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Have you ever wanted, or did you ever lie about your age?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever been in a situation where you have lied, or have wanted to lie about your age?

Whether it be up or down?

#Little White Lies
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Top Answers
No,though I have a friend who when I became very ill and required life saving surgery,started to count my birthdays from that date!! So in Oct I shall be 17!! SAhe had a bone marrow transplant and this was how she celebrated her successful treatment,and thought I would enjoy doing the same thing,I actually feel it is a great way for many of us to feel great about life!
I had this very dream last night!!

People said I was 20 years younger, and I remember saying and some?

Would I or have I .....No.

I make it a point not to lie...or fib.
There is no point in lying about the age. I have never lied about my age.
I cannot remember doing this ever though perhaps when I was younger, I said I was older.

Now, there is no point though I would like to sometimes as maybe I would get part time work if I was younger!

I think people still do it here to get into night clubs and possibly even to buy cigarettes though they could get asked for proof.
by Finy
When I was younger I lied about my age to get into clubs or bars when I was under the age limit. Now that I'm older, I don't lie about my age. There's nothing to gain from it, and I think if you lie about your age you're likely decieving yourself the most.
I got into pubs easily enough when I was underage. When I was 22 I was asked for ID and I didn't have any - having no drivers licence. My friends thought it was hilarious.
by lynne
I have never lied about my age. I may do so in the future though!

Ideally you should be happy with your age. Even though it may not be easy :)
Only once (I'm pretty sure) - it was my 22nd and I was at a club with my friends, but ran out of cash. So my friends and I decided to make friends with a group of guys who ended up buying us all drinks because I was celebrating my 21st there :) Ended up having a laugh about it later down the track and met some amazing people who are now my friends. One of the best nights of my life!
Like Finy, I often tell my age more than it is. I have never really felt the need to hide my age so far, perhaps because I am still under 40 and maybe when I am over, I will feel the need! :)
Yes when I was under 18 and trying to get into clubs
by AJ
I lied about my age when I was younger so that I could get an email account. That is all.
by Vee
Finy, you post many interesting questions.
I used to put my age up when I was in my early teens so that boys thought I was more mature??? Duhhhh, Later in life I stopped caring about my age and other people ages. Unfortunately, agism out there but only by the immature YOUNG! wait until they get older if they make it...

by kimp
Yes all the time. I usually now say 59+. The problem is on dating sites where you are either banded in a group or have to put your date of birth and the site puts your age. I have to work forward on the dates by five years!
No, I have never had to lie about my age. I have always been taken for younger than I am which is great now I'm 70 but, when I was young it drove me mad as I always wanted to look older than my age.
No. I have never needed to lie about my age. When going to clubs, we would go with our ( older) boyfriends so we got in no worries. If we had trouble getting in, we would just go to a different club !!! I have never needed to be older for any reason.
Gee, am I the only one who is going to say yes? (or admit that I do lie?) I lied and said I was older when I was a young teen, and now I never EVER tell my real age to anyone or I take off years when I actually have to give a number. Thankfully with good genes and a healthy lifestyle I get away with it easily - as truthfully I look at least 10 years younger than I am. Call it denial or whatever you like, but the world is extremely ageist - especially towards women and especially if you aren't married & popping out kids by a certain age. Believe me, I know... :(
Yes, my friends and I lied that we were 18 to get into clubs and to drink alcohol. I never have been asked for ID. I was usually on the arm of an older boyfriend so it wasn't questioned. My boyfriend or an older girlfriend who was 18 would go to the bar and get the drinks. When I go to lunch with a group of ladies on my fundraising committee for a local nursing home, I pretend to be a senior to get cheaper meals. These ladies in their 70s and 80s always give me their seniors card to get lunch, and it is their idea to do this not mine. They say if I show the card, they cant do anything. I don't mind. I can get a big bowl of soup for 3 dollars !!!
I've never lied about my age unless you consider telling children you were always 19 for ages when they were young. However it did come unstuck when the middle daughter asked me one day how could I be that age when her older sister was 9 years older . I just said I was a child bride....*grins* I do choose not to reveal my age because I look a lot younger than I am so only certain people are privy to my real age. Even my doctor cannot believe how well I've aged.
Yes, I have Addison's Disease and the meds I take make me look older. So I tell people I am ten years older than I really am and they say I look great.
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