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How many rubbish bins does your council provide you with?

by Finy (follow)
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How many rubbish bins does your council provide you with?

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Top Answers
since I moved from the country, we have had only one rubbish bin.
In the Council's "wisdom", they are about to provide us with 3!

As I have a problem even half filling one, I doubt if I will use the others as rarely have glass, have one paper a week so the extra two will virtually remain empty most of the time.

Also they look horrible outside people's places with 3 bins!
by Finy
Do you not recycle cardboard boxes (eg. from cereal etc)? I find they make up a fair bit of our recycling.
I have a normal household wast one and a yellow-lidded one for recyclable rubbish. I live alone so this is more than plenty for me!! I do not have enormous amounts of any type of rubbish and often allow my neighbours to fill my bins if they need the room!!
We have three - recycle, green and general rubbish. You know it's interesting we fill all these. When I was young we only had a smsller galvanised iron bin. We didn't need a recycle bin because we reused everything we could. We used to crush paper into briquettes to burn in the fire. We didn't need a green bin because we made compost. Every bag and every piece of string was saved for later.
Exactly :-)
by Rice
The council provides us with a general waste bin and a recyclables bin. Householders can buy a green bin for garden waste and organic matter if they wish to. I have bought one and use it regularly.
Great question. Our council provides us with three bins for general waste, recyclables, and organic matter.
by Vee
2 only for me & my son.
One for household waste....one for garden waste.

One of my sons has
4 green waste.
4 for household .
3 for paper recycle.

They have a normal home, but a big lot of garden, plus he runs his work from home, so when it comes time to put out the bins, you would think it is for a complex!!

It looks just like in my pic....lol

I have once seen 8 bins out at one time.

They have to pay for the extra bins, in their rates so his bill is not cheap.
Two. One for general waste and one for recycling. You can get a green waste one as well by paying a bit extra.
Two, yellow and green...ie recycle and rubbish
by Fran
Got the general rubbish and recycling in Frankston, Vic, however we have to pay for a green waste bin and tenants apparently can't pay for it, and none of the landlords in my block of units can agree on who will pay, as council rules decree the bin has to be numbered to an individual unit. So we go without a green waste bin.
Two. Rubbish & Recycling.
That's enough to have to drag out to street level & 'position' for truck, every week!
Two bins like most of you. I wish the MCC would supply a green bin though. We inner city residents have no extra means for disposing of our garden waste, and even tho some are small gardens we still have to get rid of our weeds, clippings and trimmings too... must investigate this again hummmm
We receive 3 from our council. We only have 1 plastic bag of rubbish per week, for the small red lidded bin.
We have 2 large green ones, that I fill both of, once a fortnight, (we didn’t have to pay anything for the 2nd green bin, from our council in Sydney, NSW, & we usually fill the yellow lidded recycling bin, once a fortnight. We also have a 2nd yellow lidded bin, in case we needed it, which was also free from our council. All food scrapes go into our compost, except meat rubbish. And all the fat from the meat, which I cut off, pre cooked, we feed to the fish in the river! It’s also ok to fish the fish cooked meat, if we have some we’re throwing out, which is hardly ever!
PS: We now have a 3rd green Council bin, free of change, which is nearly filled every fortnight, as we have a LOT of gums trees around our house, which are always shredding bark, leaves, & twigs every day, & sometimes also small branches even fall off!,
by Miro
The Council provides us with two Bins, one Bin is for recyclable rubbish (cardboard paper plastic etc.) and the other is for Household Rubbish (non recyclable. The recyclable bin being emptied every fortnight.
2 1/2. I have a recycling and regular bin. I share my neighbours green bin and she often uses my bins - even with 2 of us, we can't fill one bin.
Three bins, rubbish small bin recycle big bin and green waste small bin
Only two bins in the ACT. They are a very mean with their bins here, we should get three bins, with the extra one being for our garden waste.
The council provides two bins - one for general waste and the other for recyclables. You can also pay for an extra "green" bin which I have done as it gets rid of all the garden waste, leaves and, particularly in Queensland, palm fronds!
One green for general waste. One yellow lidded for recyclables. My bins are never fully loaded and sometimes the green bin has only one small bag in it.
by Rice
We have 2 provided by Ipswich city council - general and recycle. We can pay extra and have a third bin for green waste.
Our local council provides us with 2 bins, one for general waste and the other for recycling products. Council does random spot checks of the recycling bins to ensure the appropriate waste is in the correct bins and I was happy to see that our bin was one of the few in the street which received a congratulatory sticker across the bin lid for proper recycling.
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