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How often do you eat in a typical day?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo:Wikimedia Commons

Do you have 3 meals a day?

Do you eat in-between meals, or do you diet and watch what you eat?

How many times a day do you eat?

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Top Answers
I eat at least 3 times a day but more like about 5 -I have 3 meals, afternoon tea, and sometimes snack again at night!

I am trying to put on weight at the moment, so that's my excuse!

I love food...
by Finy
Sorry Finy about name mix up.... I sometimes I type way way too fast,
and get mixed up :)
by jonaja
It's OK, I can see the whole photo, Finy!
by Miro
I'm more of a grazer than a meal eater and probably eat 5 or 6 times on the average day. Not as much as most people would eat for a meal though, and I'm more conscious of the type of food I eat then the quantity - favouring protein, fruit and veggies over carbohydrates and sugars.
I wish I could eat more like you Sarah -I love sweet things!
by Finy
Generally I eat three times a day but if out to morning or avo coffee may have a small treat.....am continually trying to resist eating too much as can put on weight easily, am only 60kg though and am 5'5" (giving away my age!!!) not exactly grossly overweight.....(compared to you Finy I am though!)
by Fran
I am grazer. I eat like a hobbit. Yes, I have about six meals every day and if I didn't I'd pass out!
My body is very sensitive and when I skip meals I get sick. My blood pressure drops and I get cranky - that's if I am still conscious!
I have a relationship with food, especially as it keeps me going.
Finy, what the heck is with the picture? All I can see is breasts! Haha. Oh gosh, then I look down and I could cry. Some days I eat only breakfast and lunch. On other days, I have lunch as well. As for snacking, that depends on how I am feeling and how busy I am. Some days, I feel like I could go all day without a crumb, but come night time I need to have something.
by Vee
Why could you cry, Vee? oh, sorry, is the photo not appropriate -took me ages to find anything on someone eating!!
by Finy
The picture gets cut off above the head in the gallery. LOL!

I picked a "baddie"!
by Finy
Noooo it is a brilliant pic! believe me. :) I LOVE IT.
by jonaja
Because Finy, she has such a lovely pair! She clearly hasn't breastfed! Hahaha.
by Vee
jonaj, why do you 'love it'? Haha I love your enthusiasm!
by Vee
Seriously.. Just noted what's observed by Sarah. And on my tablet couldn't really guess if it's the appropriate image too. Came to the article wondering if the question had anything not shown in the link :)
by Manny
Vee......you had no idea it would cut her head off.
But! it's brilliant because it gave me a huge smile on reading the question.
The lady in the pic is very cute, and it's fine.
Choosing pics(and finding the right ones is hard work).You did good. as far as I am with it.....It gave me a smile, and brought the point over in a different way.Good work :) thumbs up!.... keep up the interesting work,that's what it's all about.

by jonaja
O O PS!!! Sorry Finy.

I wrote 'Vee' (honest mistake sorry girls).
by jonaja
LOL to all this discussion -trouble is we don't get notifications past the first few so often don't ready all this!
I'm glad I made someone smile though --and isnt it interesting how we all have such different views on one thing! I actually had trouble finding a picture of someone eating -wanted someone putting a lot of food in their mouth at once -couldnt find one in the limited places we can copy!
by Finy
Ha - I noticed the boobies too! But, hey, if you've got 'em and all that.
Honestly, it's a great pic, even if it is hard to see what she is eating for all the boobage! ;)
Yes Selina -half her luck!
by Finy
Hahah, I agree it is a good picture.
by Vee
.LOVE the Pic #!?*!!!...

I eat 2-3 times a day, no more.
:( now really upset...second pic didn't come thru booo hooo
by jonaja
Uploading part of the site is down! Do you really love the picture or are you being sarcastic?
by Finy
I really LOVE the Pic! I'm not being silly.
Oh! thanks for the info for the downloading pics.... :)
by jonaja
I have 3 times in a day. Sometimes evening snacks during the weekend.
About five times (breakfast, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon, dinner). I don't diet. I suppose I kind of watch what I eat, in that I try to eat a healthy diet over all.. That includes sweets and salty snacks sometimes, but also fruit.
Mon to Thurs I'm at work and stick the the 3 square meals as I don't get a minute in between. Fridays and the weekends I'm with my two kids so I tend to have my 3 meals and snack with them on fruit in between.
3 meals everyday. Fruits in between meals
Usually 3 tomes a day. Can't eat breakfast so I have a Bannana, lunch about one and dinner around 8
I normally eat two normal-sized meals per day and snack two or three times a day as well.
Oops! Picture seems a tad inappropriate!

However, I usually eat twice a day, Lunch & Dinner.
Can't face food of a morning; it actually makes me sick! About 11.30am is the earliest time I can eat.
The exception is on an aircraft or at a wonderful Resort or Hotel!
I eat 3 meals a day, and unfortunately naughty snacking in between!
by Miro
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