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How many Christmas cards will you POST this year?

by Finy (follow)
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How many Christmas cards will you actually send by post this year?

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Top Answers
I don't think I will be posting any this year.

I sent very few last year and this year if I receive some, I probably will not send back, depending on who the person is. I may send some online as I pay for a site to send cards.

I always keep a pack in the drawer just in case I have to though
by Finy
I subscribe to
I might snail mail three or four but Jacquie's cards are so beautiful and interactive, I couldn't do better.
by Rice
I send out about 55 cards per year. My husbands family is a lot larger than mine, plus we have a lot of friends. We seem to make new friends each year, too, so there might be a few extras. It is always nice to receive a handwritten card in the mail, but you have to write them to get them. I get really excited each December, as I go to the mail box, and see how many Christmas cards we have received.
In all honesty ZERO.
I haven't send cards for a long long time probably around the same time that internet and Facebook became du jour to communicate. Sad but alas very true! Family and friends get one big cheer from me via FB while immediate family will receive a phone call.
I will send maybe 3 to 4.

I always send my cousin in England one.
And a couple of old ladies from church I know here.

I love cards, but for Christmas I draw the line, due to the effect it 'can have' on our world with it having to be man-handled, petrol for delivery and the rest.

I think if we all made our 'own' in a email with a nice pic....would be far far better.

That is what I do, and it can be so much more personal and fun!
Ooooh. Naughty Santa. No room on his lap for children now :(
by Rice
by jonaja
I wouldn't know how to make an email card, nor to add a picture.in an email, so it will still have to be via postman I'm afraid, jonaj That's why I don't have a photo of myself on these Angel Answers or Facebook. (I don't 'do' Facebook, but some of my friends ones come to me via an email sometimes, so I see them that way!)
by Miro
Probably none.
I send through the post only to family members and my overseas friends.It is always a thrill when something arrives with stamps from another country!! But at $2.55 international card rate,it soon becomes quite a costly exercise!! Maybe 10 in total this year..... I hand deliver to my friends here where I live.I used to make all of my own cards but I find this harder to do all the time now with hands which do not want to do what the brain tells them to!! I just do not seem to be able to find bought cards which say exactly what I wish to get across,so I do still make an effort to create though! I have relented in the past couple of years and sent Festive Wishes via the Internet to some of my computer-savvy friends ,and they seem to be quite content with these.
I have sent out about 20. There are two more I'd like to send out, but I don't have addresses for these people. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.
by Vee
Postage is going up to a dollar. That will make Christmas stamps a joke as they will be the cost that regular postage used to be. It's e-cards for me and a (very) few snail mail. It's a great shame as I think Christmas cards are just delightful. We used to string them up over the hearth. *beautiful*
by Rice
Hi Rice, You can use the seniors 70 cent stamps on your Christmas cards, but only if your a senior of cause! You can enquire about the senior stamps, at your local post office.
by Miro
Rice, I think 1 can still send Xmas cards for the old price of 60 or 65 cents. I used to hang my cards over a piece of string, along a wooden beam in the middle of our lounge room, but it meant always having to stand on a chair to do that. I'd leave them up there for about 4 months, (because I loved looking at them,) or until our birthday cards came in, at the end of March, & the middle of April!
by Miro
I usually post about a dozen cards to friends and family in the UK and USA each year. I also post about 12/15 in Australia. The rest I hand deliver where possible. I don't think e-cards can replace having an actual card, although I have used them on occasion. I like to see the variety of cards decorating my hutch at Christmas time.
As I don’t know how to send e-cards, I’ll be posting out 24-27 cards this year, as I do every year. When the cards come in, I blu-tak them around the wooden kitchen door frame!
Oooh. I love the door frame idea :-))
by Rice
Haha. I used to leave mine up for months too! The other thing is, though, it is getting harder to find really nice Christmas cards. Aldi did have some really nice ones last year. I must look into the price of the stamps as I have a pension card . . . which I forgot!! LOL. If they are cheaper and I only want to send a few, then it's not going to break the bank :-)
by Rice
I haven't posted Xmas Cards for years!
Got too expensive in every way.
None. I don't send Christmas cards.
by AJ
I'll still be posting 24-30 this year, until the boxes of cards I have, run out, but I may have passed away before then! 1/2 dozen of them I hand make, for my parents friends, but of cause, there's not many of them left now, so I've stated making them for my sisters as well, even though I never receive cards from them!
by Miro
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