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How many nights do you wear your pyjamas before washing them?

by Finy (follow)
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how,often,do you,wear,your,pyjamas
Dash and Bonnie

How often do you wear your night attire before washing it?

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Top Answers
I rarely wash my dogs as I only have one pair each and in winter they would take too long to dry and they would get cold as I would not put them in a dryer.

My own nightie which I often take off in the middle of the night as I get hot, I wash once a week, Pyjamas, if I wore them, I would wash more often!
by Finy
I wouldn't put my dog in the dryer either Finny. ;-)
by annfi
haha, yes perhaps I DID word that wrong!
by Finy
Aaaaahhhh! Finy.......!
The case of the 'misplaced phrase' strikes again! Lol

Geesh, I'd REALLY hate to be a 'newbie' here, & have to LEARN to speak, write, & read ENGLISH!
It's such an amalgam of ancient languages', thereby steeped in History!

I will possibly join my local TAFE, to help those folk learning it, as I just LOVE our language, & have always found it so fascinating!

I suppose that comes from an Education where Parsing, Analysis,Dictation, Spelling, Prefixes, & Suffixes', & of course, Latin, & Greek roots were the norm!
by donjo
But not Use of Capital Letters and 'punctuation' lol.
Prefer "au naturel" in bed - more comfortable and lets skin breathe. In winter if we have an exceptionally cold night I wear one of my husband's t-shirts, although I have an electric blanket which keeps me warm. As the t-shirt is not worn every night I wash it after each wear.
I second that nudity, er, motion. ^_^
by Rice
I just wear large comfy T-shirts to sleep in! Depending on the temperature during the night,and how hot I have been,I will wear the same one either once or twice before washing it.
I wear a nightie to bed at night. I wash it every second day. I tend to sweat a lot in bed, so wouldn't wear night clothes that smelt of sweat for longer than a couple of days. I am not the only one sleeping in my bed, so I have to consider my husband. Sweaty, smelly nighties are NOT sexy either.
Once (or twice max.)

I have to have clean PJ's going to bed.

We sweat a lot in bed, and that makes me feel yucky, I just hate it....So in the wash they go, plus I have heaps of PJ's
I don't wear Pajamas anymore. However, when I use to, I wouldn't wear them more than twice.
I like wearing fresh pj's every night. A clean fresh bed and clean pj's go very well together.
amen!....lol I agree :)
by jonaja
I seldomly wear pajamas . When I do I wear them only once or twice depending if I have been perspiring in the night.
I've beautiful sets' of silk PJ's I wear when staying at an Hotel.
Less scary for a maid to find if I've 'fallen off this mortal coil', during the night!

As with ALL my clothes', worn once, then washed, or dry-cleaned, whichever required.

I don't perspire, I 'sweat' like a 'horse', in all weathers'. I just can't abide 'smelly' clothes.

LOL donjo -that is the onl reason I wear something as think - what if I die in the night and they find me with nothing on - yeeks! I actually do not like wearing anything to bed.
by Finy
Well I only wear a T shirt to bed. However, I have to wear that said T shirt because if a murderer decides I am to be his/her victim, I would hate to have the police find me dead AND naked. Of course, I don't wear anything on the bottom, so I will have to rethink all of this, as if I do get murdered in my sleep, the bottom half has to be a priority.
by fran.
I wear mine for the week, unless it's hot weather, I wear something very light.
Diana - seems you and are are the only ones who wear them longer than a few nights - we must be the clean ones!!!
by Finy
Approx. 3 times sooner if it has been a hot steamy night.
I don't wear pj's or anything else as I prefer my body to breathe. If I did wear them I would think it would depend on how much you perspire or sweat.
Well.. two or three, depending on the weather and how I feel!
I wash my pjs a week, same as the sheets, except sometimes in the summer if it's really hot then I might change them more often.
In winter I wear a long T shirt. They are cotton and they are cheap and they are probably a T shirt meant for a male. Because they are so cheap, I wear a clean one every night, because I have about 8 of them. In summer I wear lighter ones, still cotton, still big and still probably meant for a male.
I have to have a clean T shirt every night. I don't wear anything at all on the bottom.
I do this because I sleep with my husband and I have to consider him.
Shower every night before bed and clean T shirt on every night.
I wear mine for a week, whatever I were to bed. Weekly suits me as I shower daily. Sleep alone these days so find comfort in bed clothes, besides don't want to scare the house mate LOl!
I sleep alone, wear my pj's for a week in winter, changing them on the day I change my sheets. In summer I wear nighties mostly. I shower once a day if I'm staying home, or twice a day, if I'm going out for the day. In summer, if I'm staying home & I'm really hot during the day, I'll have 2 or 3 very quick cold showers, to cool me down.
by Miro
"Showers weren't the question, pjs were!" Some may say, when they saw my reply!
by Miro
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