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How much do you know about new budget proposed by Federal Government Australia?

by Happy Mom (follow)
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The new budget proposed by the Federal Government in Australia is causing a stirring debate in the nation.

Are you well informed about the changes that are being proposed? How do you keep informed? If you don't agree, how do you voice your concerns?

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Top Answers
I am pretty interested in, and horrified by the budget. Most of the policies disadvantage people that are already struggling. I understand that some cuts might need to be made, but they've done it in the wrong way, and the spending is ridiculous! (eg. Fighter jets)
Depressingly I know a lot. I know they pulled the funding from the World Health Organisation (yay to increased Polio world wide) and from Meals on Wheels (way to go! Who needs a square meal) and that our kids will be paying off their educations for 25 years, and that Medicare will basically cease to exist and we'll have the system America just got rid of, and the Emergency room charges are idiotic and unmanageable. The States are getting all their funding cut so they have to sell off assets and then GST will go up. And pensions are going down, retirement age going up - and God help you if you lose your job because you have to wait 6 months to get the dole, so imagine if you have a family and lose your job. It's not just young people that go on welfare, you know. Seriously, you never should have started me. They are spending money on renovating the Lodge and putting Chaplains in schools, but only Christian chaplains (though I'm guessing 7 Day Adventists won't get a look in - and Muslims and Jewish people can convert, as can atheists). I know the Minister for Women is doing nothing to stop all the funding being pulled from Women's Refuges. So that's great. Great job all rounds.
I have written a number of blog posts, I've promoted the protests and I've written a number of emails to MPs, and signed Getup petitions.
Wow Lydia, hats off to you on all the efforts you are making to voice your opinions. i don't think the budget will get approved as it stands right now.
I hope it doesn't. I am not that personally effected, but I grocery shop for an elderly woman and I see the difference it will make to her (and she doesn't drink or smoke, Joe Hockey, so I'm not sure what she's meant to give up to afford this) and obviously, I am hit by the Super changes and University for kids. The day after the Budget I was so upset for 90% of the population, and disillusioned at what it made us as a Nation. I wrote this (delete if I'm not meant to link it http://pandoraandmax.blogspot.com.au/2014/05/where-have-all-good-guys-gone.html)
Enough to be VERY afraid.
Honestly, nothing but I'm not from, or live in, Australia. However, I would know little more if you asked me about Canada's budget. I tend to ignore politics, because when I see what our governments are doing, I tend to just get angry and there is nothing I can do to change things.
I pretty much do the same.
The current budget is a disgrace. We're paying $245million dollars a year for school chaplains and the Climate Commission and other science bodies have had their funding slashed.
That's nothing compared to the the 98 BILLION spent on war machines for a war that does not exist. At least the Chaplin's may help out the disadvantaged children who require some caring and love.
by kstew
I don't know a lot but to me it sounds like the money could be spent easily in better ways.
I am following the budget debate on television and quite upset about it because as Rachael said, it adversely affects those who are not doing so well. If I was very concerned about a certain aspect of the budget, I would go and talk to the federal MPs of our region.
I read and read and read....on the Internet.
Not any other source.(about 6 hrs a day, I'm looking at things).
P.S....Sorry also ment to say ''I'm NOT Impressed''.
I have voiced my opinion with others.
by jonaja
Enough to know that most people do not read between the lines, and do not understand the horrific deficit that we currently have, and that needs to come down before things will get better.

Those struggling will struggle as before, however rich people will now not get the Seniors handout which is good, and which Labor should never have given to them in the first place.
by Finy
Don't know about that Finy.......in the month of September (7 days ago) Mr Hockey and Mr Abbott are now down-playing the deficit. So I have to wonder, were they telling lies during the election campaign and immediately afterwards. Ergo, I have decided, after listening carefully to the pair of them, that they have been telling a few lies and thus, I immediately put all thought of the two of them out of my mind and out of my life. I can't tolerate liars.
Regarding the money spent on Christian School Chaplains ........ if the money had been spent on breakfast at school (i.e. hot breakfasts prepared by the Christian Chaplains) I would have backed it to the hilt. Apart from that idea, these people fall in the category of "leaners" (that's a Joe Hockey turn of phrase). Everyone knows that kids learn better on a full stomach and those people (chaplains) need the exercise just like everybody else.......so
by fran.
This budget will identity the current government as ruthless bullies and has already generated disrespect for our leaders. They have picked on the old and the disadvantaged and will be remembered for it at the next election. The 58 BILLION DOLLARS spent on jet fighters and infrastructure to support them along with the 40 BILLION dollars spent on submarine equipment should be stopped immediately. We are not at war and have no threat to Australia's coast. This money will be spent fighting in oil rich countries to protect the interests of global corporations. It has nothing to do with the security of this nation. When will we as nation open our eyes and speak out against this waste. If the economy is in such poor condition that we need to abuse our elderly and disadvantaged then we have no money spare for wars that don't exist in our country.
The thing that annoys me the most is that our leaders spend thousands of dollars furnishing their offices, its a disgrace! This budget will severely impact my family as my husband is on disability benefits which they are threatening to cut. The Government label people on benefits as "bludgers" but who in their right mind would choose to stay home and get a measly $500 a fortnight in benefits when they could be earning double that in one week from working!
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