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Have you packed away your winter clothes, or do you keep them in the same cupboard over summer?

by Finy (follow)
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Will you be, or have you already, packed away your winter clothes?

Or do they stay in the same cupboard over summer with your summer clothes?

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Top Answers
I haven't yet done this but each season, I put them in a cupboard in the spare room as I do not have enough room in my dressing room to fit both winter and summer clothes in together.

Even though this dressing room is supposed to be for two people and only I use it -which probably should make me realise I have far too many clothes!

I do not wear a lot of them but like most of them, so keep them thinking I will wear them soon!
by Finy
I have just the one lot of clothes for all seasons as I live in the tropics!!! Too easy!!!
I haven't got another cupboard to pack them in. I don't really have a whole lot of winter clothes anyway since I live in Queensland.
I keep everything mixed up I never separate out my clothes for the seasons
by AJ
Same cupboard as I have the room and I am also too lazy to move them around. Additionally, there are times when I might want to wear a winter cardigan on a cool night, or if we head down south for a break, I'll still need my Winter items out. I don't have many actual 'winter items' as I tend to just layer my clothes up a bit so my wardrobe isn't overly seasonal. I have cleared out my maternity clothes, and I did the same after my 1st child and I just stick those into an empty suitcase and pop them under the spare bed.
I'm not brave enough to pack them away yet! it hit 25C here today and I nearly melted, but tomorrow it might be -40C LOL

They stay in the same place through summer because summer is rather short here
Oh! meggf, -40C? Are you in the Arctic?
by donjo
I do a switch around, but nothing too big...not enough room.
I'll swap over our family's coats for swimwear over the coming weeks - hooray, summer's on its way. They will go in those giant sealed plastic boxes in the corner of the wardrobe until next year.
by Lucy
I keep my clothes together. It's easier this way, though there isn't much space.
by Vee
I have packed away some of my winter clothes and unpacked some summer gear. I don't have the space to have all my clothes in the wardrobe or chest of drawers all year. My clothes for the 'other' season are kept in a suitcase on top of my wardrobe.
Not yet. The weather hasn't quite settled yet in Melbourne. I have a large walk in robe that is full, my jeans/trackie tops live in another bedroom cupboard and my jackets live in another bedroom cupboard. No-one mentioned shoes. I also store away all of my summer shoes into a spare bedroom. So, when I do decide to swap over its a huge job considering I have 30 pairs of boots and all of my other winter shoes. I keep them all in their boxes too. My summer clothes are stored away in suitcases so it'll soon be time to take them out and wash them before hanging them in the wardrobes. Shoes are pretty easy to move around though.
Living in Adelaide has taught me to at least keep a light jumper with me at all times, seeing how we experience almost 4 seasons in one day!
I live in Cairns - so my "winter clothes" are basically a few pairs or jeans and a couple of light long sleeved shirts!! I think I also own a jumper. I've been wearing much the same shorts and t-shirts throughout winter that I will continue to wear throughout summer. Although I will pack the warm PJs up the top of the cupboard out of the way and stick to just shorts and singlets!
I pack away our winter clothes in vacuum sealed plastic bags and then do the same with the summer clothes. I have room to store them in the guest room wardrobe. I may live in Queensland but we still get a winter season!
Please don't give me the guilts, Finy. I have packed away the winter PJs and washed the storage smells out of the summer ones, but I'm in a cleft stick because I'm spending Autumn/Winter in Taiwan and haven't researched my clothing needs as yet.
No, I don't pack them away. Everything is hung in my closet.
My clothes are Season separated, so are my shoes/boots.

My Summer clothes are more numerous, as it lasts 51 weeks, & Winter is 1 week; the week of the Royal Show! Only kidding!

My Summer tops are at the left hand end of a BIG hanging space length, each colour together, (as are all my clothes), then shorts, then matador pants, then any Denim clothes, then short culottes-suits outfits.

Winter clothes are easier to sort. All blouses to the left, then slacks, then Winter Slacks-suits.

All boots are together. Then Winter shoes. Then Summer shoes.

When I was working, had shoes (in their individual boxes), of the season on a table ready to wear. The other season's were put away. Just swapped 'places' at end of season.

My M-F uniforms were together ready for the week. My 'overtime' clothes were together, in a separate wardrobe.
I packed my briefcase Sun. night, ready for that week. 'Shoes of the week' were chosen.

ALL my shoes/boots are in their individual cardboard boxes, label facing out, so I just grab which pair I need at the time.

Only had to 'do' the organisation once, then just 'swap' at end of each season.
Made/makes life much easier!
I wear my cotton dresses all year round, except in winter I also wear a black marino spencer, (can be worn underneath, or as a singlet, if short or no sleeves, but all mine are long sleeves.) I also wear a black marino leggings, black cardigan, scarf, & all the colours of my floral dress, in bracelets!
by Miro
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