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How do you get warm on a freezing day?

by Finy (follow)
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How do you get/keep warm on a very cold day?

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Top Answers
Unfortunately, I have a real problem here!
I have the air con on at 28° and I am still shivering.
I wear 3 layers of clothes including the warmest thermal underwear that I can buy, which is used in the snow, and yet I am still cold.

My legs are cold so have started to wear tights under pants, but then I can't move properly and have a problem walking or bending!!

Picture this - a little ol' lady walking with outstretched arms and legs that will not bend, not because she is old but because she is cold!
by Finy
I'll come to your place - we can look like the Michelin Man and the Staypuft Marshmallow Man. Damned if I know how we'll sit to drink or coffee! LOL . . . but we'll be warm.
by Rice
"our coffee"
by Rice
who cares how we sit -as long as we can have the coffee and cake -making semolina halva with orange syrup right now -my last ditch at dessert -boo hooo -wailing loudly. Think i might go back on the 5/2 diet -then i will get skinny and should help0....
by Finy
Oh. That sounds soooo good.
by Rice
Ooooh Finy....Halva!!!!! Yum! My all time favourite treat as a child!!! Can hardly wait to see the recipe.I have not had it made with semolina though,so it should be a real treat!!!!
by Jules
Lots of layers and central heating. I have some very nice oversized fleeces.
Oooh. Fleece is such a lovely word. I feel warmer just reading it. It makes me think of spring lambs frolicking, buttercups, daisies, cowslips and primroses, picnics in the meadow on a blanket and thermoses of tea. Thank you :-)
by Rice
I knit with the llama fleece from when I bred llamas and I am STILL cold in that and that is about the warmest fleece you can get! next time will not on size 2 needles so it is tighter!
by Finy
Well, our heating system is very good and heats every room very well, so I seem to manage just fine. If I do feel cold, I put on extra clothing, but I usually have to throw it off, as I get too hot. The heating seems to keep the temperature at a constant level. In an ideal world, I wouldn't go out in the cold, but in the real world, we have to, so out comes the coat !!!
Thanks Lluxi for sharing your enjoyment of the tropics! Winter is DEFINITELY the very best time to be up in this cheerful and friendly region,as even though we are able to enjoy the glorious warmth,there is no humidity at this time of year!!
My son is now living close to my family to the south of Melbourne,and he told me this weekend that he has needed to wear Long Johns!!!! I know it is NOT funny,but I still chuckle at the thought of this young man who was born and lived so long up here where it never gets truly cold,needing and wearing such garments!!!! I mainly have memories of him in comfy t-shirts and shorts right through from infancy to early 20's! I do hope that you will be able to visit the north again, and enjoy the warm and cheerfully friendly areas for another winter break!! The Cold and I are NOT good friends at all,so I shall spend all of my days here,I think!!
by Jules
I have aircon but I also have two small fan heaters and they seem to actually do more to keep me warm than the aircon. If I put them at opposite ends of the house they keep me quite toasty . . . but I also have three layers on, ugg boots and a ski hat at the moment. Quite a sight.
by Rice
oh what a good pair we are -have you been tested for thyroid??
by Finy
I am pretty sure that my doctor puts it in with my regular diabetes blood tests. I'll ask to be sure.
by Rice
Where I live its warm 90 percent of the time. When I gets cold however I would simply wear a sweater.
you dont wanna tell us where you live?
by Finy
Don't tell . . . ! Haha. Then I can keep imagining that you live somewhere warm and balmy with no train noises . . . Sri Lanka . . . Myanmar . . . *warm places*
by Rice
no trains - perhaps an exotic island? Or the English countryside, though I thought they all have trains and it is not warm there!
by Finy
Haha. I live in Jamaica.
by dwatk
Ooooooooh!! Jamaica!!!! Perfect :-))))) I am now pea green with envy. LOL
by Rice
Best way to start any very cold day is take a Bath, not shower....So get up 20 mins early, and take a 15 min bath!

Then layer up every 30 mins, until to right temp.
Wearing sox's is a must.

The Bath is super important...But! if one has not got a bath, a very long shower.
Most people will be fine with even a normal shower, but as we get older we loose body warmth.
Also some folk need to see a doctor about their 'circulation'.

Exactly !! Its all about circulation, and moving more to get that warm blood flowing around the body
by Lluxi
sure is :)
by jonaja
For first time ever, a few weeks' ago, put aircon onto 30 Degrees', as it'd been raining, & cold for two days'
That warmed up the house!

