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Have you ever visited New Zealand?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever been to New Zealand?

Which part?

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Top Answers
Yes, I went once and surprised an old school friend by just knocking on her door after not seeing her for 20 years or so!
New Zealand was at the time, rather backward in that they tried to buy the shoes off my feet as they could not get nice shoes there though this was in the country!
I only went to two places but really liked what I saw there.
I daresay it has changed as this was about 20 years ago.
by Finy
I have been only to Auckland airport on a stop over to South America... so Yes I have been there... but haven't seen any of it!

My hubby is often there for work and I have a few friends that live there.. I would love to go and tour around, it looks stunning.
Yes, we went on a cruise to New Zealand and visited both islands. We saw all the main towns, and had a good look around. We even saw some nice wineries !!! It was lovely to see the first place on Earth that sees the sunrise. The Bay of Islands was lovely. My favourite town was the art deco town of Napier. It was rebuilt after an earthquake in the art deco style, and it really is a town that appears to be straight out of the 1930s. My husband wants to get a mobile home and travel around at a leisurely pace one day. It truly is a beautiful place, so for those who haven't been, I suggest that you do.
Was that a good cruise generally, Lluxi - have been looking at it?
by Finy
Oh, we had a wonderful time, Finy !!! I would really recommend it. We saw so much of the country. Since it has been so long since you have been, you will notice a change☺
by Lluxi
Not really, just flew over it and saw wonderful villages, green grass that was just stunning,
we landed for a stop-over, but was not able to go look around of course...One day maybe we will go and have a good look, they say it is well worth the effort. :)
Well, Jonaj, you can still count NZ as 1 country you've visited! How many countries have you visited now? We visited Zambia in the '90's for 5 hours, so I count that as a country I've visited!
by Miro
humm :)
by jonaja
Yes, Jonaj, How many counties have you visited now? Have you counted them yet? I guess when our flight from Zimbabwe called into South Africa for a 45 minutes refuel, doesn't count! A lot of our visited counties we had visited before, so we've been to France, USA, UK, Singapore, Fiji, Bali, Hong Kong, N.Z. China, Japan, Africa, all more than once.
by Miro
I did a recount and it's 7 countries now. :)
by jonaja
Yes. Quite a bit around the south island over the years as my sister has lived there for the last 50 years. I love it but it is too cold for me. The food tastes beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, it's a slower lifestyle and I find it quite idyllic.
by Rice
Yes. We went there in 2015. We loved it. Beautiful country and fantastic people!
by AJ
Spent 6 weeks in the South and 4 weeks in the North. Some folk could not understand how we could have filled in that amount of time, obviously travelling skimmers! Next trip will be the Tora Walk. Love the place and the people.
Yes! I visited BOTH islands of this exquisitely beautiful country when I was in my late teens. It was one of the most memorable times of those years that I can recall!! As we drove, we saw many out of the way places which so many people never find! When the earthquake destroyed so much of the stunning city of Christchurch recently, I admit to sobbing my heart out as I recalled the beauty of that wonderful city.It shall never be the same again. The only thing which I found difficult for me was the cold weather in the southern most regions even in summer!! But the spectacular beauty of the place more than made up for any discomfort!!
Back in the '80's, when Duty Free, really WAS Duty Free, we'd buy lots of DF, take it over to NZ for 1, 2 or 3 days & fly home. Once my husband took our eldest daughter on his own, for the DF trip, & they flew back on the same day, same flight! They were asked how long were they stay in NZ for & he'd replied, "2 hours" Then in '09 we took my mum & 1 of my sisters on a little 9 night NZ cruise. We wanted to go on the cheaper 14 night cruise, but my sister didn't want to be away that long, so we had to pay for the dearer 1! Then my husband & I took a 14 night Sydney return cruise in about '2012. Yes, it certainly is a beautiful country.
by Miro
I have been to New Zealand many time as my husband was born there. I have mainly seen the South Island. It is beautiful , unpolluted and the people have old fashioned hospitality. So generous to strangers. Like Australia in the 50's - in a good way.
Some of the cities feel like you are in England with beautiful gardens and historic buildings.
Christchurch was one that felt that way. I have been back one year since the earthquake devastated the city and I couldn't stop the tears flowing as I walked around the streets. The people seem to understand, I think the locals see it a lot and are in recovery themselves. It is harder to get around Christchurch by car than by bicycle as different roads are being closed for reconstruction all the time. It will be a marvellous and modern city in the future.
On another visit , unfortunately returned for a funeral, we traveled in a small motor boat through - I think it was the Bay of Islands ?? I know there was ice on the roads on our way to the departure point. The journey through the bay was beautiful albeit chilly. The trees were dense and the bay winding. Some glorious homes in isolated places. We eventually arrived at a small hotel only accessible by boat. We telephoned ahead to let them know we were coming and they said they would fire up the generator and the fireplace but could only offer a small menu. We had lovely red wine, hot coffees and hot chips. They went down so well. It was a memorable meal with family and friends
I could live in New Zealand but my husband hates the cold.
I've been on 4 occasions now. I love the South Island as the Nkrth and the sulphur smell doesn't agree with me. The thermal pools are good but for absolute desolate scenery, the west coast on the South is wonderful. There are many towns I could live in so won't name any as my preference.
LOVE NZ especially the south island. We do a lot of filming over there. In fact I love the place so much (particularly Queenstown) that I took my boyfriend (now husband) to Queenstown ... we were at the point of our relationship where we knew things were going to get serious and long term !!! Finally after 3 years of going out we got married in Queenstown (during winter). My little toes in my Jimmy Choos were frozen but it was a day in heaven in so many ways.
No, but we intend to do this as a family one day. My husband has been to NZ twice.
by Vee
Yes, I travelled the north island over about 9 days and loved it. When the kids are a bit older we're definitely going to go back.
I was surpised at one of the supermarkets that you went to this plastic box and you could pick out the mussels you wanted to buy.
When travelling allow extra time, I don't know if its the windy mountain roads or the speed limits, but it seemed to take a lot longer to get around the island than anticipated.
Yes, I travelled the north island over about 9 days and loved it. When the kids are a bit older we're definitely going to go back.
I was surpised at one of the supermarkets that you went to this plastic box and you could pick out the mussels you wanted to buy.
When travelling allow extra time, I don't know if its the windy mountain roads or the speed limits, but it seemed to take a lot longer to get around the island than anticipated.
Not yet. I'd like to one day. It looks beautiful.
No, I haven't but I would love to. And Australia as well.
Silvi, Where do you live now? I've visited all the Au states, but we've only spent 3/4 days in Tassie, & would love to do a long car trip around the Island, when we get around to buying a new car!
by Miro
I live in Spain. :)
by silvi
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