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Have you seen the movie Ladies in Black?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you seen, or do you intend to see, the movie Ladies in Black?

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Top Answers
After someone said (Rice?) that they go have a coffee alone, I decided this morning I would go alone to see Ladies in Black, as many of my friends had already seen it.

However, on looking it up, it is already finished at the movies near me, so I did not go!

I heard it was excellent and will have to wait till it comes to television, though will probably not be quite as good there!
by Finy
You have to be quick if you want to see a movie ! Some of the big cinemas would still have it on probably. A cinema near my parents home only shows old movies. Not sure why. Movies that were on 3 months ago are likely being screened there now. You can always catch it there, if you missed it when it was first released.
by Lluxi
Have you tried the small boutique cinemas like Palace, Lido and Kino etc ?
by brigi
Finy..I LOVED it :) It is a really Great Australian movie, and (for me) very close to everything I saw during that time, here in Sydney.It gave me goose bumps. My son came with me and I said to him, that is how I remember those days. He could not believe it was so nice like that. (he's 26 so )?
by jonaja
Yes. The Arthouse smaller cinemas will have it screening
by Lluxi
It was one movie I really loved. So well made, and is set in Sydney.
It shows how life was for many ladies in 1959 & 1960.
How Australians had a Lot to understand and learn, and it was very tastefully made.
I'm sorry Jonaja. She didn't say, and I didn't ask !! It would not make any difference to me as I am none the wiser. I would appreciate the movie for its history, culture and acting quality. I would still see it regardless.
by Lluxi
No. We didn't get time to see it. It would have been good but my husband didn't really want to see it. Most of my friends saw it and said it was great. One friend who was around in those days said it wasn't historically accurate, but she enjoyed it all the same. I'm sure you could understand the general idea. One friend who did go with her husband said he was the only male in the cinema ! Have to wait, alongside Finy, until it comes on the TV .
I'm surprized that your friend said it was not accurate, I was around then and it for me had no holes in it.The husband of the young girl was so so much exactly as men were.The home, clothes, attitudes...it blew me away..Would love to know what part she found not correct, you have me thinking now.LOL Yes Mark Foys was not the correct name of the store, maybe she meant that.Now you have me racking my brain?*! LOL :)
by jonaja
Oh well thats ok :)...Bit like those book clubs isn't it! where people read a book, then each person tells the group what they liked, and what they found out about the story...I really would love to do that with some people, but about Movies...Would be a lot of fun for sure! :)

by jonaja
You should join a local Movie Club. They pay a small annual fee and they see a different movie each month. Sometimes they have movies on a different theme. They try to see movies from different genres to suit all tastes. I'm sure they have a good 'de- brief ' afterwards over a cuppa.
by Lluxi
Was the shop Farmers or maybe Grace Brother down on Broadway, David Jones
by fran.
I nearly saw it, on the opening night with 1 of my sisters, as it was being shown near her house, but then that night sold out before she was able to buy the tickets, & I then couldn't go at night, & she couldn't see it during the day. So I missed out & she saw it on her own, & loved it. A friend who saw it, also enjoyed it. immensely. It was filmed along the lines of the Sydney David Jones staff I believe, where I worked in both stores between '64-'68.
by Miro
I think so too, but they used the Old Mark Foys building...and gave it another name. Maybe those sales ladies wore black too :) I use to shop there all the time, and David Jones..Oh ! they were wonderful times.... :)
by jonaja
Mark Foys I remember being taken to when I was between 7 and 12, by my older sister, for coffee out on the terrace. I remember the enormous beautiful floral display as you entered the store, what a beautiful building it was and great staff too, Then as a teenager I remember going in to Mark Foys and not being able to find a staff member,,,at all, The place was quiet and deserted.
The in the early sixties, Farmers had the Miss Shop and that store was more than well visited by young people. David Jones of course was always terrific, going for lunch there and looking over Hyde Park...luverly. Just loved My Town.
by fran.
I'd still love to see, "ladies In Black" but I'll now have to wait & hope it will come to the Entertainment Centre in our next suburb, where they show films once a month. $11 for seniors with 4 or 5 little mixed sandwiches, tea or coffee with a slice of cake. I have a favourite seat, upstairs & I can tell when the intermission will be starting, so I race down stairs to be 1st in the lunch queue!
by Miro
No I haven't seen it
by AJ
I not sure this is my type of movie at the cinema but would watch it when it comes to sbs hopefully - without ads! I like the preview where the gentleman is asked does he speak e n g l i s h ? Love his reply with yes and several other languages too! LOL
I never go to the movies as I fall asleep, so a waste of money. I do wait until the DVD comes out so I can doze off but go back to see what I missed. Can recall my mum talking about what it was like to work on the lace counter at Anthony Hordens when she was younger.
Oh! I would love to hear those tales back then.... on the lace counter...memories.. :)
by jonaja
One thing I recall mum telling me was that customer service was something the store stood by. Often a "customer" would come in just before closing time to choose lace and you had to serve her, no matter if you missed your train to Valley Heights. Naturally it wasn't a real customer. Those were the days when customer service was taken seriously.
by helga
I haven't seen this movie but after reading comments here I definitely will go to see it. I am fortunate that it will be screening locally from the end of next week.
I went to see ,Ladies in Black' a few days ago and loved it. I am so glad I went.

I wanted to and my daughter and I were going to see it together . . . . but somehow we blinked and missed it. It must have come and gone like lightning.
by Rice
No but it is on my "must watch" list.
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