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Have you heard of Krampus?

by Vee (follow)
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St Nicholas and Krampus
"Nikolaus und Krampus" by Unknown - http://ostrovok.ru/blog/vesyolyj-novyj-god-ili-kem-pugayut-detej-v-kanun-zimnix-prazdnikov/. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Part of a centuries-old Christmas tradition in Germany, Krampus is considered St. Nick's demonic counterpart. While St Nick rewards the 'nice' children of the world, Krampus punishes or tortures the 'naughty'.

Have you heard of Krampus and would you be interested in seeing the 2015 film based on the myth?

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Top Answers
Yes, I have heard Krampus/Knecht Ruprecht. If you go to Germany and Austria you might get a smack from a stick wielded by Santa's naughty offsider.
by Rice
Good job we are not over there, or I may just grab that so called stick, and whack them back!!
Totally hideous tradition, to me.
by jonaja
I think for a season about Love Joy and Goodwill to man, people should take a look at the dreadful limits some folk take this too.
The pics I have seen of children around (folk) dressed up as Krampus, the little ones looked so terrified.
Nothing good can come of such a tradition.
by jonaja
No, what a creepy, horrible tradition! Christmas is a blessed time of year, OR it should.
by janet
These kids look like they are having great fun!
I feel the need . . . the need for clean undies. Yes, fun, fun, fun :((
by Rice
Oh! Rice.......I agree!
In photo above, character looks like a x between the ''Elephant Man' & 'The Phantom of the Opera'!
That's scary bananas!
by donjo
Yes, definitely not cool bananas!
by Rice
Some paper panties anyone?
by Vee
Horrible! That picture looks like something out of nightmare movie.
Those poor children!
by janet
Good GRIEF!!!

I has no idea this kind of thing existed.
I'm so shocked and quite mortified.

I did look at this film that you have a link too, (with the word film).

Then I did some looking on the internet.

I banned satan 20 years ago!

I found out so much, and I'm now feeling very good about myself I did!

There is only 1 Person it is all about to me.
Sorry I spelled santa

the wrong way around.......?
by jonaja
You are so right . . .too scary for me. I would give him a Glasgow *kiss* !
by Rice
Rice - are you Scottish? I haven't heard the expression "Glasgow Kiss" for years. Billy Connolly springs to mind.
by norma
North of England, norma :-))
by Rice
Yeah, Krampus is hilarious. There's a comic about him too.

The youtube clip looks scary. I don't like scary :((
by Rice
by jonaja
Yes. Because it's not actually real. It's a fairy story made up to scare children. And the comic is very much played for laughs.
Sorry Jennifer, I do not believe in scaring children...esp at Christmas.
by jonaja
I don't see this as so different from scaring children with stories of Hell- keep in line or bad things will happen to you. But I won't be scaring mine either. Part of what I find funny about it is that it's out of context and over the top. It's not really a thing here.
Jennifer why throw me a bone!
by jonaja
I'm not sure in what sense that was "throwing you a bone". Hope you had a good Christmas.
LOL...Jennifer you crack me up :)
hope you too had a good one.
by jonaja
Sounds like the 'giver' of PMT, big time!
I would say so, and 'why'! scare the little ones to the point of what I have seen on the net to traumatizing.
by jonaja
No. I have never heard of Krampus. As to seeing a movie about it, I really don't know. If its a documentary about it, I might. If it is a film, I probably wouldn't go out of my way to see it.
It's not a doco and it has Toni Collette in it.
by Rice
Oh! Rice.........Yeah, well, that's one damn good reason NOT to see it!
Cannot stand Toni Colette in any way, shape or form! Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!
by donjo
Hahahahahaha, donjo, she looks a lot like my ex S-I-L.
by Rice
Oh! Rice........my sympathies 2U!
She's really quite u@&$. Can't understand how she got to be a 'movie star' to start with, let alone her own series!

by donjo
Thank you, donjo ;-))
by Rice
I once worked for N.I.D.A. and Toni Colette was there at the time.I remembered saying that (she may find it hard to get an acting job).But! she has proven me wrong.
She really is an average Aussie girl...Amazing how she has done so well.
by jonaja
I have not and just S well.
by Gia
No wouldn't like that. My father used to tell us the story of Scrooge when we were little and that used to frighten me.
by Finy
So, nobody thought to tell me about Krampus, despite the fact that my father was well aware of a tradition that included him in Croatian Christmas celebrations. You can then imagine my absolute horror when I visited my grandmother at the nursing home and along came Krampus with Saint Nicholas. Krampus was mean to me and hit me with a stick! I was afraid, people! Afraid!
by Vee
O. M. G. Vee, that was not nice, not nice at all. Like this idiotic clown thing sweeping through at the moment. No clowns or Krampus better come near me . . . . . . . . *dark mutterings*
by Rice
Hahaha, oh Rice! I'm guessing you watched the trailer. Sorry, but I couldn't be the only one to have the scared sh*tless. :-)
by Vee
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