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Have you had chicken pox?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you had chicken pox and were you very ill?

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Top Answers
I think I did but cannot really remember that far back!
My children did not get any of the diseases that children usually get which was a bit of a worry.

I cannot remember so if I had them, it was probably not real bad.
by Finy
Yes,I had very severe Chicken Pox as a small child and so I was kept away from EVERY one!!! I hated being so sick,but I really hated being by myself so much when I was so little and sick. THAT is what I recall most about my chicken pox episode.
Yes, me too :(( I remember the baths, the calamine, the scratching until I was crying with pain and frustration. I was very lucky though . . . the only scars that stayed are under my clothes, likely due to the fact that mother was a nurse and handled it expertly. However . . . one of them grew with a certain part of my anatomy so I can never forget.
by Rice
I did when I was about 6 years old. I had a terrible case of them - covered my entire body and in my ears and mouth too! I still remember feeling miserable with the itching and that was something like 33-34 years ago!

I can also remember my brother and sister caught them from me, and my brother only had 6 or so on his shoulder, and my sister only had about 20 or so on her abdomen. Oh, so unfair! Ha!
Got it as an adult! Not happy, Jan!
I felt like 'The Monster from the Black Lagoon'!
It was horrible, as off work for THREE weeks!
And yes, I was VERY sick!
Kids' never got it, thank goodness.
The only place I could've got it from, possibly, was at work, by what means, I don't know. But I do know I DON'T want it again! Have been told I won't, 'cos I've already had it!
I think so?

Can't really remember back half a century!

I didnt like to say half a centure as it sounds disgusting!!
by Finy
what's wrong with half a Century ? all part of life......
by jonaja
Yes as a child, my son did not get it
by Fran
Yes - I had chicken pox as a child. I have no idea if I was very ill or not as I don't remember it
by AJ
I don't remember! Probably, as most children did..... but it tends not to be serious in children. The worst thing is not being able to scratch the rash I think. I remember having the measles, that was horrid!
Have never had it and I guess at this point I most likely wont.
by Gia
I had chicken pox when I was quite young. My mother says I was in a great deal of discomfort but I can't remember a thing about the episode!
I had it as a child. I didn't cop it quite as my mum did.
by Vee
Yes and mum still threatens to use the photos for my 21st :/
yes and also when I was 40. This herpes virus is not limited to one dose! The second time I was covered from head to foot with blisters, in my hair, ears, throat and other personal places. The worst 2 weeks of my life.
I remember my younger sister and I lying in our parents big bedroom when we weren't very old at all with....chicken pox. The blinds were drawn and we were to keep quiet and not scratch, a job which kept our mother very busy!
It was common practice for parents to send their children to the homes of those inflicted with childhood illness specifically to catch it and "get it over and done with".
Yes I have had Chicken Pox when I was a young child (approx.6 years of age).
As I understand it, in the early 1950's parents preferred children to have the "childhood" illnesses so that they were immune or free of getting the illnesses as an adult as the illness was regarded as more severe in an adult.
So illnesses such as chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps whooping cough etc. considered desirable and any inoculations were done as a matter of course to protect a child later in life.

no, have only had measles
Yes I had chicken pox when I was at boarding school. The good news was all the boarders who caught chicken pox had to be sent home. I was very sick with the 'spots" everywhere and very itchy. We were allowed to go back to school when the scabs fell off, so I got out the glue and stuck them back on, so having chicken pox allowed me to have a holiday at home! HS
yes, as a kid. I remember having a couple of weeks off school and yellow baths .

Itchy. but not dramatic.
Yes as a child
Yes! My mother, my 2 younger sisters & my self, all got it all the same time. When we were getting our it, my father & brother caught it!
Yep, but I was lucky because every single kid on our block got it at the same time so none of us got lonely or bored, my mum put on movies for us all and the other mums provided snacks. Then it rained and my brother went wsimming in an open drain and his got infected. YUCK covered in pusy blisters.
No. My parents tried to infect memail when I was little but I never picked it up. Now I'm an adult and have a little one of my own I'm worried about 'shingles'.

I recentlyrics saw my gp and he has sent me to have some blood tests done to check my immunity. If it turns out that I'm not immune the vaccination will cost approximately $70.00 .
I remember in primary school when it was going around and many of us caught it, one after the other. It was so itchy! Thankfully we now have the vaccine for it as sometimes it can very serious.
Yes, daughters had Chicken Pox.
One was malaise, temps and very unwell until the chicken Pox raise came out and the other was ok
incubating them, but very unwell with heavily spotted rash everywhere. Isolated from school too. Valerie
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