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Have you or any of your family ever had head lice?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you, or any of your family ever had any head lice?

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Top Answers
Yep. And yes, it has nothing to do with whether your hair is clean or dirty. They're a bit of a pain to get rid of, but at least they don't spread disease or anything, like some other insects. They can get immune to the special shampoor, which are also expensive, so what has worked best for us when the kids get them from school is just to use normal conditioner to stun them then comb them and the eggs out with a special comb. Nitty Gritty brand combs work a lot better than the nomal ones because they have a spiral shape to the teeth that pops off the eggs. Takes a few goes to get them all but it gets it done. Then we spray their hair with a mixture of water and essential oils (tea tree and lavender) to help prevent them coming back.
Gotta love the essential oils. I would be lost without Tea Tree, Lavender and Eucalyptus. I got a bottle of Wild Mint and Bergamot in NZ and it is just dreamy. I wear Rose Geranium as perfume. I think I might be a compulsive buyer of essential oils ^_^
by Rice
Oddly enough NO.
My children never had these though I think it is far more prevalent in schools today for some reason. And I believe it is nothing to do with whether your hair is dirty or not. Have had absolutely NO experience with this.

I think my grandchildren had them several times while living in Darwin so wonder if humidity is a factor?
by Finy
From what I hear they were pretty common when my parents and grandparents were at school. I only got them once in my school days but my kids have had them five or six times and the eldest is only in grade two. Don't know why that is.
I had them twice when I was growing up.

I think you could be right about them being more common now ..... but I can't for the life of me imagine why!?
by meggf
by Rice
Most people with children HAVE so I am told.... Rice -please send note to editor with your email -want to ask you something about sugar!
by Finy
Done :-)
by Rice
My daughter had them when she was in kindergarten and high school. I have never had them myself.
Sorry. Should read primary school not high school
by Lluxi
My Grandchild did years ago.
Her Mother put a stop to it quick smart.
It happens, when they go to school.....Chemists have great products now, and they really work.

I do not think any of my boys ever had it...it seems that girls can get it a tad more, due to longer hair...
. . . and being more social, apparently. The doctor told my friend that the more social the child, the greater likelihood of nits. You often see kids at kindy with their heads together, nattering away, more often girls than boys. My friend's lad never had them as the others sadly didn't befriend him as he was very add and ocd.
by Rice
:( poor little boy, that's sad Rice....
by jonaja
Yes, it used to break my heart but he never seemed overly bothered as he got older and his cousin was very similar and had learned to channel his abilities so they became quite close. They are both very clever boys.
by Rice
Thankfully, no. I've never known anyone in my family to ever have head lice.
Yep, once, when I a child.

My head was doused with kerosene, which hurt, but it sure killed the lice!

