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How do you like your eggs?

by Vee (follow)
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Attribution: MGDboston, morguefile.com

Eggs are very versatile. You can have them poached, scrambled, sunny-side up, boiled (hard or soft), in an omelette, baked, in a cake, and the list goes on.

How do you like your eggs?

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Top Answers
I like them in all different ways except the ones in which it is over cooked and you can't even taste the yolk or whites properly.

Sometimes I make scrambled eggs , adding 2-3 tbsp of milk while beating them. They turn out really nice and fluffy.

Or I just boil them for exact 4 or 4.5 minutes and then just take the top off and dip bread sticks in it to eat like the picture.

And I love poached eggs too. Egg sandwiches with avocado are super healthy and tasty.

Time to make some now, you are making me drool, LOL
by BK
I'm with you exactly! :)
by jonaja
Hi kabhi, the above photo is of 'Egg & Soldiers'! Lol!
by donjo
Normally I like them scrambled on toast with vegemite, or in an omelette, but this morning I had one fried with soy bacon. Hadn't done that in ages and it was yummy, especially since it was a very fresh egg. :)
Yes, scrambled with vegemite is one of my favourites too!
by meggf
Fresh eggs are the best. I take it the egg was one of your hen's? It really does make a difference.
by Vee
Yeah, from our hens. My daughter had just fished it out from under the chook.
Our Corgi puppies' breakfast consisted of unbuttered(of course!) toast with Vegemite & Scrambled Eggs!
This gave them a good start in life, & they grew quickly & healthily!
by donjo
I like them all different ways actually. Sometimes I like the yolks cooked through and other times I like them runny, sometimes I like them poached, or scrambled. Eggs are good however you have them I think! Especially the ones my lovely chooks lay.
Oh yes! There is such a difference between eggs that are store-bought and eggs from your hens.
by Vee
In pancakes, in pavlova, most recent love is in lemon butter!!
I love eggs most ways, except omelettes, I find them too dry.
If i have a fried egg the best way is sunny side up!
And boiled for breakfast has to be soft yoke.
Absolute no no is runny whites for me!
Hello Angela....
If you like tinned Mushrooms, put them in the Omelette for 'moisture', also diced Tomatoes are good too!
Aaah, it's 'yoLK' of an egg! A 'yoke' goes around a ploughing animal's neck!
Bet it was the annoying auto-correct that did it to you though! Cheers!
by donjo
I like mine scrambled.
In a cake or pancake, please.
Poached or scrambled. Never been much of a fan of fried eggs.
What 'Kabhi' said is totally how I love my eggs, could not have said it better.

Sunny side up. I can eat it everyday.
I like them any way as long as they're fresh out of my own home-raised hens. You can't beat them! (Pun intended.)
Good one. :)
by Vee
I am allergic to eggs,but did not know this until I was 23. It certainly explained why I was so ill all of my life till then!! I LIVED on Eggs,every way you can imagine. We'd get them from our neighbour who had chooks,so they were fresh as fresh can be.I loved them hard boiled,still hot,chopped with lots of butter and salt and pepper,just eaten with a spoon!!! And my dad would make the thinnest of omelettes onto which we would squeeze lemon or orange juice and a little sugar,then roll them up and eat like crepes!!! Oh YUM!!!!! And how do I miss pavlova and meringue? Too much go even try to put into words!!! So all of you must now enjoy your eggs for me too when you eat them,okay?!
Oh Jules, that's crap. I'm sorry, and I will. :)
by Vee
Thanks Vee!!! But I do not want you eating twice as many and getting to be overweight at my expense!!! Aaah! But it is a jolly good excuse to use if you eat too much cake ,eh?!!!!! Many smiles!!
by Jules
Hahaha, thanks for your concern Jules! It's all good. :) :)
by Vee
I love eggs any which way.

Eggs are one of my favourite foods along with Sweetened Condensed Milk, and bacon.

I was once given one dozen eggs when I returned for a visit to my home town of Sydney.
A friend of my parents knew how much I love eggs so she boiled a dozen for me......I could live off eggs done any way -they are all so lovely!
by Finy
Agreed! ;)
by Vee
Favourite is Soft Poached, then Scrambled with Parsley & finely chopped fresh Mushroom, then anyway, except fried now.

Quick nourishing way is Boiled eggs, scraped into bowl, with cooked Tomato folded in, P&S, then dip with freshly buttered bread or toast. Yum! And with a hot 'cuppa', of course!

donjo, I think you and I probably have a hot cuppa with everything. LOL :-)
by Rice
Aaahhh, not quite everything! Lol!
by donjo
I like mine cooked anyway, but especially eggs Benedict, when I go out for breakfast.
And yes, I also love them in my pancakes!
Pancakes? Wow, I have never heard of this. How do you prepare them for your pancakes?
by Vee
Never met an egg I didn't like. Fried in the bacon fat is pretty damned good, though. Mmmm.
by Rice
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