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How much water should you drink a day?

by Sarah Bell (follow)
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How much water is a healthy amount to drink? Can you have too much of it? Does tea and coffee count in your water intake or should you have more to compensate? Do you drink enough even if you know what it should be?

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Top Answers
8 glasses of water a day!
That is what they recommend.
So I have gone one step ahead! I squeeze real lemon juice into the water.

What that does is bring your water right up to a good pH balance,which is vital for water drinking.

Tap water is not really any good just on its own.

I would say try for 6 glasses a day....and get to 7-8 in a few weeks.
Water is such a vital part of good health, and flushes out the bad toxins we have in our bodies.

Tea and Coffee do Not count.I stopped drinking them 47 years ago.!(At age 13.)

No good for the skin, or really you!..people say I look 10 years younger.

You Can have too much water....but by saying that it would have to be Many Litres.

If you stick to 6-8 glasses a day, your really on track!
You will feel better, sleep better and will not want to over eat, water is a profound essential to health and well being.
2 litres of water a day or as much as you need, depending on the level of activities. This is very important, though not all of us drink enough water. For women, drinking a lot of water helps cleanse your system and makes your skin look better.
That is a good question. They say an average person should drink about 8 glasses a day, however I know I don't.
I keep a large sports bottle with water in the car and then drink it on my commute to and from work which helps me keep up my water intake. It's been great for me except when I've been stuck in a traffic jam!
I drink water inbetween cups of tea. Nothing wrong with a few antioxidants.

The recommended 8 glasses a day is a myth. I watched a documentary a few months ago. How much water you need depends on the individual. Basically the advice given by Michael Mosley (a medical doctor and journalist) is that if you're urine is straw coloured, then you're absolutely fine. If it is dark, then you are not getting enough fluids. I drink when I'm thirsty, and that does me just fine.
About two litres a day. Need it to stay hydrated at all times, regardless of the humidity outside :)
About two litres a day. Need it to stay hydrated at all times, regardless of the humidity outside :)
We do have individual requirements; the safest bet is to drink pure water slowly and regularly throughout the day, aiming for 6 - 8 glasses. Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink - if you're feeling thirsty you're already dehydrated. If you're peeing it straight out you know you've had too much.
I'm torn between 2 different naturopaths. One says drink plenty i.e more than 1 litre, the other says if you're having sufficient fruit and vegetables, you should only drink when you're thirsty because the fruit and vegetables contain sufficient water content.
Drink when you're thirsty. I can go nearly all day without drinking. If I force myself to drink more than I'm able to I just throw it up. Not nice!! I lived in Darwin for 7 years and didn't drink anymore then than I do know in Brisbane. My doctors do advise me constantly to drink more, but I find I can only drink cold water from a fridge with some lime or lemon squeezed into it for me to even think about touching it. It also has to be filtered. I can't drink water straight out of the tap anymore and can always taste water that has been given to me out of an unfiltered tap. Gross!! Do what YOU feel you can do, not what everyone else TELLS you to do. Mandy E.
The more, the better. At least 6-8 glasses a day, but as much as 3-4 litres if you can to keep your body functioning at its optimum.
8 glasses - I don't. But I do have that many cups of herbal tea - that sort of counts, doesn't it?
I've always been told that it's 8 glasses of water a day.
Personally...I try to drink between two and three litres daily.
8 glasses. I have a small beaker on the window sill above the tap in the kitchen and everytime I am there I fill it up and take a drink. Its a small cup so I dont feel like I'm swilling down litres at a time as per doctors orders. But I think you can tell when you havent had enough water so when that feeling is there and you top up a little its probably enough. i read an article once that said that you dont have to religously drink those 8 glasses of water. you can get water from other things. fruit, tea etc. just need the liquid and plenty of it. Our girls were taught at school to keep an eye on the colour of their pee to determine if enough water was drunk in a day. not a bad way to get kids to be conscious of good healthy hydration.
I tried to drink 1.5L of water a day. I do count tea, coffee, soft drinks or wines as part of the 'water in-take'.

The best way to know if you drink enough water per day is to use/buy a 1.5L bottle and keep it within your eyesight. That way it will remind you to drink water, plus you know how much you drank at the end of the day
I meant to say I do NOT count tea, coffee, fizzy drinks as part of the water in-take.

Whatever I need so I'm not thirsty!
Drink ice-cold water frequently.
Enjoy 'cuppa', & a 'softie', now & again.
Coffee when out, or fruit juice.
I really think it depends on the individual. I aim for 2 litres and always feel good once I've swallowed, but that's excluding any green or herbal tea I have, so I guess 3 litres a day!
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