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How and when do you clean your oven or microwave?

by Finy (follow)
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clean oven
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Some ovens are now pyrolytic--that is, they will clean themselves. Is yours one of these? How do you clean your oven? How often do you do this chore? Do you do it, or is it a shared job?

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Top Answers
I cleaned mine for the first time in 17 years the other day. It looks great. I put alfoil on the bottom (which blows with the fan) and wipe it out as necessary. I had bought some cleaner, but it souded so nasty I reverted to baking powder, vinegar and a a tough cleaning pad plus elbow grease. I regularly clean my microwave. I hate using those used by others that are full of grot.
Oh are they supposed to be cleaned?
LOL! That is a good attitude-at least you don't stress about that sort of thing like I do!
by Finy
Well it should be wiped at least every two days. I would say I don't live up to those rules. If it looks dirty I clean it. Could be twice a day or every two days. Depends.
Yes, it's a shared job. My mother-in-law clean it together - we tag team it. Having said that we clean it maybe three times a year, unless something catastrophic happens, then we clean it up right away. Microwave I clean when it needs to be done.
by Vee
Microwave: I put the glass turntable in the dishwasher, I soap up the inside with dishwashing detergent, rinse it and put the glass back in when it is clean and dry. No problem.
For the big oven: remove the globe and you won't notice how dirty it is !
I have one pyrolitic one (a microwave/convection combination) and it is a dream! Just turn it on high and it ends up like new! Worth the extra money I paid for it.
My second and larger oven has only been used once so has not been cleaned.
by Finy
My mum cleans the oven when it needs to be done, but I'll give the microwave a wipe whenever anything explodes inside it.
Not good, Byrony, to have ANY type of food whatsoever, explode in a M/W oven!
Maybe re-read 'Microwave cooking 101' again?
Sorry, but I trained as a m/w demonstrator back in early '80's when they first came into vogue here!
by donjo
When I say explode, I just mean eggs , beans, and fatty stuff like streaky bacon. Only natural occurrences that you'd expect to happen. Nothing dangerous.
Yes, I understand that, but it's still messy to have to clean-up!
The 'white' of an egg should be 'forked' before placing in M/W; this allows the 'air' out to stop it exploding. It should be in a covered M/W dish.
As for other food, ALWAYS cover it, a paper towel is best, if container is lidless!
If reheating food, spray some water on it, before placing in oven. Food is then 'moist', not dried-out to eat.
If having to 'clean' M/W oven, place a M/W container of water in it, on High, allow to boil for a few minutes' to produce 'steam' which covers internal surfaces, then just wipe clean with soft-cloth, or paper towel! Cheers!
by donjo
We do fork our eggs and we do put the cover over it. But that does not guarantee no mess. Sometimes the eggs still explode and when you put a cover over, the area underneath the cover still gets messy.
You are only using 30% Power, when cooking eggs?
Any higher, &, of course, they'll explode!
by donjo
I clean it when something spills or maybe once in a week.
My microwave doesn't have the deodorize option. So after cooking something with strong smell, like fish or garlic, I put lemon juice in a small bowl and heat it for 5 minutes. Works like magic.
I wish I had a self-cleaning one! At the moment I just use Pine O'Cleen wipes to clean mine, as they're easy. I'm in need of a new microwave though, so might look at pyrolytic ones then.
Kerri, mine is both convection and microwave, and I can highly recommend them as they are much quicker.
Though I have no family at home, so small is good for me.
by Finy
Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely look into convection when I go microwave shopping :-)
by Kerri
I clean my microwave almost every week. It gets very yukky with a big family.
Nah I wish my oven was one of those kinds.But my husband does this deligently.Actually rethinking, I am happy my oven does not clean itself:)
Funny you should ask!

I clean my Micro every few days.
When I had a oven, it was kept as clean as the day it was bought.I would clean it every single time I used it, once the oven had gone cool.

When I left that home after many years,I was asked.... why was the oven 'never-used'?

I said ''Oh it was''.
They didn't believe me.
We don't use our microwave much, so I only clean it if we get a spill. I make sure I air to out for about 30 seconds after use though.
Hmm, I'm almost ashamed to say that I have never cleaned my microwave. I've heard you just put a bowl of water in for a couple of minutes to loosen the grit then give it a good wipe.
The oven I wipe down as soon as I've finished, that way it stays clean. I've learnt the hard way that ovens are a real pain to clean.
I'm more of a pan cooker though.
Hmm, I'm almost ashamed to say that I have never cleaned my microwave. I've heard you just put a bowl of water in for a couple of minutes to loosen the grit then give it a good wipe.
The oven I wipe down as soon as I've finished, that way it stays clean. I've learnt the hard way that ovens are a real pain to clean.
I'm more of a pan cooker though.
yep got one of those and it does a great job. Just needs doing when the oven is really greasy and leaves a coating of ash which is a lot easier to clean. Still need to find a product which will get rid of the brown stains on the glass though. Shared job? Gotta be kidding, no one under 30 can do it in my house lol.
LOL -true!
it is just so lovely having this type of oven.
by Finy
Cleaning Oven is a job I guess for Jailbirds. I tell my wife to avoid using the bloody oven cos' I'm not going to clean the oven. It's one of the dirtiest job with using strong chemicals & so on.
Now we've found a guy & he's happy to come & do the job for a small fee.

Shane LeRpy
Preferably seldom.
The microwave gets done pretty often, any time it looks dirty or something splatters in it. The oven, less often than that (every few months).
I want someone to come and give my oven a Green clean, heard that is good, non toxic cleaners etc. Microwaves are easier to look after - it gets more attention fro me.
My original beautiful, HUGE Simpson wall oven, bought in 1973, was catalytic. Used to just Hoover out the base. I cleaned the door regularly, but put two layers of aluminium foil over it, so minimal cleaning. That oven was still going at 40years!

Now have upright in current house, yuck! Got 'Ovenu' to clean it last October. Saw their advert. in local magazine, letter box drop, so thought I'd give 'em a go! Looked like a brand NEW oven when cleaning completed. ( I wasn't aware a foil dish had holes in it, & oil leaked to base & 'caramelised').
I'll get them to clean it annually. Stove top & exhaust fan was done as well.
As I've never had to clean an oven, not starting now! Happy to pay for a very professional job to be done!
My M/W ovens are cleaned as they're used.
If some food's spattered, & hard to normally remove, put in a m/w proof jug, with water & chopped or sliced lemon. 'Cook' it for several minutes', not allowing to go dry, then wipe condensation off walls, roof, base with soft cloth. All gunk gone!
P.S. My m/w's DON'T have a turntable; they're flat based. Much easier to clean!
I'm usually the one who ends up doing this chore.
Once the microwave smells and is obviously dirty, I will clean it.
The oven needs cleaning after cooking meals like fish.
Our selve cleaning oven came with the house, when we had the house built, in the late ’70’s. It hasn’t worked for about 5 years. No matter. I keep my various sized frying pans in there.
The microwave gets cleaned whenever I spill something in there. (The settings on the microwave aren’t very good, & I can’t change them)
PS: Sorry, I should have written: SELF, not selve!
by Miro
I'm forever cleaning both oven and microwave after my husband cooks. The more I complain about the mess the more I'm accuse of nagging. Seriously, how blind does one have to be not to notice the spills. Sometimes I need to clean the microwave with warm soapy water and give the turntable a good wash in the sink. As for the oven,
it's not as perfect as I'd like it and that annoys me.
My microwave I clean every second day - just with a cup of water made to boil and wipe the microwave out. The main oven I take the globe out of the oven and then I can't see the grime.
I clean my micro, when I notice spills in it.
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