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How far are you from your family?

by VerityG (follow)
A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
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I currently live in a different country to my family.... we're moving back in a month's time but even then we will be at least 4 hours drive from my parents. We spend a lot of time on the phone and Skype!

How far away do you live from your family and do you wish you could be closer or further away?

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Top Answers
I went to Whereis.com and discovered that from my front door to my father's front door it is 1667.7km and in current traffic conditions that's 34hrs. I'm not quite sure how traffic conditions affect Bass Strait though…..

I was worried when I left Sydney and embarked upon our Tasmanian adventure but now I think it's the best thing we ever did! I do worry about my elderly father being so far away though.
I am very close to my family - only a ten minute drive. And I'd like to keep it that way!
I was born in the UK and still have family out there, but thankfully my parents now live in Australia too. My sister still lives in the UK but is currently spending some time in Australia but I know when she returns I will miss her so much. I love living in Australia, but I have always known it is at a cost of spending time with much loved family and friends. I do think Skype and instant messaging has helped with communication. When I went travelling about 10 years ago, keeping in touch was much harder, and I was constantly searching for internet cafes in far flung places. It is a lot more convenient now.
For some reason I always thought you were from the US. Weird!
I love in Melbourne and my family are all in New York. Sometimes it's really hard being so far away and only seeing them once every 12-18 months, but sometimes admittedly, it's nice being away too. Facebook definitely helps!
by Gwen
My immediate family are 20 mins away.Along with Grandchildren.
My Brother and his family are in Queensland.Have been for the last 28-30 years.
I am a huge believer in family being close.Never understood 'why' people leave and go half way around the world.
I was told at the age of 9 that I would be leaving all my family, grandparents, aunt's and even my Father.Never to see them ever again.

It had a long time lasting effect, I always felt like an orphan.I came to this country with only my Mother, until my brother and his wife and 2 children came.
Family are important, unless you have one that would best be far far away..
In that case you do what you have too.
On a positive, I love Australia and have never gone back to where I was born.
That would have been tough. Where were you born?
What a traumatic experience that must have been for you!
Sometimes though, people move because they don't really have a choice. We were moved abroad by my husband's company and it was either move or look for another job.... in a recession when there were no jobs available.
Yep...born in England.
by jonaja
Fortunately my Mum and Dad live pretty close by so we see them often when they're not off travelling. My cousins, aunts and uncles are mostly scattered all over the globe these days, with only a few still in Brisbane.
We've been away from home for nearly 6 years now. We were moved by my husband's company rather than because we were looking to live somewhere different.... having said that, neither my husband nor I were particularly close to family before as unless you grow up in a big city there are often no jobs available close to where your family is. It wasn't too bad until we had our son then I really missed my parents.
After we move home, I going to try to persuade them to move closer to us, partly so my son can get to know his grandparents better and partly so that I can keep an eye on them as they get older and infirmer! We need to cherish every minute we are given together.
My side of the family all live in the same city and are really only a 10 - 15 minute drive away, which is how I like it! On the other hand my husband's family is scattered, some a 2 hour drive away, some a 45 minute drive and then a 15 minute ferry trip away and some are on the other side of the world, in England!
My family is 5 minutes down the road.
by Vee
I was about as far as Darwin to Perth from one son however they are moving back to Perth currently, so I will be about 30 minutes drive.

My other daughter in law is round the corner as is my granddaughter.

I am glad my son is moving back to Perth as he is now my only natural child left so will be happy to be closer to him and his family. I am lucky I have two wonderful daughters in law.
by Finy
I live in Melbourne, my family in New Jersey, USA. That's about 24 hours by flight. Too far.
I'm not far away from my family at all. I live with my wife and kids. I don't know how i would live without them. However i live four hours away from my mom and brothers.
Some are on the opposite side of the globe, some scattered across Australia and some very close by - a good mixture really.
by Lucy
All my extended family live In the UK. I live here with my husband and son in Sydney. Our youngest daughter is in the Gold Coast at Uni and our eldest daughter moves back to UK in December. I very much want to go home but am very torn now between my daughters and what's best for my son.
Was more than 10 hours flying time away for 14 years but now just a few minutes drive away. A big change but now enjoying being close to ageing parents and to both my daughters. Skype etc is wonderful for bringing families together where ever you are. Dont let the distance get you down just think about means of getting together. In those 14 years away I think we probably saw more of my parents than my siblings living a few suburbs away. Distance is all in the head.....
I have five children, one never talks, one is in prison, one loves motorbikes and one is pretty good towards me. Don't know abut the fifth. Must have lost that one.
Some (by marriage) are in another City. Some are closer. No problems with any of them. Glad to see them when I can. In laws are dead, thank goodness. They both were very unkind to me.

My sister's an hour away, so's a couple of her children. Way too close, IMO.
I don't live too far from my family, I'm sort of in the middle, and my brother's are in two total different directions, and my mum isn't that far from me, and dad passed away last year in the nursing home.
2500 km away. I live in another country. I would love to be able to move back someday.
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