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Have you had a cold or flu this season?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you had a cold, or flu, this season?

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Top Answers
I will get all weird things wrong with me but colds and flu are not one of them!
No, I have not had a cold or flu this year, in fact do not remember when/if I have ever had the flu - says she hitting her wooden desk!

I do now have a flu shot every year but even before that, I did not get flu.

Too common for me - LOL!! I get things that are rare and take ages to be diagnosed and go in medical journals!
by Finy
Oh Finy, I do feel for you so very much! I suffer the same way,with very rare and unusual ailments which take forever to diagnose due to the fact that the symptoms are often shared within several illnesses!!! I must admit though,it is really lovely not to catch colds or flus when they are about!!! And I am extremely fortunate to have the most brilliant and empathetic,as well as compassionate Medical team,who bend over backwards to help make my like easier!!
by Jules
No, my immune system must be good. I have been around people with colds or the flu bug, but thankfully, I don't catch it. I told hubby one time, it was his ''badness'' coming out. HA!
The runny nose, headaches, sore throat etc. people get when they have a cold actually indicate that their immune system is good. Whether you catch one or not has more to do with the risk group you're in (whether you have young children in school or daycare, whether you catch public transport or are in regular contact with sick people etc.)
I don't get them?

Did years ago, but nope nothing for a long long long time.

No idea why?..as my Son came home with a huge cold from Camping....and we are in a small house.
I got nothing go figure!
Yes, hubby and I have had a virus of some sort. He went to the doctor to get a medical certificate, and one doctor begrudgingly gave him 24 hours off work. So, he went back to a different doctor the next day. He was a lot worse and had lost his voice, so he was given another three days off work. It has taken a while to shift, and I still have a bit of a scratchy throat. Never get the flu since I have been taking the flu shot. If you can prevent illness, why not.
Yes. My whole family has had a couple of nasty colds. The kids tend to get them at school and pass them along.
Even tho I had the flu vaccine,I still ended up with a cold.But I'm not sorry I have them every year.
Flu vaccine protects against flu only, not the common cold virus, Janet. You still have to suffer with that.
by Lluxi
Sorry that's Diana not Janet
by Lluxi
I can't remember the last time I'd a cold!
I've really not be the type of person who gets 'colds', thank goodness!
Get 'flu shot annually.

As no longer working, I think my 'wellness' is due to being in fresh air now, not air-con., with many others', who still came to work, when ill, which really p'd me off!
When I was a Mgr. I sent one bloke home, who was clearly not fit to work!
What do they think 'SICK LEAVE' is for?
Some people don't have any sick leave left. Also, if the GP keeps giving you only one day off for a terrible cold or flu, what are you to do???? No one can afford to take days off without certificate as it means they don't get paid. It's a catch 22 sometimes.. I understand how you feel and I agree, but sometimes, if the GP won't play ball, and give you time off, what can you do?
by Lluxi
Some people don't get sick leave at all. A lot of Australia's work force are casuals, who aren't entitled to sick pay or holiday pay. If you have bills to pay you might not be able to afford the time off.
To Lluxi, & Jennifer....

I'm WELL aware of which you both wrote!
I was in the workforce for 45 years!

I don't need to write a 'composition' in my reply, but your pointing out the 'obvious' to me, is a waste of your time & effort, & a tad annoying, actually.
by donjo
Can't tell you when the last time I had a cold was and I've never had the flu. Think I eat too well to get these things.
I cannot remember the last time I ever suffered with a cold or any of the variants of flu which come around each year! I DO have a flu shot every year as my immune system has some rather negative issues.I live in a lovely warm climate where I am not exposed to the cold as I was when living in Melbourne until my early 20's.I used to ALWAYS suffer with both of these ailments when I was down in the colder climate. I must admit,that I do not expose myself to any bugs unnecessarily and this seems to hold them at bay.
No im very lucky. The last time I had the flu was when my children were little. They are adults now so it hasbeen a while. I just pick up the odd 24 hour bug now and then. My daughter in her 30s gets the flu every season. She even has the flu shot .I just can't understand it.
I generally get hay fever and then tend to feel woozy. But luckily didn't get the flu.
All year, no problem......until 5 weeks ago - then I contracted the "good luck with this one" virus which laid me low for 5 weeks - yes...I've just recovered.
My employer supplies us with the flu vax for free but viruses?....that's another problem altogether!

I was off colour for a few days a week or so ago but I didn't get a typical cold or the flu. I think it was viral as I was achy and dizzy so I languished about in bed for a couple of days. Nothing like a good languish with just the dogs for sympathy. LOL
by Rice
. . . but they never bring me cups of tea . . :(
by Rice
At this moment, I have a cold. It's so annoying.
Yes, I had a cold. My son though had a terrible virus that seemed to last forever.
by Vee
Yes I have had a cold which kept coming back. I think I had it for 5 or 6 weeks. I seem to catch something each Winter lately. I wonder if it is because I work from home and don't come into contact with many people, so when I do -WHAM!
I think I caught my cold when I went to Sydney for the Vivid festival.
a place to keep out of is the doctors waiting room especially if you have to wait a long time , I now wait outside in the fresh air, problem solved, no more colds. -- only thing is no seats outside so one has to stand. better that than getting sick. which used to happen every time before, I have to go when i need a fresh scrip for blood pressure.
I also do not have the flu shot.
I haven't had flu this season by Gods blessings.
It's now January '17, so no, nothing yet.
by Miro
It's now Sept '17 & no cold yet, just my ongoing cough that I've had for about 3/4 years! Even after various hospital tests, 'they' still don't know why I have the cough.
by Miro
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