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How many TVs are in your home?

by chipp (follow)
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Tv, how many

We removed the TV from our home and have been TV free for about 3 months. Do you have a TV in your home, and if so how many?

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Top Answers
We have 3 TVs. One in the living room, which has cable, and my dad uses, and two small freeview telly's in my mum's and my bedroom. None of us can stand each other's tv interests. At the moment, my mum can't use her tv, and my parents are driving each other stir crazy with their viewing habits.
We do not have a TV as per say, however the TV is now used on occasion to watch TV. We have one video TV in the house.
Sorry typo in above. That is to watch videos on occasions not TV!
by chipp
We have one, and it's one too many in my opinion, but sadly I don't live alone...
I never had a TV and my children, now adults have many times told me that they notice the difference in their attitudes towards things. They have not been 'programmed' by advertising. They see things in an unbiased way and their concentration levels are way, way better than theur contemporaries. We have always found many other things to do with our time but that doesn't mean I blame people for just wanting to flop in front of the telly after a hard day. I can relax better with a book. We're all different.
Just one, in the living room. My daughter watches kids' shows but we mainly use it to watch dvds.
Zero :) I'm keeping it that way. If I had one I'd not be productive with my work, and would spend way too much 'couch potato' time.
We have one and it's in the basement. Whenever we watch TV, it's actually on our mac computer.
Only one for us, and it only goes on once
a week for the kids on their special movie
night. They were turning into zombies
glued to the television before that. Now
they play a lot more and creativity has
crept back in.
Hi Sarah, yes our kids were doing the same. It is amazing how TV can really wreck things. Our kids are doing the same.
by chipp
We have zero TV's in our house, and like it that way. We find we have more quality family time now!
I have one TV, but use it for videos only!
We have quite a lot. There two for the whole family to share (one with pay TV and one set up for movies or DVDs). There's also TVs in most of the bedrooms, which are used for watching DVDs.

But despite having so many (often they came from family and friends - we didn't go buy this may) most of us don't actually watch TV that much. We'll flick it on if we're eating lunch at home, and Dad watches it to wind down after work, but the rest of the time, we do other stuff.
I have 2. I could not live with out tv, don't know why you people who dont have tv feel so pretentious about it. And I also don't understand what you do with out it.
One for comfy lounge viewing, and one to keep me informed as I work in the kitchen. At the moment the kitchen one is burbling on to keep me company while I attend to Answer Angels.
We have 3 in our house, but the one in our bedroom is rarely used. I personally couldn't live without my tvs and my shows. We also have 2 Tivos, which I couldn't live without know because so many of my favourite shows are on at the same time. It drives my family nuts that I can spend so much time watching TV, but that's my relaxation time. I watch pretty well anything (except crap like Big Brother!!! Can't stand it!!). I learn alot from watching TV, especially news, current affairs, docos etc. I agreed with lbowd. Why do people who don't want or have tvs in their homes so pretentious and righteous about their decision not to have one. That's their choice and I respect that and they should respect my choice for having them and enjoying them. Mandy E.
5 Tvs. Two in 2 bedrooms (42in), one (42in) in rumpus, one (27in) in kitchen and one (60in) in loungeroom. The kitchen one is placed opposite the bench where I prep food, so even if I'm cooking up a storm for hours, I can watch shows or news. All of our children are now adults, I don't believe in putting tv's in kids rooms. My husband and I enjoy every night catching up on our shows. That's our time. Btw, I grew up with no tv till I was 12.
2. One in the lounge and one in the rumpus room. Tv isn't our problem tho - it's the laptop/phone/ipad etc.
We have two but only ever use one...
Two TVs that are rarely used. Only because everyone seems to be watching what they want on their computers and tablets or on their phones!
We have 1 TV. I can't imagine living in a house were everyone is siting in different rooms alone, watching different programs. It all sounds a bit dysfunctional to me
Three. One for each member of the household. It's pretty disgusting to be honest. I only watch two half hour shows a day though. I always hoped to have no televisions. Maybe when we get our own place...
by Vee
Yes. But don't use it much
We have only one TV permitted in our house. And I think that's a good thing - until we want to watch different things at night!
Only one but sometimes I wish it was at 0.
by Gia
We have one television set but haven't watched television channels in months. I use the television to view a DVD now and then.
My guess would be that there is currently 5 tvs connected here aha, too many people here.
We have one, in the living room. But I could totally live without it.
We have two. One in the kitchen and one in the lounge. I watch far too much tv when my favourite shows are on. Most nights there will be something I like to watch. I sometimes put it on while I have my lunch. TV puts me to sleep and I don't think I would ever need sleeping tablets if I have a tv. During the Christmas period when my shows have ended I don't miss the tv at all.
We've always only had 1TV in our house. My mother on the other hand, didn't have a TV until her 4 children bought her 1 for her 70th birthday!!! It was just 1 of those little ones that sat on a table. Even then she hardly ever looked at anything on it, & if she did it was only on the ABC.
by Miro
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