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How did you choose your child's name?

by Vanessa M (follow)
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Choosing the name of your child can be a difficult process. Did it take you the whole nine months to decide what you would name your baby? How did you come to your decision? Did you already have a few favourites up your sleeve for each sex or did you decide to name your child after someone important to you, like a family member?

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Top Answers
Your question is very relevant right now, because I'm having a baby in three weeks and we haven't decided on a name yet!! We're finding it extremely difficult because we have friends with children, many of which have names of which we'd have chosen ourselves. We also have a difficult surname to match a name with. With our first child, 5 yrs ago, for some reason it didn't seem as difficult, we chose quite early on.

We've been through baby name books, random baby name generators on the internet, we look through movie credits, all sorts of things!

The rate we're going, we'll have Baby No Name when our child is born!
We kept looking around until we found names that we liked. I always read the credits at the end of a film for inspiration too! When we had our short list of boy and girl names we then looked at what nicknames they might get, what their initials would be etc. with our first child we then asked friends their opinion which in hindsight was probably not the right way to choose a name. We got opinion after opinion (our fault, we had asked) of why certain names were not good as it reminded them of so and so at school etc. I've now learnt that naming a child is likely (for me anyway), a personal process. Ultimately if we like a name and choose it for our child, as long as its not a ridiculous name, everyone else can just deal with it. You're never going to please everyone.
That's a good point about taking their initials into account! You don't want to be accidentally spelling out rude words or something.
Naming kids after family members seems to sometimes lead to drama since people can have very strong opinions about who they should be named after. We didn't name our kids after anyone in particular. We tossed around lots of different names we thought were pretty, some my husband liked and I didn't and vice versa. We also took into account the meaning of the names because I think that's important too. I like strong names for girls, ones that will work as well for a grown woman as they would for a little girl. We thought of both boy and girl names both times I was pregnant because we didn't know the sex of the baby.
My grandmother named her mother the same number, just to keep it running in the family. Family linked back to French ancestry gave me my first name.
I think meaning plays an important role, something that is unique without being too outrageous and a name that you and your partner both like.
In my family it seems to be the tradition that first name is a personal choice, and the middle names are reserved for links with the family.
My mother-in-law did the honours for my first-born, and my mother for my second! :)
My first son was called Joshua( I heard John Laws talk about his son called Joshua, loved how it sounded).
My second son was named Nathan after the designer Trent Nathan.
(A friend of mine named her son Trent) :)
My last son was named Jacob, after my husbands grandfather...I had no say in it, which was fair enough....I love biblical names, they are strong.
My first children are twins. Me and their father each choose a name we liked and we choose to make their middle names the middle names of each of their grandfathers. With my third child, me and my new fiance choose a name each that we liked (mine was for a girl and his was for a boy) and the middle name was either going to be a combination of his mother and sisters names or his fathers first name (his father uses his second name instead of his first). We ended up having a boy. With the fourth child, choosing name was really hard, we knew we were having another boy and still wanted a unique name. I ended up finding it on a baby name forum. We couldn't decide on who's middle name we would give him, so we gave him a Jay as it could stand for either James or John which were the two choices we were struggling with.
My mother had a favourite radio character back in the early 60's. That's how I got my name...

A mixture of strong English & Irish names.
Names that went well with surname.
Names, whose initials didn't 'spell' a word.
Names NOT after ANY member of either family.
(Idiot m/i/l p'd off about THAT! Stiff, she was VERY reason didn't do it!)

Names that could NOT be shortened whatsoever.
Names with 'correct' spelling of them. None of the current stupidity of 'made up' spelling of names, that nobody can spell!
Names that are easy to pronounce for all!

My cousin named her girl's second name after what WAS going to be our girl's first name. There'd be NO discussion between us whatsoever! She just happened to have chosen! We had to think 'again'! Had to resort to Baby Name book!

Am very happy with names chosen & so are the kids! Thank goodness!
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