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How many Shakespeare texts have you read/studied?

by Dilara (follow)
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Hamlet analysis

Which Shakespeare plays have you read? Do you have a favourite?

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Top Answers
I have read a few and I love Shakespeare. I did English and English Lit. in Year 11 and 12 so I did quite a few. I don't remember all the text and passages like some can, but recall the storylines. I did Merchant of Venice, Twelfth Night, Macbeth and Richard the Third. My kids also did Richard the Third. I'm sure Shakespeare would be chuffed that we are still studying his texts some 400 years later.
Several - we HAD to do it at school and I hate it.
by Finy
Lots. I love Shakespeare and can still quote long passages learned many years ago. Possibly my favourite is Twelfth Night although I love The Taming of the Shrew and The Merry Wives of Windsor and A Midsummer Night's Dream and Julius Caesar. Oh bother, I guess I have lots of favourites. I still have my single Shakespeare plays as well as my brother's copies and also the complete works in hard copy and on Kindle. Macbeth, Othello . . . there I go again. Malvolio's a peg o' ramsey and three merry men are we. ^_^
by Rice
Rice - we may have gone to the same school !!
Having studied Drama and English (and being an ex Drama teacher) Shakespeare was a bit part of the curriculum. Even some of the dance works I did were entwined with Shakespeare.

My all time favourite is The Comedy of Errors. I loved it so much it became one of my key exam pieces in high school.

There is a long list (not all of which I've read or can remember) but the most memorable would have to be; Midsummer night's dream, Taming of the shrew, 12th Night, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and Winter's Tale.
Woohoo!! Lovely to hear that. Yay for us. Long may Shakepeare be read and enjoyed. :-)))))
by Rice
I'm not sure, maybe 10. My favourite of the comedies is Much Ado About Nothing. Of the tragedies, probably Macbeth.
I have read most, and love all.
All the Shakespeare plays I've read/studied were when I was at school:

1. Anthony and Cleopatra Year 8
2. Macbeth - Year 9
3. A Midsummer Night's Dream - Year 10
4. King Lear - Year 12
5. Hamlet - Year 13

My favourite is Hamlet, although my favourite character is Goneral from King Lear. I have also seen the Three Henry/Richard plays on TV, but not read them.
by donjo
by donjo
You really don't need to point out every single typo other users make. It's not as if your own spelling and grammar is perfect.
Thanks Jennifer. It was my stupid autocorrect again. I used the right spellings and then without my noticing it added an 'h' and swapped an 'I' for an 'a'. It is really irritating.
Autocorrect is so annoying!
It could have been worse, Bryony, you could have ended up with gonads or gonorrhea. Haha! I sometimes read the pages of autocorrect fails on the net and quite honestly, I have had to stop for fear of hurting something. I laugh so much I end up crying.
by Rice
Haha! At least they provide some enjoyment.
Well, Jennifer, as usual, you're so VERY wrong!
Jealousy rearing its' ugly head with you, yet again, about MY comment/s?

At least I bother to READ my comments, before hitting 'submit', to ensure all is 'correct'......unlike some!
by donjo
I'm not sure what you think I'm jealous of. People make mistakes sometimes, you included. It's ironic when you make mistakes (read over that last comment lol) while commenting about how you are supposedly more careful about it than others. People in glass houses and all that.
Too long is my 'reading' list............
Above photo is of a well-studied text of 'Hamlet'........

Studied, at School:
'Julius Caesar'
'Twelfth Night'

Studied, for 'Speech & Drama':
'King Lear'

'Studied' for Enjoyment, or seen as Film, on TV, or on Stage:
'Titus Andronicus'
'The Tempest'
'King Lear'
RSC, 'The Wars of the Roses' Plays' compilation.
'The Taming of the Shrew'
'The Merry Wives' of Windsor'
'Much Ado About Nothing'

Have 'Macbeth' as LP Records, with various RSC actors', & actresses', from the mid-'60's.

Have much preferred the 'Tragedies', or the 'Historical' ones', rather than the 'Comedies'.

My 'all time fave' is:


It's got everything one would ever want in a 'Play', and, of course, 'the play's the thing'!

Just love Shakespeare, & have never found it 'difficult' to study, read, or just plain ENJOY!

P.S. Oops!
Forgot the fabulous Franco Zefferelli1968 film, 'Romeo & Juliet'; beautiful Soundtrack, too!

And have seen 'The Hollow Crown', on stage twice, here, with Sir Michael Redgrave, & a very young Derek Jacobi.
Last time was with Sir Derek Jacobi, Sir Donald Sinden, Dame Diana Rigg, & Ian Richardson.

Will see any 'Tragedy', or 'Historical' Play, on stage, at every opportunity!
by donjo
I have read and studied:

Romeo and Juliet
King Lear
Julius Caesar
Antony and Cleopatra

I enjoyed them all, though Hamlet drove me mad. If I had to name a favourite, it would be...Othello. I think.
by Vee
I have now been inspired to download seven of my favourite plays, on audiobook, to my Kindle so that I can listen to them in bed. (Fine English actors reading the parts too.) They worked out at approximately $6.50 each. Nice. Thanks Dilara and you too, Annalisa :-)
by Rice
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