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Have you kept photos of your ex boyfriends or girlfriends?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you keep photos of your ex's once you are in a permanent relationship?

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Top Answers
I have kept ALL my photo albums.

Admittedly I have cut the face out of some of the pictures online now from my last 18 year relationship, as he took off with my best girlfriend, so if I saw a photo of me on my photo site, some of them I just cropped his head off-that sounds so funny now!

But generally I have every album and photo I ever took, plus the 100 year old albums of my mother as well.

I feel sorry for my kids when I die and they have to go through all my things -i think there will be a big skip bin outside my house then!
by Finy
That would be a no.
I did for many years, then thought 'why'?
So they all went bye-bye.
I want to live now, not in the past.
No. The past is the past.
I guess it depends on how the relationship ended in the first place. If it was amicable, I probably would hang on to them.
No,but I did keep some of my ex husband,as being my son's father,I feel these are important to have there for HIM! They all are very HAPPY shots too,which is very important to me.I did truly love this man and I need our son to know he was definitely a child born from love. Pity this man was not as dedicated as I was!!! But that is a whole other story! Ha Ha Ha!!!
Well if they happen to be in my albums...I have kept them, don't often look through. As an older person now, my opinion has changed...I have the luxury of a long time to look back on and I think everything and everyone who has touched my life has contributed in some way to the wonderful human being I have become...
by Fran
NEVER. The past is the past.
Nope. That's just too much baggage! :)
Amen to that :-)
by Rice
Didn't have an ex. So no photos obviously.
I don't think there is anything wrong with keeping photos
by AJ
Not at all. Did not even have a photo of my last partner.
I too have kept all my photos albums, including those containing photos of one guy with whom I was involved. He was a special person in my life then. On the other hand, I never took photos with a boyfriend I had in high school. Thank goodness for that, because those I would burn. Haha.
by Vee
Nope, I can remember what they look like if I feel the need to go there. I don't see the point in dwelling in the past so don't visit those old relationships.
There is one photo of my ex buried in an old photo album. I stumbled across it last week, which is the only reason I know it's there. I wouldn't go out of my way to look at it, but have old friends in the photo too so won't throw it out.

No, but photos weren't so prevalently circulated in 'those days'. I dont however see it as an issue if they are still in your facebook folder etc. As long as they are not used inappropriately or to hurt someone else and depending on the level of friendship still between you and that person I see no harm.
No. I just don't believe in exchanging Photos & I'm not very keen on being photographed too. If it was a good & special thing you had going then it's memorable & stays with you forever.It's like a film which you can recall & literally watch it anytime. Over the years you come across some photos from the past & just never kept them cos' it makes no sense to keep thes photos. But in my opinion girls usually do this more often that guys. For some it"s like a trophy to show off .
Only my first true love from the age of 14-1/2 to 16-1/2. Love to look back on those days occasionally even though I'll be 70 (mother of 3, grandma of 5) in November! Don't ever part with the good memories .. you never know what "not-so-good" events are going to unfold in later years. I like to look back on the good times now and then and HE was certainly a big part of the good times!
Didn't have a camera then so no. Weren't a heap of them anyway. I played the field until I found the right one.
Yes I have old pictures of my ex-girlfriend. But I rarely ever look back on them. I think I keep them because I'm in them. I like to see to my younger self.
nope old news is just that .............old news and need to be thrown out

Yes, they were a part of my life, for that time. You can run away from your past but that doesn't mean it didn't exist.

by cbt
No. I did for awhile, then felt the need to clean up and make more space for my future, so let them all go.
I did have 4 ex’s, but I wasn’t into to taken photos way, way back then, so I never had a photo of them.
I do have 1 photo of my youngest daughters 1st ex's & a couple of her last ex, because their still friends.
by Miro
I'm a burner. Lovely little funeral pyres to banish the past and farewell old memories. Very cleansing. If the photo is very important to keep then I put little animal/insect stickers over the face of the offending unwanted git ruining the shot. La la la la la.
by Rice
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