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How do you get rid of head lice?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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male human head louse, head lice, lice
Male human head louse. Photo by Gilles San Martin

Have you or anyone in your family ever had head lice? If so, what did you do to get rid of them?

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Top Answers
The medicated shampoos are expensive and kind of nasty. When our kids get them we use normal conditioner to stun the lice and then comb them out. I bought a special Nitty Gritty comb that works so much better than a normal fine tooth comb because it actually gets out the eggs as well. Using it we completely got rid of the lice in about a week, then sprayed the kids hair with tea tree oil in the mornings to repel them.
By using medicated shampoos. That's the only way I know of. I have heard that they can be plucked out of the hair one by one, if someone has the eye, time and patience to do it, but it's never really fool proof.
I think there are shampoos for it? I only know an Indian brand, but I'm sure options are available at the supermarket under Health and Beauty?
We brush a mix of lavender essential oil through the kids hair and brush them out with a special lice comb (fine toothed). I find it most annoying when they appear, and we all start itching and thinking we have them too (even though we don't).
by Lucy
Head Lice is something I have always been on top of.I only use products from the Chemist.

I want those Lice gone..like yesterday!!

This product does it in 30 mins...(that's about all I could put up with) if my grand kids had head Lice.
I used products always on my boys too, quickly so no problems arise.
Shampoos and a lice brush to get rid of all the eggs.

Who else has an itchy head now? Everytime I read something about lice I get an itchy head.
I have not had this problem EVER.
My children are now grown up however "in my day" -LOL -we didnt have lice.

I'm sure they were around, just my children did not get them! I think there are more children with them nowadays as my grandkids seem to get them a lot in Darwin. Apparently most of the things they use to clear them, no longer work as the lice get immune to them after repeated treatments.
by Finy
I've had it this very week and was alerted to it by the itchiest head I've ever had, at 1am! Did the medicated shampoo treatment in the middle of the night, and now am using a metal comb but can't tell the difference between the eggs and dandruff, though I hope I'm getting rid of more eggs each day.
Wash their hair with a tea tree shampoo, put on lots of conditioner, sit them in front of a good film and proceed to comb through very thoroughly with a nit comb. Comb in all directions. Repeat this process every three days until all eggs are gone. Keep using tea tree shampoo (the lice hate the smell) and keep hair neat and tidy.
When I was a kid, got head lice ONCE! That was enough! Never got them again!
My parents put kerosene on/through my hair, then combed it, then shampoo & conditioned it.
Got rid of 'em, quick smart!
Yes lavender is a natural insecticide and I found it to be very effective as a preventative also, I used to mix up a lavander hair spray and spritz my daughters hair every day.
My son came home with lice from primary school, it was a long process,because not only do you treat them once,but you have to treat them again,I used the foam.then I was suggested to use hair conditioner only and the eggs would slide off with the comb, it was a frustrating process in the end my doctor suggested to cut off the hair strands with the eggs attached which I did, the school was sending home notices every week, as parents were not following up treatments,and I would never use kerosine as some people have.
I've never had them nor my adult children but grandchildren were becoming infected every time my daughter managed to finally get rid of them. She was spending a fortune on medications to get rid of them but the problem lay with the lazy parents of children carrying them at school who wouldn't keep their children at home. So much for the school policing this. My elderly mother who lived in a nursing home got them around age 80. She was horrified when her hairdresser discovered them and was unable to do her weeklyhair shampoo (although we bebelievethis is where she got them from). As she had neck problems the family was unable to treat her so wetook her to a place in Parramatta which guaranteed to get rid of them without her having to go through much pain at a basin. It was costly but worked. She ended up taking her own comb, neck towel and rollers every week to the hairdresser after that and never got them again.
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