bad I don't want to look and I am consumed by guilt.
Usually every day becausd of heat and wind. Orchids probably every 2nd day. Veggies on a need to basis and ferns, etc. under the carport almost every day as well as we have a huge water storage tank to do the front gardens.
Never, all my plants are plastic.
It all depends on the weather. At the moment, Nature is doing all of the needed watering, and even more than is needed!
Every second day if it is dry, a week if we have had rain.

I actually don't take time to water the garden to be honest, water is expensive, but my husband attached a hose to the washing machine and the water from the washer goes straight out to the garden.
My lawn is watered every time I wash the clothes, and that would be every 2 days, because we have a hose in the pipe that connects to the washer, then instead of the water going down the drain it is recycled on to the grass and trees.
I havde a lot of pot plants that need watering, but I keep hoping it will rain. I do take down a little watering can & water the plants that most need watering, when I'm going out for my morning walk.
by Miro
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