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Have you ever won anything in a raffle?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever won anything in a raffle?

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Top Answers
I think I have once in my life!

But it was so long ago, I cannot even remember what it was....

I still buy tickets but sometimes I wonder about the ones I buy when I get phoned by a charity!

by Finy
A few times in my life, and the feeling was wonderful.
I still have one of my prizes from 1965...A little lunch box handbag with handle.
how cute!
by Finy
While working in the city as a teenager a long, long time ago, I won a small bag of cosmetics. I was so thrilled. While working in another place, about 6 years later, the 4 of us in the office, entered a Women's Weekly competition. I then for got all about it, until the 3 other women received a bra, from the Women';s Weekly, while I received a beautiful big gold box of Revlon products. I couldn't believe it. The other women were very upset that they only got bras. That was 44 years ago, & I still have the gold box. I won an 'Air Supply' L.P. through put local paper, & also another LP from the paper, another time. Once I won 1st price from an art gallery raffle, which was a DVD, T-shirt & a book, all by Reg Masbassa! I gave a daughter the t-shirt, (so she could sell it on e-bay later she wanted too. (It's still in it's packaging,) & the book I gave to the other daughter, because she loves art books. I kept the DVD. If I think of anything else, & I find this question again, I'll let you what what it was!
by Miro
I received a $100 gift voucher from the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Au a few years ago. The gift shop there was very nice, with lots of lovely things I could have spent the money on. I didn't go to the shop until my 12 month to use voucher had nearly run out. By that time, the gift shop had changed to a much, much smaller shop. I checked out then books, but there were none I wanted to buy. Luckily my husband then had a look, & found me a beautiful $95 book about Tiffany's in NYC. My heart nearly jumped out of my mouth! What a book! I spend the other $5 on a couple of little toys from the grand-daughter. Last week I won a ticket to the Midnight Oil movie.
by Miro

Husband won gallon bottle Dewar's Whisky!
Neither of us drank Scotch!
I would've preferred he'd selected the choice of 12 bottle Wynn's Coonawarra Shiraz!
But that's a man for you!

It sat on top of our grog cupboard for 20 years', until he gave it away!
Shame it was illegal to sell, as it would've given us much needed cash with newborn at the time!
Oh well, such is life!
I can remember buying any raffle at any point. I am not into gambling at this point in my life so I guess I never will.
I am really unlucky in raffles and prize draws. I once entered one where there were only three of us and I still lost.
Yes. I don't win that often but I seem to do quite well at trivia nights. Sometimes I have won three prizes in a night !! I am not generally a lucky person though. Sometimes I win a hamper or a bottle of wine, but I won a nice meal out a couple of years ago. It varies as to the prizes on offer. You have to be in it to win it and all the money goes to a good cause.

I once won a tomato planter in a raffle.
How many tomatoes did you get from it Aleigha? I bet they tasted better than the shop ones!
by Miro
When I was 10 years old,I won a copy of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carroll,which I still have! At the time I was VERY disappointed as I was more interested in winning the first prize of Normie Rowe's latest record!! ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! But now,I am VERY happy with the book!!! I don't ever expect to win anything when I buy raffle tickets,I just do it to support the various causes. I DID win a draw at my local pharmacy during the school holidays last year,for a large Faber Castell children's drawing and art set,which I entered while I was shopping with the young boy next door.It was free to enter and I nearly fell off my chair when I ws phoned and told I had won it!!! Too Funny!!
Wow, Jules, what a lovely prize! Are you now using the lovely art set?
by Miro
Oh Yes, the pencils in particular are fantastic for my needs, and the other items are just super when kids come over!! It was a real thrill just to know I had actually won something!!!
by Jules
I've won so many things in raffles that in the end I stopped going to them. I don't believe in buyng just for the sake of winning. I've supplied all my family with food, groceries, meat, laundry products and electrical appliances. The spare room still holds appliances waiting for a call from someone asking for a replacement item.
I remember I won an easter raffle once! It was third prize! A small basket of chocolate eggs and goodies!
Never!!! I dont even bother.
I didn't think I'd actually see this question again, but when I was washing up the other night, I remembered, 2 years ago I won a $100 gift voucher from the Powerhouse Museum. in Sydney, Au. I had 12 months to use it. When I'd last been at the gift shop, it was a big shop, with lovely books on art, fashion, design, trains, cars, etc. By the time I want to the Powerhouse museum, some 11 months later, the shop had changed to a much smaller 1! After looking & looking I couldn't see a book I wanted.Then my husband found a beautiful book from Tiffany's in NYC, so I spent most of the money on that, & the rest on a few little toys for our grand-daughters.
by Miro
PS: I meant to write: 'About Tiffany's, From Tiffany's' ) I hope that makes sense!)
by Miro
Ops, sorry everyone who reads this, I've answered the question twice.
by Miro
About 20 years ago I won an assortment of bread products, bread rolls, wraps, all sorts of bread. I had to freeze most of it and the bread came in handy. I don't remember who ran the raffle.
After many years of trying I won a gift pack about a month ago
It was so unexpected that I'd left my acceptance speech at home !
Not me, not ever. My Mum, whose luck is almost as rubbish as mine once won a tee-shirt but she is a lady of very slight build and it was an extra large.
How lucky. :-|
by Vee
In a raffle? Never.
by Vee
When I was a kid I won an LP record and three or for years ago a large tub full of Easter eggs and bunnies. . . . the extended family got them as I am not (sob) supposed to have chocolate.
by Rice
Yes I have, most recent win - a facial at a spa.
How devine. I bet you enjoyed that 1.
by Miro
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