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Have you quit smoking?

by Lu Lu Belle (follow)
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If you have successfully quit smoking, how did you do it? And what advice would you give to someone who wants to quit?

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Top Answers
Yes. Cold turkey because I loved my boyfriend at the time more than the cigarettes. He gave me an ultimatum to stop.
I have never smoked so never had to give up. My husband did and after trying patches relapsed and eventually gave up cold turkey and has never had another cigarette.
I finally decided one day that not only was i spending a fortune to slowly kill myself that i also smelt horrible and that cigarettes actually made me feel ill. so i just stopped. It was quite hard as my husband was still smoking at the time but smelling him was enough to keep me on the straight and narrow. He eventually gave up as well. also just stopped one day. Are we any better off financially no. but I think we are both healthier
was a 20 a day smoker but got fed up with the "having to" - ie having to have one with smoko, then after lunch, with afternoon tea, after work, while I was driving (a de-stress), when I got home, before dinner, after dinner ........ Got fed up with it controlling my life. Got Nicorettes and chewed the hell out of them. It didn't happen overnight but I won Yay! Now I'm a grumpy ex-smoker who can't stand the smell and being near smokers. :-)
I never did smoke.....but!
The advice from those close to me who have, and really never gone back to smoking is:
Cold Turkey......with no one around them.That's the secret.
I have never smoked, but my brother-in-law used hypnosis and hasn't touched a cigarette since.
I'm not a regular smoker - but I am trying to quit socially smoking because I hate the feeling of a cotton-ball-kinda-mouth the next day. It ruins my day and makes me feel horrible, but sometimes peer pressure wins (which I need to have more control over).
I have never smoked. My mum on the other hand smoked for about fifteen years. She quit cold turkey. Made a vow to God that she wouldn't touch a cigarette for eight years. It's worked, but she is counting down the days!
by Vee
Sorry about the double up. Internet connection is being temperamental.
by Vee
I have never smoked. My mum on the other hand smoked for about fifteen years. She quit cold turkey. Made a vow to God that she wouldn't touch a cigarette for eight years. It's worked, but she is counting down the days!
by Vee
I never started smoking. I was afraid of being sick so I never gave in to peer pressure.
Yes over 10 years ago. My partner and I gave up together. This definitely helped as we would support each other whenever one felt like giving in. My daughter has tried several times but it's pretty hard while her partner still smokes. Would recommend trying to give up with a friend so you can support each other. I've tried cigarettes a couple times since in the early years and just felt sick.
I don't smoke so I cant comment on it.
I gave up smoking over 30 years ago. I did it cold turkey and I have never anted to smoke again. I had smoked on and off for 20 years.
I had gotten very sick - working 12 hr days running a business and just smoking and drinking coffee. Once, during a migraine, i took a 'drag' and my eyesight momentarily was gone for about 10 seconds. This scared the living daylights out of me so I quit but needed some help. I used nicorette chew\ing gum (1990's). I was on these for about two years and was addicted to chewing! Eventually, I gave up chewing as well. A few years ago, during a night out, I tried to smoke a ciggie and I was physically sick, so I am definitely not going back to them! Another motivator for these days is the price! I reckon I've saved $100,000 since I gave up all those years ago!
I tried so many times to quit smoking using patches, will power, nicotine gum and cold turkey. None of them worked. Then one day my partner who disliked my smoking habit borrowed Allen Carr's The Easy Way to Stop Smoking CD from our local library. I played the CD every time I drove then one day decided to have my last cigarette. That was over four years ago and I haven't smoked since.
I did it successfully several times!
I quit as I was worried about getting cancer if I went on as I was a smoker for some 25 years.
At my last and final attempt I had no problems as I realised by then exactly how unhealthy it was, and as long as I had cigarettes in the house, it was not so hard to do -within about a week the cravings were gone, and now i just HATE it when people smoke. I can smell it a mile off in their hair/clothes.
by Finy
Never smoked and never will. The sooner cigarette companies are dead (pardon the pun) the better in my honest opinion.
I smoked many years ago. I was only ever a light social smoker, but it was still hard to quit.
Oooh I am a goody two shoes and have never smoked. Well you are not qualified to coment. Giving up smoking is not just mind over matter. It is seriously a physical and psychological addiction. I have quit twice and my partner ended up in hospital trying to quit.
I've never touched a smoke in my life but my dad recently quit. My advice to you would be get your doctor on your side, they are wonderful and an endless pit of knowledge and advice - if you are trying to quit I wish you all the best.
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