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Have you heard of the 10:23 campaign?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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10:23 campaign, homeopathic overdose, skeptical overdose, skeptics overdose on homeopathic remedies
SkeptiCal group overdosing on homeopathic solution in Berkely, CA. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

The 10:23 was a protest designed to make people aware of the dubious claims of many homeopaths. It was organised by the Merseyside Skeptics Society, who arranged for people to gather together and all take an overdose of homeopathic remedies. No ill effects were reported by any of the participants. Notable participants included renowned sceptic James Randi, astronomer Phil Plait, Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller fame) and clinical neurologist Steven Novella.

Had you heard of this protest campaign? What do you think about it?

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Top Answers
No, I haven't heard of this campaign, but I'm all for anything designed to bring the truth to light.
by Vee
No I have not heard of before now!

Now have I heard of a protest campaign -I don't like hoeopaths, so I would be all for this...and I AM a skeptic
by Finy
I have never hear of this.

I do believe that there IS
a place for Homoeopaths.
Nature has far more to give, than we even know.

Always looking for a down side...Sure, there can be a few claims that
something may work, and it doesn't, but they only use natural stuff.
Your going to have people play god, but I do know a lot of people swear
by homoeopathy.For them it works!...I say if it does, keep going with it.

There are definitely plenty more things to be found in nature that might help us medically, but using herbal remedies is naturopathy, not homeopathy. Homeopathy "works" using the two principles of "like cures like" (so you would attempt to cure vomiting using something that would make you vomit) and the idea that the more dilute something is, the more powerful it is (so if I make a cup of tea using a single tea leaf it would be stronger than using the whole tea bag). I'm oversimplifying it a bit but that's basically it. There is no scientific basis to it.
I meant to also respond to the part where you said "they only use natural stuff". Natural doesn't mean harmless. Snake venom is natural.

Also, here are some of the weird things that have been used (diluted so much that it doesn't really matter) as homeopathic remedies: a shipwreck, light from Venus, the South Pole of a magnet, water (diluted in ???) and cow faeces.
Oops forgto the link
Oh wow! I had no idea....in that case me thinks
it's not for me.
Sorry I mixed them up badly :)
by jonaja
I'm on the fence on this one. I think it's an odd 'protest' as overdosing on homeopathic remedies isn't the same as overdosing on traditional medicines, so you're unlikely to get many ill effects.
I'm not a homeopathic fan myself, but I have a couple of good friends who have used homeopathic remedies and have seen the (positive) results with my own eyes. In both these cases, traditional medicines had no effect but the homeopathic remedy bought their condition and symptoms under control.
It's still not the most regulated of industries though, and this makes me wary.
The fact that it was unlikely to cause harm was precisely the point. Homeopathic remedies at the standard 30C are diluted to the point that they literally no longer contain a single molecule of the active ingredient. They cannot hurt you because there is nothing in them but sugar and water. Here's a link to an article that helps explain the numbers:

Homeopathy does sometimes have a placebo effect, but frankly that doesn't justify its existence. The industry is highly unethical and causes vulnerable people to waste money and forego treatments that might actually do something.

Never heard of it, but then again, don't live in UK, so no surprise there.

Lately, more 'alternative' medical scenarios are being exposed for what they REALLY are......SHAMS!
So the more that are brought down, the better. Wouldn't have to be done if people weren't so stupid, with more money than sense.
I think they're often not so much stupid as desperate. I can understand trying everything if proper medicine wasn't helping you. I can also understand taking something because it was given to you or recommended by someone you trust. Sometimes people want a quick fix so badly that they don't think critically about what they are taking. Also 'big alterna" throws a lot of money at promoting pseudoscientific cures, the very same thing they accuse the medical establishment of doing. People get in the media calling themselves "doctor" and viewers assume that mean they are a medical doctor which isn't always the case.
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