Mum then shampoo'd my hair!
I have no kids but work and help in schools and two years ago I got a dose of headlice, only noticed when my head was badly itchy during the night.
Still don't know where I got it from, I wondered about a train seat since I always travel and those things aren't cleaned, but lice can't stay alive for too long without a host.
Duringn an tinfestation, my son's teacher told the class that only dirty people got headlice. I went to see her about that! My son got them at this time and luckily never again. Fortunately I haven't had them ever.
I think 50 years ago they thought it was people with dirty hair.
by Finy
How rude. Hope she copped a dose!! Haha.
by Rice
Mum is a school teacher and had waist length hair when teaching lower primary. Her head came in contact with lots of little heads.
She mixed a little tea tree oil with conditioner and combed it through her hair before shampooing each time she washed her hair.
Yes, when children are at school this is very common due to bad health care of certain children. Therefore it spreads, and time needs to be taken off school studies to fix this problem, which could be avoided. Education is needed.
You're not supposed to keep kids home from school just because they have lice. The schools usually send a note home telling parents to check their kids and treat them but that's it. It can be frustrating if other people don't and keep reinfecting kids whose parents do treat them, but it's no good if kids miss out on school for something that's really not serious.
We never had them growing up but 2 of my grandchildren kept getting them continuously. It cost my daughter a fortune eliminating them only to find that the same children kept reinfecting them as their parents refused to stop sending them to school. They only became clear when my daughter moved out of the suburb and school.
We had this same issue of one family NOT treating the problem,and so these same children kept on re-infecting all those who HAD been kept off school and whose parents HAD done everything as recommended to eradicate them. In the end I went up to the school and got enough work for my son to do for 2 weeks and I kept him home until I was advised that the problem had been taken proper care of.I had spent so much time and money making sure that MY home and child were free of them,that I refused to keep on having to do it ,just because ONE family could not be bothered.There were several other parents who did the same as me!!
by Jules
I never even knew what these were until my son came home from school in Grade 2 with a note to say that all the children were being asked to get checked as there had been an outbreak in the younger grades!We were assured that the cleaner the hair,the more likely the chance that we would find them, and they also gave us information about the right way to eradicate them! I did find some in my son's hair, and after doing all the stuff as recommended, we were free of them. I actually feel,like Finy that the humid climates may be more likely to create a home for these little critters,as I grew up in Victoria,while my son was raised in the Tropics!
There was a plague of them at some stage when the children were small. The ignorance surrounding it too. I got paranoid washed everything in the house. Put surface spray in all our hair until I could get the real stuff. The woman across the road was shaking her daughter upside down to get the nits off. The bald teacher at school laughed until they infested his beard. What a time that was. Im more educated now and it will probably not happen again. Also I blamed my poor son as he was always playing with mud and dirt.
Yes, people certainly freak out about them! I had someone tell me I should get my carpets treated because the nits would be breeding in them. I think she was thinking of fleas. Head lice can't live very long off a human head and can't walk very well on flat surfaces, so you don't really need to wash everything. I totally get the urge to just purge everything though, when you're sick of the things and want them gone asap.
Scientists link pesticides to child leukaemia
Bayer's Baygon and other Carbamates plus Dipyrone (Mexican Aspirin)
Tom Peterkin / Scotland on Sunday 15apr01
INFANT leukaemia - which threatens the lives of around 450 youngsters in the UK each year - has been linked to commonly-used pesticides by a team of Scottish scientists.
by Rice
Rice, are you saying that lice treatments are linked with child leukemia? If so, do you have a source for that, like a link to something we could read?
Or are you just saying Nat C shouldn't have put surface spray in her kids' hair? Because it sounds like she's already aware of that.
Sorry, just came back to this . . . I was freaked out by the surface spray part. Baygon, in particular, was linked to cancer years ago and they said it was basically Agent Orange. I just wouldn't have done it regardless of the brand and I will not have it in the house. My mother was mad for the stuff and I have often wondered if that is why she got cancer. If I am exposed to sprays I get asthma and my lips tingle etc. Nasty.
by Rice
I understand your concern but isn't everything linked to cancer today. Even the early morning coffee. . Imagine if they found a cure for cancer how many people would be out of work.
by nat_c
Long ago, when my daughters were in primary school, they came home with them. I've now forgotten what I scrapped the 'special' lice comb through the hair with, but they 'went' very quickly!
(No, I never had them may self.)
by Miro
When my daughter was in school we had them CONSTANTLY! It was such a nuisance! Since we started homeschooling we've only had one bout of them, we think they came from our homeschool gym class.
I haven't, but one of my sisters did while we were kids. It was hilarious because my sister was quite annoyed that I didn't get them.
by Vee
Yes. My wife and I caught them from our son and daughter who brought them home from their respective American and British Schools at the same time in Bahrain. Circa 1984.
We and the schools were very clean, I was told later on that lice prefer clean over dirty hair. Got rid of them with special combs and powders.
All the time in primary school, no matter how often mum treated mine and my sisters hair (we both had very long hair) we would go back to school and be reinfected as other parents weren't dealing with their children's headlice.
I think the only times I was every truly free of headlice were the school holidays.
My son had head lice in primary school, it was going around so badly, it seemed to have lasted for months, I got rather cross,I did the whole procedure, then somebody at the school wasn't following up treatment, so it was an ongoing issue, at the end I asked my doctor what to do, so she advised to go home ant carefully cut off the strands of hair that the eggs were on, so I did.
The "nit" problem seems, to me, a lot like the worm problem. No good treating one person only (in school or at home).
If you have an only child at school and the parents don't have nits, it is pretty likely that the kid has caught lice from somewhere like school or kindy. If the whole gang aren't treated, well the infestation keep occurring.
Just like worm infestation. If you don't have any pets, and your only child ends up with worms, you ca be pretty sure they have been infected from school or wherever they socialise with other kids. You probably need to treat yourself, your child and the kids at school probably need to be treated too. Guess what goes around, comes around.
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