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Have you ever used a pressure cooker?

by Finy (follow)
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There have been several nasty accidents with pressure cookers lately.

Have you ever used a pressure cooker?

Do you currently own one?

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Top Answers
I used one probably about 50 years ago!!
Having heard of a few blowing up recently here, and people getting awful burns, I would not use one again anyway.
However I remember that I was scared when I used to open it anyway as you had to wait a certain amount of time for the pressure to dissipate.

So, I HAVE used a pressure cooker in the past however I do NOT use one now.
by Finy
My Mother had an English 'Hawkins'-brand 10 pint cast-iron P/C, bough in 1947, which she used constantly.

She taught me how to use it PROPERLY, & I continue to use it to this day.. The rubber-rim seals just need replacing every ten years' approx dependent on usage.

It's THE best appliance in which to cook Corned Silverside, or Soups.
Recipes TBA, if you request!

Neither my Mother, nor I had/have had any problems with it at all. There's a routine with it, which I strictly follow.

As I've no need to buy one of the 'modern' appliances, I don't know their workings.
The spate of accidents of late with 'Thermomix', & another P/C, leads me to wonder if the persons' were using them correctly.

Like anything, use it the wrong way, & things 'do happen'.
Yes I used to use it all the time when the kids were little. I would make a lot of stews and soups. Id cook the vegetables in it quickly and use the water for gravy. They were the days when vegetables were served well cooked. I don't use it so much now as its only me and I'm too lazy to get it out of the cupboard. One day we had visitors from perth and we were having chicken with vegetables that night. I was rushing to get everything done. All the assorted vegetables were in the pressure cooker when suddenly I thought I heard gunfire but it was the seal from the cooker hit the wall and there was a continuing spray of cooked vegetables spraying up the walls and ceilings. It looked like the house of horrors. No one was hurt but what a day to break the seal
No. Not interested. Don't want any extra junk clogging up my pan drawers.
I was terrified of them for most of my life and I remeber my mother's PC "blowing it's top" . . .eeeek!!! About five years ago I bought a good electric one and it has 5 safety features (because I'm paranoid) and I just love it to bits. I have done soups, stews, veggies, fruits, macaroni cheese and even rice pudding in it. Clever little pressure cooker.
by Rice
i wonder which ones blew up recently -not sure if it was here or your way! Same as thermomix -the burns from them are horrific also
by Finy
The worst thing is that we never get to hear the whole truth . . . whether it was user misuse or a genuine fault. The Thermomix, in particular, is SO expensive that I feel that consumers need to be able to have confidence in it and also they need to have very concise instructions. I had a hairdyrer that came with " Do not use while asleep" and "Do not use in the bath". Come clean, manufacturers, if you have found a fault, admit it, don't blame the user!
by Rice
My Mother did 50 something years ago!
Yep they have been around.

For me, no I have a thing about them...take too long to explain...Saw mother letting it 'let of steam', and it scared me too!!

I would not use one, unless I felt I really needed one, and I don't.

I use one regularly, probably once a week in Winter. Mine has a safety device so it can't blow it's top. Great fast cooker.
I do not have one,though my mother would cook with hers regularly with no issues at all,back in the 60's!! If I found one which I felt confident to use,then I might be tempted to get one,but for the time being,I shall survive happily without!!
Used one many years ago but not for years. Have been quite a few reports of thermomix burns lately but not specifically pressure cookers? Apparently a seal on the thermomix lids need to be replaced every 2 years or they fail, so I read in news online.
I've never used one but..... my father used to use an old pressure cooker to make his "famous" pea and ham soup. One occasion, while my mother was outside, dad's soup started escaping the pressure cooker, coming up through the little top bit that turned around. In a movement similar to the exorcist movie....the pea soup sprayed around the room, hitting the walls and making a real mess. Mum walked back inside and the scene became really ugly! Dad was banned from soup making for a while (but eventually WAS allowed back into the kitchen) !

by Vee
I use it multiple times a week. I make a lot of pulses, beans ( I don't buy canned beans), soups and even chicken in it. It is not an electric one and it is not scary to me at all.
by BK
Use them all the time especially when I want to cook lamb. It turns to be super tendor and soft.
No I have never owned 1. nor have I ever used 1. I never bought 1 when we were 1st married, because i thought it might 'blow up'!
by Miro
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