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Have you used anti-biotics in the last three months?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you used anti biotics in the last three months?

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Top Answers
I have used eye anti biotic drops however I have not used anti biotics in the last 3 months.

I am lucky in that I do not get colds etc, or rarely do I get them, and do not seem to need anti biotics more than perhaps once a year.

I did have them last in November when I had an eye operation and had a few lots after that.
by Finy
Even if you do get a cold, you shouldn't take antibiotics as they treat bacterial infections and colds are viral!

I steer clear unless totally totally a must.
Look at all the pretty tablets...........
by jonaja
by Vee
Sadly yes. I really dislike taking antibiotics and avoid them whenever possible but I had a nasty chest infection recently that just wouldn't shift and after four weeks my GP insisted on me taking some antibiotics. They cleared it up within a week and also cleared up a whole range of other vague symptoms that had been bothering me for a while. So it was an ill wind...
I hate to admit it,but YES! I was given a new treatment to try to ease my rare form of Arthritis,which caused a bad case of cellulitis(skin infection).My lower leg swelled to double its normal size,and I was given oral antibiotics to help clear the infection without having to stay in hospital and do the same intravenously!!! By they way,after 2 courses, the leg finally improved!
No. I rarely require Anti-biotics and my medico is careful, often advising good old fashioned remedies .... like Hot Lemon Drink with Asprin and bed rest for a bad cold, or Go for a walk along the beach for depression / backpain.
No I have been lucky in this regard...not so in some other regards though ie my bad back
by Fran
No as I have no need to.
by Gia
No I haven't
by AJ
No. Lucky me.
Yes, due infected throat. Along with warm salt water gargle, thrice daily.
Once antibiotics' finished I take a course of 'Inner Health', to replace all the 'good' bugs!
No. It has actually been several years since I have needed antibiotics, luckily!
not for a number of years. have a very good Dr who does not write out a scrip for one unless it is really needed.
I haven't needed antibiotics in the past 3 months.
Yes, unfortunately on my son. He had bad conjunctivitis.
by Vee
I only needed them for a couple of weeks for an ear infection.
This question has turned up again, so none since I last wrote, about 2&1/2 years ago!
by Miro
Now yes, having found this question, for the 3rd time! It was after my 1st cataract operation, & I had to use them for 2/3 weeks. Soon I'll be going in for my 2nd cataract operation, so I'll be needing the eye drops again, for another 2/3 weeks.
by Miro
No. I haven't thank goodness. I had pneumonia earlier this year, so I used my fair share then.
No, not for a very long time in fact. Luckily don't seem to have need of them (famous last words)!
No fortunately.
I had a bad infection 3 years ago and was on 3 different intravenous antibiotics at the same time. I have always been cautious regarding antibiotics. I am alergic to penicillin so I worry about getting another bad infection.
No fortunately.
I had a bad infection 3 years ago and was on 3 different intravenous antibiotics at the same time. I have always been cautious regarding antibiotics. I am alergic to penicillin so I worry about getting another bad infection.
No. I rarely get sick and on the rare occasion I need medication, my GP knows I'd rather something herbal instead.
Thankfully no. Antibiotics are amazing and they have saved my life. But I only take them when absolutely necessary.
We are fast running out of antibiotics, as clever bacteria adapt to become resistant to them. It's so frustrating that many doctors still give in to patient pressure for antibiotics for a simple cold or cough which is more than likely viral, not bacterial. ANTIBIOTICS DON'T HELP WITH VIRUSES!
Animal farming is another area where we are wasting antibiotics.
Apart from creating bacterial resistance, I don't want to take antiobiotics unecessarily due to the effect on my microbiome.
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