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Have you heard the term 'male privilege'?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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Male privilege is a term for the various advantages (social, economic etc.) that a man has just by virtue of being a man. Have you heard this term before, and what examples of male privilege can you think of?

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Top Answers
Perhaps in the same vein....

My husband does the shopping for the family. He has a 'system', and this helps the checkout operator pack the bags he brings in easily. They ALWAYS compliment him on this. And gush at his awesomeness at shopping for the family.

I do the same thing. No praise.

If he has a day off work to care for the children, he is told he is 'helping' and is again praised for his awesomeness.

It is kind of sad. When a man does 'ordinary' and necessary daily task, he gets a medal? why? Are men considered so beneath these tasks that to rise to them makes them as awesome as women?

Would you say it is the same for women who are given praise when they excel in traditionally male roles?
by Gia
I would say probably not, because women get this weird backlash as well, where they are criticised for being too assertive (ever hear a man called "bossy"?), or for not prioritising their family and home over their careers (again, I don't hear this directed at men)
Interesting...but I think I concur with Jennifer. That 'male' tasks are worthwhile tasks is a reflection of the male privilege...perhaps.

Men earn more than women do for doing the same job, and even though more women than men get a law degree in Australia, there are still far more male judges than female ones.
There are many more ways that men are more privelged than women - disposable razors for men are cheaper than for women. Women's clothes are often much more expensive than those for men.
But women do statistically live longer than men do, they just have less money to live on in those extra years...
Frankly new phrase rare trading
Male privilege is a term for social, economic, and political advantages or rights that are made available to men solely on the basis of their sex. A man's access to these benefits may also depend on other characteristics such as race, sexual orientation and social class

Male privilege is often examined with the concept of patriarchy.
by 4com
If you're going to quote the Wikipedia exactly you should use quotation marks.
Yes, indeed I have!
No particular examples leap to mind, just society as a whole.
The fact that we have the term "Working Mother" perhaps.
I've never heard that before
I most certainly have! It's a term I've become very familiar with over the years. It's also something I've experienced time and time again.

Anyone who doubts that it exists just needs to spend a week not moving out of the way when you encounter men in public spaces. You get all sorts of strange looks and some of them don't even notice you so they bump right into you!
This happened to me last week. I saw this man and I were heading right for each other. Do you think he considered moving? Absolutely not! And, if I hadn't, we would've had a head on collision.
by Vee
Yes I have and have encountered it regularly. the biggest example is around sleep - my partner gets a "poor him" response if he doesn't get a really good night's sleep. I get a "well - you're a mum what do you expect" if I don't. And the idea that a man is "helping out" rather than just "parenting" when they look after the kids etc...ick!
I've heard the term, understand the principles, and I've seen male privilege in action. Honestly, I just don't get it, I never have. People are people, and all people should have the same rights and privileges. The idea that a man could paid more than a woman for the same job is absurd. The idea that certain tasks should be relegated to a man or woman based on gender, is insane. I don't know, I've just never understood the mindset of people who actually believe men are more important just because they are men.
I have but usually with another word in front.
I cant say that it is something that i have pondered.
by Gia
Not heard terminology before.

Does a 'male only' Club come into this Category?
In this day & age, it's ridiculous, & the Club loses much needed 'cash flow' because of it.
And men think they're 'smart'! Pfffft!!
no have not heard of this saying before.
by Finy
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