But my car wouldn't start, IT was SO cold!
Had to get taxi to Theatre, for a Concert.....nice exxy return trip!

Inside the house, I was wearing Ugg boots, trackie-daks. Damart thermal sleeveless longline vest, thick cotton t-shirt, sloppy joe, another thicker sloppy joe, scarf, beanie.
Thankfully, nobody called-in, or the sight of me would've scared them!
But at least I was warm!
Oh dear! I feel so totally spoilt!!! I live in the tropics of North Qld,and rarely if ever feel cold anymore!!! We had our coldest July day on record a week or so back and it still was 14 degrees!!! Funnily enough it has also been the hottest actual winter ever with most afternoons getting to the very high 20's!!! Picture Postcard BLISS!!!!!!!
I came up here from Melbourne 36 years ago to escape the cold.It was 2 when I left there and 23 when I arrived here on 21st July 1980!!!! I knew I would live here for ever!!!! I love it so much,I go out into the garden EVERY single morning and find the sun is already starting to warm the earth by 8 a.m..When I do wake with very chilled hands I fill a small bucket with warm water and completely immerse my hands and wrists(THIS is the important area!!!) in the warmth.. My Physiotherapist recommended I do this to help alleviate pain and ease my restricted movement early in the mornings.I have found that this also helps to warm me up IF I do happen to feel very cold early on in the day! I will admit that I have worn cosy bed socks a few times through this winter ,but I don't need them unless I wake with cold feet at about 3 in the morning!!! I have not even needed a doona this year!! Just lovely lightweight cotton open-weave blankets like the ones I had in hospital when I was there! I find these really trap the warmth without too much weight! Oh I do feel so blessed to be living in such a delightful climate,though summer can get TOO darned hot for anyone!!!!
Ooooh. Warmies. I'll come and stretch out on your median strip. *lounge lizard*
by Rice
I shall even let you stretch out on MY side of the fence,AND I will make you a nice cup of tea as well!!!!
by Jules
Oh, my usual position then . . . covered in dogs!!!!!!! Somehow I always end up on the ground covered in dogs. *bliss*
by Rice
Too wonderful huh?! My trio send you a very joyful 'Woo-oo-oof!' and Tail Wag or three!!!!
by Jules
I know how you feel Jules. I just got back from Cairns. Was 28C when we left. Pilot said it was 6C when we landed outside. Brrrr!!!
by Lluxi
I do hope that you enjoyed the tropical North, Lluxi! I have never regretted coming to live here.Though Cairns IS further north than where I am,and it does get more rain too!! It is so friendly and relaxed,almost like being on holidays even when I was still working!! And I loved being able to raise my sun where he could truly enjoy being outdoors doing stuff !! I came mainly for my health,and found this was a very good move in SO many ways!
by Jules
It was lovely Jules. Didn't want to leave. Everyone was so kind and friendly. It definitely made a positive impression. We stayed in Port Douglas but spent a lot of time in Cairns visiting various places. I couldn't live there though as it would be too hot over summer. My husbands friends parents just moved to Palm Beach. Its a pretty place and we will be back
by Lluxi
I rarely get cold now but when I do I make sure my neck is covered. Gloves and a hat help too. I like coffee so I add a teaspoonful of chocolate to it to make a mocha drink and I find that helps. Inside I have a portable gas heater and the dogs line up to hog it. Its so efficient and effective. I feel sorry for people that suffer from the cold. They need great big cuddles to keep warm.
My cats lay on the central heating vents too. They always know the best spots!! Sit under the cooling vents in summer. They are not silly.
by Lluxi
They are smarter than we think
by nat_c
Layers of clothing definitely. We do not have any central heating at home. So I just put on layers of clothes and socks to keep myself warm.
by BK
Moving around keeps me warm. A good walk first thing and I am warm for the day, a warm shower helps too. Layers is good and warm too, I will even leave the ugg slippers on. My house mate is inactive and sits and sits all day and has the heater pointed toward him and remarks it is cold.
I suffer! LOL!
by Vee
Warm clothes, cover face to toe and a hot cup of tea.
Warm clothes, cover face to toe and a hot cup of tea.
I dont have any problems with keeping warm on a cold day,i just put on 2 layers of jumpers/cardigans scarf and warm gloves,i have lots of scarf as i knit my own.
I dont have any problems with keeping warm on a cold day,i just put on 2 layers of jumpers/cardigans scarf and warm gloves,i have lots of scarf as i knit my own.
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