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How many eggs do you eat in an average week?

by Finy (follow)
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How many eggs would you eat in a week, including those you use in cooking?

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Top Answers
I would probably have just one for breakfast and one on my "diet" day, and perhaps I would use two a week for cooking, which makes a total of 4, though somehow I seem to get through more than 4 a week, even taking into account that I give the dogs one a week!
I get my eggs from my kids who have chickens and they are so nice and freshly laid too!~
by Finy
On average one each morning in a sandwich. I like fried eggs or omelette.
I might not even have an egg at all some weeks and then I have them three days in a row maybe. Crazy. Must be my body telling me when it needs protein.
by Rice
No Rice, I thought it was going to taste awful, but even my husband enjoyed it, & it's so easy to make as very quick dinner, instead of buying takeaway, I don't mind making it, if we've just arrived home late from Melbourne or a day out.
by Miro
Only 2-3 that's the limit.
I try not to overdo anything with them, they are amazing, but one has to watch the amount.

At a pinch, if I need to make something in a hurry, I will use 1 and then say 2 whites to make up the difference, for a omelette.
There is no average week at our place !!! I would have to say about 3, but some weeks it can be a lot more, depending on what we eat. We don't have them for breakfast at all, except maybe once a month for a treat. We do go through the eggs quite often, and it doesn't take long before they need replacing. When we have my zucchini slice, that uses 5 eggs for one meal, so it does vary a lot. I don't think I would use enough eggs to warrant getting chickens
Including cooking 2-4... but our household goes through at least 1 1/2 dozen.
Maybe 2 a week.
by AJ
Two days a week, I will treat myself to an egg.
(Monday/ Saturday)
We have chooks so sometimes eat a lot and other times we go off them a bit. Probably 3 or 4 a week average. I had been hoarding eggs as my chooks went off the lay last winter and we had no eggs. At the moment we have a lot in reserve so I will have to start cooking.
Depends on how much I cook during the week. Most cakes take 2 eggs and I'd have 2 soft boiled eggs some mornings and 2 in my scrambled eggs. Then if I feel like an egg sandwich there would be 2 in the mix. So my answer would be up to a dozen per week.
Isn't it weird how some weeks you can use a dozen and some weeks there will be a nearly full carton in the fridge? :-))
by Rice
We'd have 2 or 3 a week & 1 in my pancakes, if I'm going to be making pancakes. I don't ever cook cakes nor biscuits. I'll usually have my egg for lunch, as I enjoy my cereal for breakfast. I know it's now very safe these days to eat 1 eat a day. Other times if we return home late from an outing, or from a Melbourne trip, I'll make an omelette with lots of veggies & grated cheese, or we'll have egg n bacon on top of baked beans on toast, which may not sound every nice, but I found the recipe on...'Recipe Yum' but it was lovely!
by Miro
Eeee, baked beans wi' an egg on top . . .breakfast o' champions oop north where ah coom from. LOL
by Rice
Daily on doctors orders.
Oh, why is it never chocolate on doctor's orders? . . . . . . :(
by Rice
Ha ha ha! I did joke with my specialist that they should replace my dodgy blood with red wine. He thought advances in medicine may permit one day...
by Naomi
It really depends on the week I'm having. Sometimes, I would have an egg every other day. Other times, I would have none.
by Vee
I actually don't eat many eggs,unless I use them in a recipie, I have chickens, and I give the eggs to family members.
Lots! and now that dr's are 2 a day every day of the week is fine I'm not holding back. I love poached eggs and my current favourite is dippy eggs with soldiers
2 eggs once per week. Soft boiled with salt and lots of pepper and toast soldiers. My comfort food.
I myself eat one boiled egg a day for breakfast, then depends on what I am cooking the rest of the week
one egg monday, one egg Wednesday and one egg sunday to be eat in a week

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