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How do you talk to someone who won't listen?

by Vee (follow)
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How do you talk to someone who won't listen?

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Top Answers
You can't. The result is always the same - frustration for you and the same level of wanton misunderstanding on the part of the person you are trying to talk to. Write it all down, give it to them, walk away, wash your hands of it. They get off on their own attitude anyway, so don't pander to them.
by Rice

Quick way to get someones attention:
Tell them: ''When your willing to be quite and listen''.

Walk away, and leave it.
Could take an hour
a day
a week
a year..........people will only listen when they want.

Or if urgent:
Write them, and post it....By the way there are people who also run away from the truth.

Run away from someone else being right, and also some just love to be a full -out pain, for attention seeking.

The best advice, do not let them feel they have upset you.
You don't. Letthrm be if you can. Othrrwise , write a note . They may take greater notice when you are not bantering with each other. Also,
My dad is like that. He can be really annoying. I don't know why mum married him. He is not a very good communicator when he is in one of his moods. He won't talk to anyone. He just clams up if he is angry or has had an argument with mum. Mum and I have our own way of communicating with him when he is like this. We just talk about him and his behaviour and talk about our point of view together. We know he won't be able to talk back because he is so stubborn. He can hear what we are saying. He thinks about it, because he can obviously hear us. Usually he comes around to our way of thinking, unless he feels very strongly about the issue.
Us women have our ways don't we :)
by jonaja
I've had to leave a church because of someone who wouldn't listen to what I said about my diet/eating habits etc. She decided (and talked about it in front of others, convinced I have a problem) that I'm either anorexic, because I don't eat (not true - I just have a limited diet so can't always eat when out) and also announced my general health issues at announcements time at the end of the service one week.
VERY un-Christian. I'm sorry you have had to be on the receiving end of such treatment.
by Rice
The vicar's wife too - no less, not just a regular person. A friend who spoke to the vicar about it thinks this wife wants to try and fix people - but the problem is I don't need fixing, just some understanding at times.
by amanda
What a busybody. The vicar needs to remind her of certain tenets of their faith, methinks. Of course, you are left not wanting to confide in people now for fear of being misunderstood. :((
by Rice
amanda, I'm sorry too that you've been at the receiving end of this. It seems the vicar's wife is not well acquainted with John 15:12.
by Vee
Walk away to retain your sanity. As my late mother used to say "there are none so blind as those who don't want to see". This applies equally to hearing what one has to say.
I have a friend whose hearing is declining. She is someone always in a hurry , full of nervous energy and fiercely independent. Without hearing loss she was not the best listener as she was always too hurried to listen. Instead of asking me to repeat something she decides what it was I said. I have become very careful to communicate clearly and quickly with her, but find she will talk over me assuming what I am saying. I have accompanied her when the Dr has given her instructions and she does not hear what I hear so is glad I am there to help her get it right. It is very frustrating for both of us. I just persevere as she is becoming increasingly isolated.
You're a good friend, annfi.
by Vee
That is kind. Thank you Vee.
by annfi
I think that's a difficult one, they wouldn't allow you to put in a word edge wise,I don't think I would have the patience.
If it's a close friend or family member, accept that that's the way they are. You won't be able to change them. Lean on others who are better listeners.

When you really need to get a message across don't worry about being subtle or gentle. Spell it out clearly, several times if needed.
You don't as if someone wont listen, how can you talk to them!
by Finy
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