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How many wonders of the world have you personally visited?

by Radhika (follow)
Radhika Ram
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By M - Pics, http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

Do you want to cover all of them? Do you carry fond memories of the ones you have visited?

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Top Answers
Just the Colosseum in Rome. To be honest it's not the most impressive place I have been. As far as old buildings go, Warrick Castle probably left a bigger impression on me. It was worth seeing though.

I'd quite like to see the Great Wall of China, The Taj Mahal and maybe the Chichen Itza one day if I get the chance. I'm not that bothered about the rest of them.
Loved Warwick Castle! When I was there, a display of Costumes from 'Elizabeth 1' TV series, starring Glenda Jackson, was on!
by donjo
I wish you had listed them -do you mean the seven wonders?
I have seen the Grand Canyon which was astonishing, the Great Barrier Reef, also astonishing but in a different way and I think one more, but cannot think of what it is, so guess it did not make such an impression as the other two.
by Finy
Since the picture was of the Great Wall of China I assumed Radhika meant the new seven wonders of the world (the Great Wall of China, the Great Pyramid, the Taj Mahal, the Chichen Itza, Petra, the Colosseum and the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio).
I havent visited any so far.
Just the Great Barrier Reef :)
Yes I do.

There was the time I saw my husband change the babies nappy!
There was the time I saw my son hang out the washing!
There was the time I saw my other son vacuum the carpet!
Now they may not seem like wonders of the world?
But I carry very fond memories, even if I never saw them again?

As for the others.....No
I have been way too busy looking at my own.
I enjoyed your comment. I am still laughing. The picture of the man wearing a gas mask is absolutely priceless!
by janet
I've only seen the Colosseum in Rome. Pretty amazing space to be in. A bit intimidating walking through the "stage" area in the middle.
I haven't visited any.
I have visited the taj in India. Nothing else.
I have visited the taj in India. Nothing else.
I haven't seen any. I feel its a shame to have not even seen the Taj Mahal
Seen the pyramids and the Taj Mahal, wonderful to be able to see them. The Great Wall I believe requires one to be fit with lots of walking so I couldn't do it any more. Would love to see them all and time is running out. If you're going to see the Wonders make sure you are fit and young enough, don't put it off until you retire.
You don't need to be fit to see The Great Wall - they have chairlifts so anyone can walk along the tourist part of it. Highly recommended.
by Lucy
great, thanks for that
by pfuit
Just one- the Taj Mahal.

Absolutely beautiful, everyone needs to go see it at least once in their lifetime.
Only been to the Coloseum. Amazing and I enjoyed it but I've been to Valley of the Temples in Sicily and I had a more incredible experience there. I'd love to see the Great Wall and Peta and the Pyramids. I'm off to Angkor Wat soon, can I count that?
I've seen the Grand Canyon as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. That's it.
I've been to/seen:
-Igazu Falls on the borders of Argentina&Brasil /Corcovado-Rio de Janeiro,
Manchu Pichu in Peru/ Niagara Falls on the border of USA&Cananda / Death Valley in USA/Hoover Dam in Nevada USA/the Grand Canon/ in USA/the tower of Pisa /Colloseum /the Grotto at the Island of Capri in Italy/ Pompei in Italy/Venice in Italy/the Vatican in Rome/the Eifel tower in Paris/Barrier Reef in Australia/ the snow monkeys-in Japan-they love to sit in the Onsen/the Article Circle in Norway/Stonehenge in England/ the London Eye in London/ Milford sound in New Zealand/ Petrona Towers in Malaysia/101 building in Taiwan/Hermitage museum in St.Petersburg/ the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam-Netherlands.

You must be a Travel Agent!
by donjo
From the new list, I have seen Chichen Itza and the Colosseum. Chichen Itza was very impressive, and it holds fond memories for me because it was during my honeymoon, however, having spent some time in Belize and Guatemala there are equally as impressive mayan temples there too. Similar with the Colosseum, it's a great building to visit, and I enjoyed the history of Rome, but I saw an equally impressive stadium when I visited Nimes in France. I'd like to see more of the wonders of the world, but for me I find wonder in many things that aren't on the list, and some of the less popular slightly more rustic sights to behold in the world (perhaps less trendy), are just as wondrous.
pyramids and Petra were amazing

Just one .But surely will try to visit as many as I can with my family.
Went last year saw The Great Wall and counting 5
I have visited The Great Wall of China in every season. Very lucky to be a student in Beijing for a year. It is stunning in Autumn with all the red/yellow leaves around the country side, but I loved seeing it most covered in snow in winter. Some parts are quite accessible and some parts are crumbling and remote (in answer to pfuit's comment), so fitness is not an issue if you really want to see it.
by Lucy
The Pyramids, & the Grand Canyon, flew over it. What an experience, & landing at its' Airport!

A 'nearly made it' one on the list was Teotihuacan, talk about impressive! Have been there, Xochomilco, & Tenochtichlan.
I haven't seen any. I am sure it would make for an exciting travel experience though.
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