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How do you avoid procrastination?

by annep (follow)
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We all have experienced procrastination in our life. So how do you cope with it? What is your best strategy to avoid putting off your work until the last minute and getting yourself in trouble?

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Top Answers
I am a Baby Boomer.
That word did not really exist in our day to day life.It was not looked upon as a
normal trait.
Procrastination was something old people, or those who were slightly eccentric did.
As I grew up, it was instilled in me and my family and friends in life, one would always do what they were asked.They would not linger, and if you did...you were told to 'get-on-with-it'.
There was a social conscience, as to how people would work, respond to certain tasks.Life was different, so as we got older we just were a product of that time.
Now I am a little slower, and I do get tired sooner....but I still feel quite guilty if I don't do what needs to be done, straight away.

We had a saying ''Never put off tomorrow-what you can do today''.

I have found with my last son who is 21, that he has little care, about getting things done straight away.
This attitude has made me want to pull out my hair!
If I say to him, you need to do it now...his answer is 'later'...I refuse to have a
battle with him, because I do not know how to move a grown man.
It makes me upset to see this attitude, and one can only wonder 'how' it all began?
It is not from my teaching him, but I feel a sign of the times.People have lost some values, and that makes me very sad.
Get rid of any distractions - turn off your phone, work inside rather than outside, work somewhere quiet like a library, and avoid busy places like cafes. You are are working from home, lock your door so that the family can't disturb you.
That's so true - turning off the mobile phone is a great way, and also logging yourself out of all social media networks!
by Xarah
Not easily, basically its just telling myself to get on with it, forcing myself to do that paper work or write that paper. Usually I get going by clearing my desk of anything that 'might need doing first', making a fresh cup of tea and then just ploughing away. I find writing a list is good too becuase part of procrastination is just feeling there are too many other things to do. Oh, and....hiding the ironing basket, always surprise myself how attractive ironing seems when there is an assignment or work deadline to meet..
I guess the best approach would be avoid distractions and try to motivate yourself. Find a spot where you feel comfortable to work at, set a specific goal, and take a break after a while.
Make a study playlist with songs that have no lyrics - Mozart/Beethoven.
Alternatively, using techno music may also help with pumping the brain to do some serious work! :)
Internet is an amazing time waster - so no advice here ;)
I set appointments with myself in my diary, and stick to those time frames. Also minor rewards for milestones achieved also helps.
I have a purpose in mind for the day and set out to achieve it. If I have a bunch of things to do, I write them down as a list and am not happy until I've crossed them off. It is a very gratifying feeling to tick something off a list, especially when you have to be self-motivated because nobody else cares if you get it done or not.
I obviously haven't learnt how to avoid it and am still procrastinating on something by posting replies here now. Haha.
There are times you simply cannot prevent it,
We are only human.
Allow for this moment and then take control by making a list that is achievable for the day.
by Zen
i am such a procrastinator. I would be the last person to give advice on this matter. However, my husband is highly efficient, and the way I see him being so efficient is that he has a disciplined pattern of doing things, which enables him to accomplish most of the things he has set out for himself to do.
Just get up and do it ...simply focus as the it is not going away if you don't.
Set a deadline and savor the moments before the dreaded task or event ...then just do it.

by Zen
Write a list, make a cup of tea and just get on with it...........
Make a list and stick to it. Before I became a mom It was easier to do. Now I know that if I dont do it no one else will so I better just get on with it.
by Gia
I need to find an answer to this problem as I'm guilty of it!
Oh. I, um, ah, I'll worry about it tomorrow.
by Rice
Me, too, Rice, me too, totally!
Was such a 'doer' whilst I worked, now, tmrw will do!
by donjo
It's just so weird how we got so much more done when we worked.
by Rice
I think we were in so many 'routines' because we had to be, another 'to do' wasn't a problem! Now that those 'routines' no longer exist, it's real mañana time!
Cheers, Rice!
by donjo
Well, I'd have to think about it!!
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