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How often do you look at your computer in an average day?

by Finy (follow)
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How often do you look/work at your computer for private reasons (not work) in an average day?

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Top Answers
I often have my computer turned on for about 15 hours!
I turn it off if I am going out for more than half an hour or so, and it is is a smaller second lounge room that I have, and I can hear when I get email.

Yes I am addicted to it! I am actually on it a lot of the time and often playing games, checking social network etc on my I pad when not on my computer - no wonder I always have sore eyes.

I am probably actually ON my computer for about 3 hours a day depending on what I am doing - i also do my weekly shopping on line.
by Finy
I look at my computer a LOT. I love my computer. I email, play games, read news articles, pin on Pinterest . . . . or suddenly get it into my head that I need to know how tall *insert actor's name here* is, or the average rainfall in *insert country here* . . . LOL LOL.
by Rice
what a good pair we are, Rice! Now if you visit me, I will need to buy a second computer first!
by Finy
Rice, my mother-in-law do the actor thing. Just recently we looked up Pierson Fode's Snapchat account. We had a good laugh.
by Vee
Rice I am the same!
by annfi
hmmmm.. Hard question.
How long is a piece of string?

I have lots of hobbies, so some days I might only spend 15 minutes looking at my computer.

Other days I might spend 2-3 hours on it. I also use my phone far more than I probably should.
No more than a couple of hours. I don't have time to sit on the computer any more than that. My husband is on it more than me as he has to pay the bills and do things for work.
I would like to say that I don't look at it at all - my fantasy! On any given day, I will look at it once before I settle down for the evening. On days when I have to complete things online, then two or three times.
by Vee
Hmmmm . . she has good taste. Tasty.
by Rice
I don't use my computer these days. I use my iPad and my phone. I spend around 2 hours in the evening on my iPad reading the news, looking at social media and playing games.
by AJ
If I wake up during the dark part of the morning, I'll check to see if I have mail. My husband's computer has packed up, so he uses my laptop when I'm going to bed, but is only looks at it for about 4hrs, then he'll leave it outside my room when he's finished with it. I'm on it for most of the day, sending emails to a few friends, looking at AA, which he says is an utter waste of my time. Looking at recipes, & when I find 1 I have the ingredients for, I'll write it into my diary page for the day I may cook it. Then I may move it to another day. I don't do Facebook, Cloud nor any of those ones. I'll Google a couple of things. If I'd remember how to sort my photos, I'd be doing that! I'd also like to download music onto my iPods, as I'm too lazy to go walking on my own without my music! So yes, I'm on my laptop for FAR to many hours a day!
by Miro
I use my tablet my than I use my computer and spend several hours per day on it. I get well over 100 emails per day and belong to quite a few sites and associations.
At the most an half hour a day. Check emails and news and I am done. Unless I need to do some research for a project I am not into games.
How many hours do I spend on it?

maybe 5 to 7 hours a day.Over say 12 hrs for that day it is on.

We have now a home business, so that is also one very good reason, but also I do a lot of study, and my 'down time' is spent on line too.
Not often during the day. BUT come night time, after dinner, I could give it a real run for its money.
I think I might be an addict.
Fran, I must also be an addict! I'm on my laptop all day, when we're staying home, answering these AA's, writing a few emails to friends, & looking up new recipes, mostly from RecipeYum.
by Miro
Yes Miro, unfortunately some nights if the better half goes to bed early, I can glance at the clock and find it is 4 a.m. Definitely a craving of some sort.
by fran.
I rarely use the actual computer as it is a dinosaur and slow and out of date. I use my iPad and rarely go out without it. I whip it open the moment a question pops up that I wonder about. If I hear a word I don't know, menu term, price comparison, fact check, book review, show a photo....I watch art videos. Checking email, Facebook, games and Pinterest occupy me for a couple of hours a day and I could have it on much longer depending on the circumstances.
You are right . . .we are a pair . . . . I have "Lost in YouTube" days. Hahahahaha. . . . and then one interesting fact leads to another and then you remember Johnny Quest from the 60s . . . . and the beat goes on. La dee da dee di . . . (00)
by Rice
I like that term- Lost in YouTube days. Haha.i definitely have those.
by annfi
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